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Ancient Race Duplication

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The Ancestral Artifact fragment trembled in shock, but it did not submit. It muttered, “The Ancient Race Duplication Plan, is it?”

叮he Ancient Race Duplication Plan!?”

The members of both Ancient Soul Hall and the Giant God Race were stunned.

Of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the number one race was the Ancient Race, which had suppressed the ten thousand races and dominated the wildlands. The intelligent Heaven’s Legacy Race had a plan to duplicate this bloodline so that they could control the supreme innate God-Devil bloodline of the Ancient Race. This plan was the Ancient Race Duplication Plan.

“He’s a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!?” The three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall were in a stunned daze for a few moments, and then they suddenly had a conjecture as to Yu Heng’s identity.

The Ancient Race Duplication Plan was a plan of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, and on their journey, Yu Heng was completely confident when it came to disarming the traps of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. Moreover, Yu Heng was familiar with this dimension and even had a map.

“He’s actually a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!?” Ancient God Jailsea’s face was stricken with shock, and his heart thumped in fear.

The Heaven’s Legacy Race was a mythical race in the top five of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!

The Heaven’s Legacy Race was not powerful when it came to fighting, inferior even to the Ancient Soul Race in this aspect. But there was a reason the Heaven’s Legacy Race occupied rank three.

All the members of Ancient Soul Hall gazed at Yu Heng with different eyes. They finally understood why the God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall had so much trust in God Lord Stellar Aspect’s plans. This was because both Yu Heng and God Lord Stellar Aspect were members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, and in the face of the 3rd ranked Heaven’s Legacy Race, the strength of the Ancient Soul Race was insignificant.

“The Ancient Race Duplication Plan of the Heaven’s Legacy Race succeeded?” Xin Wuheng’s gaze was dark as he doubtfully muttered.

The Heaven’s Legacy Race had long ago vanished without a trace, and it had been many, many years since the Ancient Race Duplication Plan was started. Not even those God Lord experts that had survived from the Ancient Era were sure if this plan had succeeded or not.

“Correct! This is the result of my race’s Ancient Race Duplication Plan!” Yu Heng stared at the Ancestral Artifact fragment and proudly said.

At this moment, Yu Heng admitted to his identity as a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race and also admitted to the origin of the tyrannical bloodline energy in his body.

Everyone stared at Yu Heng, their eyes saturated with shock.

“You are not a true member of the Ancient Race,” the Ancestral Artifact fragment carefully examined Yu Heng and concluded.

“What?” Ancient God Sundermount, Ancient God Jailsea, and all the others were stunned.

Yu Heng had just unleashed an energy that shook the heavens and intimidated all ten thousand races, but the Ancestral Artifact fragment actually said that Yu Heng was not a true member of the Ancient Race?

“Hmph! Work together and take the Ancestral Artifact fragment!” Yu Heng coldly snorted.

The Ancient Race bloodline in his body truly was a semi-finished product.

“Yes!” The three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall immediately agreed and charged forward.

Although they believed in Yu Heng’s strength, the Ancestral Artifact fragment was no weakling.

The three of them of them attacked from three separate angles. Meanwhile, Yu Heng attacked the Ancestral Artifact fragment from the front

“What do we do?” Ancient God Resplendence was in somewhat of a panic.

There were currently three parties left on the field: Ancient Soul Hall, the Ancestral Artifact fragment, and the Giant God Race team. Of these, their team was the weakest. Meanwhile, their enemies – the team from Ancient Soul Hall – was the strongest.

“Observe the situation and watch for any changes!” Xin Wuheng whispered.

Although the situation was getting dangerous, they couldn’t just leave. The Giant God Race had entered this dimension so that they could gather as many resources as possible for the rapid ascension of their race. However, they hadn’t expected for Ancient Soul Hall to also send in people, who had presumably reaped a significant harvest themselves. This meant that Ancient Soul Hall would become even stronger than it was before.

Moreover, Yu Heng and the three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall were preparing to subdue the Ancestral Artifact fragment. Once they succeeded, Ancient Soul Hall would only get stronger and stronger, making it impossible for the Giant God Race to ever rise again and take its revenge.

Even so, the members of the Giant God Race did not dare to act recklessly. Yu Heng had activated the power of the Ancient Race, and this dreadful power was enough to instantly exterminate a Rank Nine Ancient God. Not even Xin Wuheng dared nt it directly.

“Ancestral Artifact fragment, cease your resistance! To be subdued by me is an honor.” Yu Heng faintly smiled as he joined the three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall in surrounding the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

“If you think I’ll accept you, you’re dreaming!” the Ancestral Artifact fragment resounded with a furious voice.


The Ancestral Artifact fragment erupted with formidable Time energy, a dazzling white light washing over the earth. The three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall slightly paused, the Time energy around them contorting and impeding their bodies.

“Stubborn and foolish.” Yu Heng’s face chilled as he descended.

Suddenly, when the Time energy exuded by the Ancestral Artifact fragment bumped against Yu Heng’s body, it crumbled and scattered.

“So strong!”

“How terrifying!”

The three members of Ancient Soul Hall and the members of the Giant God Race were all blown away by this sight. That dreadful Time energy had actually crumbled on first contact with Yu Heng’s Ancient Race God Devil Body?

One had to realize that the Time energy unleashed by the Ancestral Artifact fragment was infused with a Time Law. Anyone weaker than a God Lord would be helpless against it.

“Ancient Race, God-Devil Body!” the Ancestral Artifact fragment profoundly said.

The power of the Ancient Race was truly too terrifying. Even though the bloodline in Yu Heng’s body was not complete, it was still a peerless and tyrannical strength.

“Just submit!” After Yu Heng approached, he slowly extended his arm, and then a terrifying divine gold-silver light pierced through space and approached the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

At this moment, his attack tore the surrounding Time Intent and all the restrictions to pieces and extended several thousand li through space.

“Oh no!” The Ancestral Artifact fragment appeared startled.

Buzz! Bzzz!

A mysterious white light immediately exploded from the fragment. At the same time, a peerless Time energy spread out, creating a protective halo that attempted to weaken Yu Heng’s attack.

Thought it took slightly longer to do so, that divine gold-silver light that could destroy all still blasted apart this Time energy.

Using this sliver of time, the Ancestral Artifact fragment transformed into a streak of Spacetime light and vanished into the distance.

Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!

The three members of Ancient Soul Hall pursued.

“Pointless resistance.” Yu Heng’s expression turned cold as he slowly raised his hands. Tendrils of gold and silver began to extend from his body, exuding a dangerous energy that awed the world.

“Not good! Yu Heng is going to use some secret art!” Zhao Feng’s expression darkened.

At this moment, the dreamy silver ball in his God Eye Dimension was spinning even faster, unleashing vast amounts of dreamy light.

The three members of the Giant God Race were also nervous. The strength that Yu Heng was displaying was simply too great Together with three half-step God Lords, he was without rival.

The fleeing Ancestral Artifact fragment also saw this sight and quivered in fear.

But at this moment, Yu Heng’s eyes flashed. A moment later, the frightening energy in his body weakened, and part of his God-Devil Body became transparent.

With a thought from Yu Heng, he took out a small white test tube the size of a finger from his interspatial dimension. Inside this tube was golden-silver blood.


The blood in the test tube flowed out of the tube and into the mouth of Yu Heng’s God-Devil Body.


Yu Heng’s energy immediately swelled, and that ancient energy that could view the entire world with disdain once more caused all the bloodlines in the vicinity to tremble.

“He’s recovered his strength and is even stronger than before!” Xin Wuheng was stunned.

“Not good….” The Ancestral Artifact fragment could sense the fear in its heart growing. If this continued, it really would end up being captured by Yu Heng.

At this moment, the Ancestral Artifact fragment suddenly felt a response. It immediately changed directions and began to fly back toward the damaged fortress.

“Don’t even think about escaping!”

The three members of Ancient Soul Hall were in hot pursuit Now that they knew the identities of Yu Heng and God Lord Stellar Aspect, they were filled with remorse for their previous actions. At this moment, they only wanted to put in every effort and contribute as much as they could.



A white light shot out from the ancient fortress.

“Ancient God Cheng Yun!?” the members of the Giant God Race called out in surprise.

The powerful Spacetime suppression had prevented them from noticing that Ancient God Cheng Yun was hidden inside.

“Eh?” Zhao Feng was also surprised, and he used his left eye’s abilities to peer into the ancient fortress.

However, seeing through the walls of the fortress was exceedingly difficult, and what he could see was heavily distorted.

“It seems like there’s an independent dimension inside the fortress.” Zhao Feng immediately understood.

He had tried to see through the walls of the fortress before, but he never succeeded. It was only when Ancient God Cheng Yun suddenly charged out that he finally understood what was going on.


Ancient God Cheng Yun swiftly approached the Ancestral Artifact fragment “Stop him!” Ancient God Ice Jade called out in alarm.

But it was too late. Ancient God Cheng Yun moved with incredible speed. The moment he touched the Ancestral Artifact fragment, he transmitted energy and a secret art to it, and the two of them began to work together.


In a flash of light, the two of them fled into the ancient fortress.

“They fled rather quickly.” Yu Heng stopped his secret art and slowly approached the fortress.

“What should we do now?” The three half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall immediately looked to Yu Heng, waiting for his orders.

“Go in,” Yu Heng indifferently said, his face fearless.

At the same time, his God-Devil Body began to slowly shrink, and that intimidating ancient energy began to fade away as if Yu Heng was saving energy.

“What about them?” Ancient God Jailsea shot a glance at the Giant God Race group.

“Once we obtain the Ancestral Artifact fragment, nothing else will be a problem.” Yu Heng faintly smiled and entered the ancient fortress first.

Their small team was far stronger than the Giant God Race team from the beginning. Once they got their hands on the Ancestral Artifact fragment, killing the Giant God Race team would be an easy task.


The Ancient Soul Hall members all entered the crumbling fortress, their energies vanishing entirely.

The Giant God Race members and Zhao Feng stood at their original position, not sure what they should do.

“Brother Zhao, what do you think?” Xin Wuheng asked.

Entering the ancient fortress was undoubtedly the more dangerous choice, but it wasn’t like they could just leave this dimension. Moreover, if they allowed Yu Heng’s team to get the Ancestral Artifact fragment and wantonly plunder this dimension of resources, the Giant God Race would never have a chance at revival.

“Let’s go in and take a look around!” Zhao Feng firmly said after thinking it over.

Right after Yu Heng’s team entered the fortress, the strange activity in his God’s Spiritual Eye finally started to calm down. From this, one could see that his left eye had some connection to the Ancient Race.

This was probably one of his only chances to uncover the secrets of his left eye.

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