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Suppressing the Ten Thousand Races

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Inside the Thousand Berg Ice Domain:

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three half-step God Lords stood together with Ancient God Ice Jade at their center, their expressions grave.

Zhao Feng had used his advantage in speed to kill two Rank Nine Ancient Gods and even heavily wound a half-step God Lord. This had given them an enormous psychological blow and made them very wary.

They could not afford any more losses. Fortunately for them, with the three half-step God Lords working together, not even someone with double Zhao Feng’s speed could find a weakness.

But at this time, the situation suddenly changed.

Bzzzz! Hummm!

A vast Moth Larvae army surged out from behind Yu Heng, devouring the earth in their madness and hatred.

Everyone felt their hearts chill at this sight Once the Locustmoth Race truly began to use its wave tactics, even an existence of a higher cultivation could only run. It was impossible to directly confront this threat.

“What’s going on!?” Zhao Feng and the three members of the Giant God Race were all dumbfounded.

The three half-step God Lords of the Ancient Soul Race grimaced even more. Their situation was now even worse; in front of them were the Giant God Race members while behind them was the Moth Larvae army.

“What do we do?” the three of them asked Yu Heng, who was responsible for holding the rear.

When they started the plan, Yu Heng demanded that he be placed in the rear, and he had kept his energy extremely restrained and did not seem intent on joining in. They suspected that Yu Heng was the one who had lured over the Locustmoth Race.

At this moment, at the very front lines of the insect sea, Yu Heng stood alone and calmly said, “The insect races really do have an excellent sense of smell….”

It was as if the reaction of these insects was completely within his expectations.

“Join back up with me for now.” Yu Heng finally gave his order to the three half-step God Lords.

The three half-step God Lords were taken aback by this order.

“This… join up?”

“Are we going to fight with the Locustmoth Race? That isn’t wise.”

The three of them hesitated, but they did not defy the order. Before entering the Ancestral Legacy Treasury, they had received explicit orders to listen to everything the mysterious youth said.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three half-step God Lords swiftly withdrew to Yu Heng’s side.

Zhao Feng’s group couldn’t stop them. Besides, they were also anxious to get away from the Moth Larvae army. Once they were caught in that insect sea, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“These scoundrels, what’s their plan? They wanted to kill us, but now they’ve given up.” The members of the Giant God Race were all confused.

Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng glanced at each other and quickly made a decision.

“Let’s watch for now. The moment something starts to look fishy, I’ll take all of you into the Spacetime Robe and then escape,” Zhao Feng sternly said.

The only person he couldn’t see through on the Ancient Soul Race’s side was that Yu Heng. Alas, this person wasn’t willing to take part in the previous battle.

“Is that youth a member of the Ancient Soul Race?” Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

“No!” Xin Wuheng and the others denied without a second thought

The members of the Giant God Race were extremely sensitive to the bloodline energies of their mortal foes, the Ancient Soul Race.

Zhao Feng had long ago noticed that the mysterious youth’s bloodline energy was very veiled and unfathomable.

At this moment, Yu Heng joined up with the three half-step God Lords.

The tide of insects rushed over, but they were easily destroyed by the three half-step God Lords. These insects were no different from ants in front of a half-step God Lord.

The lethality of the Locustmoth Race’s wave tactics was secondary; what was terrifying was how it exhausted one’s energy.

“With our strength, if we work together, it won’t be that difficult to defeat the Locustmoth Mother. It’s just that it will take quite a large amount of energy and doesn’t seem worth it,” Ancient God Destruction Flow voiced his doubts.

Yu Heng stood in the center and calmly ordered, “Once I drive off the insects, take the Ancestral Artifact fragment”

What? The three half-step God Lords were stunned. Drive off the insects? Take the Ancestral Artifact fragment? They didn’t quite understand what Yu Heng meant.

“Then what if we’re exhausted after defeating the insects and the members of the Giant God Race attack us?” Ancient God Ice Jade was somewhat dissatisfied.

This Yu Heng was acting too rashly. Did he not realize what sort of price would have to be paid to defeat the insects?

“First, I alone will be enough. Second, they wouldn’t dare.” Yu Heng gradually began to show signs of impatience.

You alone? The three half-step God Lords couldn’t help but tremble in shock, but then they found the idea laughable.

“The only flaw is that kid. To think he would have the advantage in speed in this Divine Kingdom Dimension….” Yu Heng muttered.

An advantage in speed was truly rather troublesome. According to his original plan, when his group attacked, the Giant God Race party was certain to retreat. He didn’t expect Zhao Feng to attempt to probe his strength. This meant that he was unable to keep his distance from the ancient fortress, and once his energy leaked out, the insects would sense it. In the end, the Locustmoth Mother smelled it, and its reaction was much more frightening than imagined.

Instantly, the Ancient Soul Race group was being attacked from both sides. In this situation, his only option was to show some of his strength.

“All of you should rest” Yu Heng slightly raised a hand, and a strange and ancient energy began to rise from his body. As this happened, ancient patterns appeared on his skin, like fish scales and also like tortoise skin.

“It’s that energy! Kill! Destroying my home, killing my mother and grandmother, I swore an oath to tear you to pieces…!” The mother insect’s icy voice rang out from the massive hive behind the insect sea army.

More and more insects surged over. The massive hive even gave up on attacking the ancient fortress to attack Yu Heng.

This gave the three half-step God Lords a massive fright The attack of these insects was simply too insane!

“Can a bunch of ants stop me?” A cold smile appeared on Yu Heng’s handsome face.

Then, the ancient patterns on his body suddenly vanished.

At the same time:

“That energy restrained itself again….” the Ancestral Artifact fragment muttered to itself. This energy made the insects go crazy, and then it was swiftly restrained.

Afterward, Yu Heng proudly stood on the ground, slowly opening his arms. His body began to exude an ancient energy that seemed as deep as an abyss. This ancient energy was suffused with an extremely intense and tyrannical aura that seemed to view both past and present with disdain.

Boom! Swish!

This tyrannical energy soared into the sky, accompanied by gold and silver streams of energy. It caused the entire dimension to faintly tremble.

Even at their distance, Zhao Feng and the others could still sense that domineering bloodline energy. This bloodline energy, circled by gold and silver, began to draw out the image of a gigantic ancient god-devil.


The image of the ancient god-devil attached to Yu Heng and seemed to be growing more and more real. Yu Heng’s face, body, and hair began to visibly transform, becoming more and more like the ancient god-devil.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Heng’s body rose to one hundred feet, and his entire body was crisscrossed by gold and silver light He exuded an ancient energy that seemed to view the entire world with scorn and disdain.

“What’s going on!?” The three half-step God Lords began to find breathing difficult, their bodies and bloodlines uncontrollably trembling. At this moment, they found it difficult to even think about exerting their strength.

The Giant God Race members in the distance were alarmed and afraid. Their bloodlines had inexplicably begun to yield and tremble in fear.

“Just what bloodline is this?” Zhao Feng felt like even his own body and bloodline were breaking free of his control. Even his Chaos Origin Divine Power was starting to go out of control.

Not only his body, but even his God’s Spiritual Eye was also beginning to tremble. The Origin center of his God’s Spiritual Eye, the dreamy silver Origin energy, was constantly shaking in agitation.

“Why…?” Zhao Feng covered his head with his hand as he was overcome by a dizziness that reached all the way to his soul.

A fearful atmosphere began to spread through the earth. The innumerable Moth Larvae began to tremble and drop to the ground as they approached Yu Heng.

Boom! Bang!

The massive hive floating in the sky smashed into the ground in a cloud of dust.

“How could this be…!?” The fearful voice of the Locustmoth Mother rang out. Even the 10th ranked Locustmoth Race still trembled in fear before this energy.

At the same moment, in front of the crumbling fortress, the Ancestral Artifact fragment called in fear and shock, “Impossible! This can’t be! This is the God Eye Era! Why would that appear!?”

“Suppress the Ten Thousand Races!” Yu Heng finished transforming into the ancient god-devil, and he exploded with a gold and silver radiance while he slowly spoke in a heaven-shaking voice.

At this moment, the earth exploded as all creatures born from bloodlines shrieked in terror.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

Hundreds of millions of insects exploded and died in the face of this bloodline energy that could suppress all ten thousand races.

“Aaaaaaah…!” Those Yao Gods hidden underground nearby were also not spared. In the best case, they bled from their orifices, and in the worst case, they simply exploded and died.


The dimension itself trembled, and it seemed like a wave of blood was sweeping through it Ugh! Ah!

Even Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount, who were rather far away, couldn’t help but groan and vomit blood. And these were members of the Giant God Race, with extremely formidable bloodlines and physical constitutions, and both of them were Ancient Gods.

“Suppress the Ten Thousand Races? What sort of race could possess such power…?” Zhao Feng’s blood was seething, and he almost vomited blood himself. Fortunately, his Chaos Origin Divine Power was sturdy and his Divine Stages stable, and he had the protection of the Spacetime Robe as well.

Only the three half-step God Lords at Yu Heng’s side were free from the effects of the “Suppress the Ten Thousand Races.”

“Too terrifying!” The 也ree half-step God Lords took in cold breaths of air. The bloodlines in their body were uncontrollably trembling.

Around them, in only a few seconds, only several hundred million insects were left, and millions were dying every second.

In order to resist the suppression of such a bloodline, one had to have a high bloodline and high cultivation. These ordinary Moth Larvae only had the cultivation of an ordinary True God; the suppression of the energy alone was enough to make them explode.

“Scram!” Yu Heng slowly extended a hand, which radiated terrifying divine gold-silver light that pierced through space and shot straight at the Moth Larvae Mother Hive.

At this moment, his attack actually tore through the Time Intent of this dimension and all the other restrictions, traveling several thousand li.

“Aaaah!” the Locustmoth Mother shrieked in fear. The massive hive instantly vanished, turning into hundreds of millions of insects that scattered in every direction.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ten-some seconds later, all the insects had retreated. All that was left was a ground thick with bug carcasses.

The entire world was silent. At this moment, only one person existed in this world.

Proudly gazing upon the Ancient, I reign supreme! Yu Heng’s every movement contained this thought, a tyrannical and domineering nature that could shatter everything in the world.

At this moment, he did not have the body of a human, or the body of a True God or Ancient God – his body was that of an Ancient God-Devil.

“Ancestral Artifact fragment, you’ve already consumed too much of your Law Origin. You probably don’t have the strength to fight me.” Yu Heng slowly began to walk toward the ancient fortress.

In front of the ancient fortress, the Ancestral Artifact fragment trembled in shock, but it did not submit. It muttered, “The Ancient Race Duplication Plan, is it?”

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