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The Tree of Time

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The members of the Giant God Race wanted to enter the ancient fortress. This was an unknown place, fraught with danger, but if Ancient Soul Hall managed to get even stronger, the ones worse off would be the Giant God Race. Besides, they couldn’t even leave this dimension, so it was much better to try their hand.

All of them were well aware of how powerful Zhao Feng was. If Zhao Feng was willing to go with them, it would increase their ability to protect themselves.


The party began to approach the fortress, and when they reached the crumbling entrance, they rushed inside. After a brief moment of Spacetime discord, the party immediately felt like the Spacetime pressure on their bodies had gotten even stronger, and their bodies fiercely sank down.

They were greeted by a boundless world covered in strange stones. The occasional grass or shrub had withered away long ago.

“So barren, yet it exudes such powerful Time energy!” Xin Wuheng’s gaze was somewhat dark.

They had barely entered this place, and the suppression had already come down. It was incredibly powerful, and Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermountfelt like they were moving through a swamp, each movement incredibly arduous.


Zhao Feng circulated his dark silver and turbid Chaos Origin Divine Power and immediately felt his body relax. At the same time, the Chaos Origin Divine Power began to absorb the surrounding Time energy, increasing its own power.

“Just what is this place? The suppression here is immense!” Ancient God Sundermount’s face was red with struggle, and only when he circulated his Giant God Race bloodline did he feel a little relief.

“The response from Ancient God Cheng Yun is just up ahead,” Xin Wuheng used the message token before stating.

Ancient God Cheng Yun was together with the Ancestral Artifact fragment, and the Ancient Soul Hall was in pursuit of the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

The party began to cautiously move forward. This area had an incredibly powerful Spacetime suppression, which reduced their ability to fight. In addition, they also had to guard against the Ancient Soul Hall team and the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

When it was still whole, the Ancestral Artifact fragment was part of a Time Ancestral Artifact, so it was probably unaffected by the suppression of this place. As for Yu Heng, when he activated his Ancient Race energy, he could view the entire world with disdain.

The Spacetime Intent suppression here was immense, so the group advanced very slowly. If they put all their strength into resisting the suppression, they could move faster, but this would consume too much energy.

One day later…

“Slow down,” Zhao Feng said.

In this dimension, they were experiencing unprecedented suppression, but the vision of his God’s Spiritual Eye was somewhat less suppressed.

“What’s going on?”

The group immediately stopped. They were well aware of just how formidable Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was.

“The Ancient Soul Hall group is up ahead!” Zhao Feng called out

The others immediately grimaced. Ancient Soul Hall was still after the Giant God Race, it was just that the appearance of the Ancestral Artifact fragment had caused them to shift objectives temporarily. If the Giant God Race team chose to approach the Ancient Soul Hall members at this time, they would undoubtedly incur an attack from Ancient Soul Hall.

“They’ve stopped,” Zhao Feng added.

“Why is that?” The Giant God Race members were rather puzzled.

Logically speaking, Yu Heng and the Ancient Soul Hall members were strong enough to not fear the Ancestral Artifact fragment, but they had decided to stop for some reason?

“Let’s attack now and seize the Ancestral Artifact fragment!” Ancient God Jailsea immediately said.

“No hurry.” Yu Heng had a calm expression as he stared into the distance.

In the center of a vast rocky plain loomed a massive ancient tree that soared into the heavens. Its entire body was gray- white, and it exuded timeworn ancient energy. It appeared to be the center of this dimension, influencing all the Time energy within.

This ancient tree had no leaves, and several parts of it had rotted away and branches had fallen to the ground. One could tell at a glance that it was on the verge of withering away and dying.

Ancient God Cheng Yun sat cross-legged under this tree, the Ancestral Artifact fragment floating at his side.

The three half-step God Lords were alarmed and confused.

“Just what sort of tree is that?” Ancient God Ice Jade asked.

Even if the Ancestral Artifact fragment and Ancient God Cheng Yun worked together, they were far from a match for them. But at this moment, Yu Heng chose not to attack, and the reason was probably that gray-white tree.

This ancient tree seemed to be withering away, but all the Time energy in this world seemed to revolve around it, meaning that it was no ordinary tree.

“The Ancestral Artifact fragment guards this place because this is the Tree of Time, the core of this dimension.” Yu Heng faintly smiled.

“The Tree of Time? The core?” The three members of Ancient Soul Hall all appeared confused.

“Alas, that Tree of Time is on the verge of dying. Otherwise, once we take control over it, we would be able to control this entire dimension.” Yu Heng sighed.

By controlling this dimension, one would no longer suffer from this area’s suppression and might even receive a boost in strength. When such a time came, all the resources in this place would be theirs for the picking.

Alas, the Tree of Time was teetering on the edge of death.

“Let’s pause here for a while and recover until we’re in peak condition.” After saying this, Yu Heng vanished, entering his personal cultivation dimension.

“There seems to be another unknown variable there….” Yu Heng muttered.

Perhaps because the Tree of Time and Ancestral Artifact fragment were together and were far too high-level, he found it more difficult to make his calculations. To guard against any mishaps, he decided to stop for a moment. In addition, every time he used the Ancient Race power, he would suffer an immense side effect that he needed time to neutralize.

On the other end:

“Let’s go around them and see the situation up ahead,” Zhao Feng straightforwardly said.

The party detoured around the Ancient Soul group and chose a different direction to advance.

They didn’t get very far before Zhao Feng stopped in surprise.


Zhao Feng displayed what he could see.

“Ancient God Cheng Yun and the Ancestral Artifact fragment are both there!” Ancient God Resplendence’s eyes twinkled.

Xin Wuheng was more focused on the gray-white tree though.

“That ancient tree should be the core of this dimension!” Xin Wuheng said after some thought.

“The core?” The others were taken aback.

They could only tell that this tree was extremely unusual, unlike Xin Wuheng, who was able to determine its actual purpose.

“Unfortunately, it’s on the verge of dying. Otherwise, if we got control of it, we could use it to deal with the Ancient Soul Hall members!” Ancient God Resplendence regretfully said.

“At the very least, Ancient Soul Hall can’t take control of the core,” Xin Wuheng said. This was a good piece of news.

The Tree of Time was the core of this dimension and was incredibly high-level. Ordinary methods were incapable of revitalizing it.

“Since they haven’t moved out, we’ll stay back as well.”

Zhao Feng entered the Spacetime Robe Dimension. In the current dire situation, he had to use every moment available to increase his strength.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng summoned several Time resources before himself. These resources had all been gathered from around the ancient fortress and were of extremely high level.

He divided his mind, using one part to absorb the Time essence in the resources while the other part used his Chaos Origin Divine Power to absorb Time energy. At the same time, Zhao Feng also removed the spatial isolation effect of the Spacetime Robe, allowing Time energy from the outside world to enter so his Chaos Origin Divine Power could absorb even more Time energy.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng didn’t even need five days to smoothly bring his Time Intent to Level Seven.

“With my Time Intent at Level Seven, my Chaos Origin Divine Power has gotten another significant boost in power!” Zhao Feng was actually rather astonished.

Although he reached the peak of Level Six with his Time Intent not too long ago, his Time Intent had risen so quickly as of late that he had had no time to steady his foundations or become used to his new level of power. Logically speaking, it shouldn’t have been this easy for him to increase it to the next level, but he had not even needed five days to break through.

The reason might have been that the dangerous situation had greatly stimulated Zhao Feng’s potential. On top of that, this dimension’s Time suppression was even more powerful – the strength even more pure – and this energy was being directly absorbed by his Chaos Origin Divine Power.

However, while his Time Intent had reached Level Seven, this only increased the power of his Chaos Origin Divine Power by a little, and all that did was increase his ability to resist this area’s suppression. It was still not very useful against the members of Ancient Soul Hall. For this reason, Zhao Feng did not stop and continued to strengthen his other Intent energies.

At present, his Space Intent was at Level Eight and his Time Intent was at Level Seven, but many of his other Intents were paused at the peak of Level Six.

Swish! Swish!

Zhao Feng took out several resources for other kinds of Intent

Although the majority of this dimension’s resources concerned Time Intent, this did not mean that there weren’t resources for other kinds of Intent

Less than ten days later, Zhao Feng had brought his Five Elements Intent’s and Wind Lightning Intent’s constituent Intents all to Level Seven. This further strengthened his reserves.

Zhao Feng’s mind sank into the Divine Stages within his dantian.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The last stream of energy from the Nine Lotus Jade Life Flower was circling around the nascent form of the ninth Divine Stage.

Zhao Feng immediately undid the seals and absorbed this energy. At the same time, Zhao Feng began to form his ninth Divine Stage.

Back in the outside world, although the members of the Giant God Race were also cultivating, the energy from Zhao Feng forming his Divine Stage was so immense that all of them noticed.

It wasn’t long before Xin Wuheng’s cultivation area also began to pulse with formidable bloodline energy. At this dangerous moment, Xin Wuheng was also doing his utmost to increase his strength.

On the other end:

“It’s about enough,” Yu Heng nonchalantly said.


Several ripples appeared in the air, and the three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall emerged.

“Mm, I’ve finished recovering from my injuries!” Ancient God Jailsea immediately said.

He had suffered the most severe injuries of the three. In order to quickly recover from his injuries, he even used some of the extremely precious resources he had gathered.

“Let’s move out Our target is the Ancestral Artifact fragment and the Tree of Time.” Yu Heng faintly smiled.

The Ancient Soul Hall trio were rather alarmed. Anyone could see that this Tree of Time was on the verge of dying.

Revitalizing it was incredibly difficult; even a God Lord probably stood no chance. But Yu Heng set it as one of their targets? Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Ancient Soul Hall party began to approach the Tree of Time. As they approached, the Time suppression on their bodies suddenly doubled.

Beneath the Tree of Time, Ancient God Cheng Yun opened his eyes while the Ancestral Artifact fragment began to exude ripples of Time energy.

“Cease resistance and hand yourselves over!” Yu Heng proudly stood and roared.

The Ancient Soul Hall members all smiled. Once they obtained the Ancestral Artifact fragment, everything would be over. The Ancient God Seal would also easily be theirs.

But at this moment:

“All of you are quite bold to dare intrude upon my race’s forbidden ground!” A timeworn and forceful voice came from the Tree of Time.

This voice continued to echo through the world, making one feel as if space and time were in discord.


A powerful bloodline energy accompanied by invisible Time energy began to spread outward.

The blood inside the bodies of the Ancient Soul Hall members trembled as that powerful Time energy began to twist and contort their bodies.

“There’s still someone else!?” Ancient God Ice Jade’s eyes darkened as she stared at the Tree of Time.

“So powerful!” Ancient God Jailsea became wary.

This opponent had an extremely powerful energy, and this bloodline energy was far above the Ancient Soul Race’s – definitely in the top ten of the ancient races.

Yu Heng also grimaced. He waved his hand, creating a mysterious shield of light to resist this energy.


Ripples appeared on the trunk of the Tree of Time, and an elderly figure slowly emerged.

His body was extremely strange, formed from streams of crystalline white light. The moment he emerged, all the Time energy in the world began to move, exerting an enormous pressure on the Ancient Soul Hall members.

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