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The High Ground

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Under the eyes of three half-step God Lords, Zhao Feng vanished and pierced through the body of a Rank Nine Ancient God in a single move. This Rank Nine Ancient God was also a member of the Ancient Soul Race.

Even if one managed to successfully ambush an ordinary Rank Nine Ancient God, one would at most heavily injure them, not kill them. But at this moment, his body and mind were both being pulled on and slowed by invisible Time energy. Terrifying Chaos Origin energy was devouring his body, soul energy, Divine Power, and all other kinds of energy, all of it vanishing into the chaos.

Devour and absorb! The Chaos Origin Divine Power in Zhao Feng’s palm actually began to swell in strength instead of weakening. The terrifying power tore the Rank Nine Ancient God into tiny shreds.

From the Instant Movement to the sneak attack, not even two seconds had passed.

“Junior…” The three half-step God Lords were practically dumbfounded, and then they were infuriated and even more bursting with killing intent Zhao Feng had leisurely killed a Rank Nine Ancient God right under their eyes, humiliating all three of them.

“Darkwater Jail Dragon!” Ancient God Jailsea slowly extended an arm.


This arm bizarrely transformed into black water, and then this water began to swell until it transformed into a Darkwater Jail Dragon that was ten thousand feet long.


The Darkwater Jail Dragon’s roar shook the earth, causing souls to tremble in shock as an invisible hurricane swept out.

“Oh no!” Xin Wuheng immediately paled. “A Level Nine Water Intent secret art, and it’s also fused with a soul attack of the Ancient Soul Race!”

This powerful secret art of a half-step God Lord was enough to instantly kill an average Rank Nine.

He was just about to intervene when Ancient God Destruction Flow suddenly stopped him.

“Your opponent is me!” Ancient God Destruction Flow’s hands began to spin, and two pitch-black rivers of Destruction emerged from his left and right arms.

This Ancient God Destruction Flow was actually skilled in Destruction Intent As a half-step God Lord, he had reached Level Nine in Destruction Intent, and he was slightly stronger than Ancient God Jailsea.

Whoosh! Boom! Boom!

The two Destructive rivers seemed frenzied, but they coiled around Xin Wuheng like bizarre and nimble black snakes.

Although Xin Wuheng was not afraid of Ancient God Destruction Flow, he would definitely be held down for a time and be unable to worry about Zhao Feng.

On the other side:

“Level Nine Water Intent, and it’s also fused with the bloodline soul art of the Ancient Soul Race….” Zhao Feng sensed a danger approaching.

However, he remained confident and easygoing. After killing the Rank Nine Ancient God, he even remembered to take the dropped interspatial dimension tool.


The intimidating Darkwater Jail Dragon charged forward and swallowed up his body.

“Heh.” A soft chuckle came from the head of the Darkwater Jail Dragon, followed by a subtle Spacetime ripple.

“Damn…” Ancient God Jailsea had a chilling expression, but he did not give up.

This Darkwater Jail Dragon had been created from his arm, and he could control it as if it was an extension of his body.

Clap! Boom!

The Darkwater Jail Dragon suddenly raised its massive tail and swept it at Zhao Feng overhead.


Zhao Feng vanished once more, causing the Darkwater Jail Dragon to miss again.

“It seems like one Darkwater Jail Dragon isn’t enough to deal with him. We have to press in from more sides.” Ancient God Jailsea quickly calmed back down.

He had also matured after entering the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. After being defeated time and time again, he did not dare to underestimate his foe.

“Jail Dragon’s Claw!” With a solemn expression, Ancient God Jailsea turned his other arm into transparent black water. This time, it took the shape of a Jail Dragon Claw that was several thousand feet long.


The Jail Dragon Claw attacked Zhao Feng from the back while the Darkwater Jail Dragon attacked Zhao Feng from the front “Zhao Feng’s in trouble…!” Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount couldn’t help but be worried.

However, they needed to deal with the attacks of the other Rank Nine Ancient God, Ancient God Mu Yu.

Not only that, but Ancient God Ice Jade was still maintaining the Thousand Berg Ice Domain, freezing the area within a radius of one thousand li.


The icebergs were slowly closing in, causing the freezing energy to soar.

As time passed, they would have less and less space to fight. The two weaker Ancient Gods of the Giant God Race were both severely affected by this powerful cold energy, and their bloodlines, Divine Power, and strength were all weakened.

Under Ancient God Ice Jade’s control, the Thousand Berg Ice Domain primarily affected her enemies. This meant that, even though the two Ancient Gods of the Giant God Race were working together, they were still being suppressed by Ancient God Mu Yu. However, Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng didn’t appear to be that affected by this cold energy.

“I guess this is all a half-step God Lord amounts to.” A playful and amused voice came from a corner of the battlefield.


Zhao Feng suddenly left a blur in the air as his speed increased without warning.

Bang! Bang!

The Darkwater Jail Dragon and Jail Dragon Claw both missed, instead pulverizing two nearby icebergs.

At this moment, Zhao Feng did not use Instant Movement His movement techniques and speed alone were enough to easily dodge these attacks.

As for the Thousand Berg Ice Domain’s cold energy, it essentially had no effect on him. He had the protection of the Spacetime Robe as well as the devouring trait of the Chaos Origin Divine Power, so any cold energy that got close to him vanished like a rock into the ocean.

“The next objective is to kill you.” Floating in the air, Zhao Feng pointed a finger at Ancient God Mu Yu.

“Ah!” Ancient God Mu Yu was in the middle of battling the two Ancient Gods of the Giant God Race. When he heard these words, he immediately broke into a cold sweat, his face freezing. He clearly saw how his fellow Rank Nine Ancient God died.

“Junior, don’t get cocky!” Ancient God Ice Jade, who was in the middle of slowly retracting the Thousand Berg Ice Domain, immediately put on a chilly expression.

“Truly too conceited…!” Ancient God Jailsea was both angered and shocked. Zhao Feng boldly and arrogantly declared that he was going to kill another member on their side.

Earlier, Zhao Feng killed a Rank Nine Ancient God right under the eyes of three half-step God Lords. His success back then was because none of them were expecting a sneak attack. But now, Zhao Feng loudly declared that his next target was the other Rank Nine Ancient God, Ancient God Mu Yu.

Not good! Not even a half-step God Lord can deal with this person…. Ancient God Mu Yu’s mind was fraught with worry. Even though he had the advantage, he was in no mood to keep fighting with the two Ancient Gods of the Giant God Race.

“With us here, you cannot succeed.” Ice Jade and Jailsea exchanged glances, their expressions harsh. If they allowed Zhao Feng to succeed again and lost another Rank Nine, would they have any dignity left?

“If I want to kill him, none of you will be able to stop me,” Zhao Feng calmly said.

“Impossible!” Ancient God Jailsea ordered his Darkwater Jail Dragon to protect Ancient God Mu Yu. Meanwhile, the Jail Dragon Claw continued to doggedly pursue Zhao Feng.

“Ice Jade Lotus Platform!” Ancient God Ice Jade waved a slender hand, and a dazzling lotus platform of ice appeared under Ancient God Mu Yu’s feet

Although she was still busy controlling the Thousand Berg Ice Domain, she could still provide a certain level of help. Moreover, once she retracted the Thousand Berg Ice Domain into the dreadful Divine Kingdom of Ice, her foes would find it nigh impossible to escape.

Very quickly, with the Ice Jade Lotus Platform and Darkwater Jail Dragon, Ancient God Mu Yu calmed down a great deal. “Hahaha…!” Zhao Feng loudly laughed as intense Spacetime ripples appeared on his body.

Buzz! Swish!

He vanished, and his Instant Movement this time took him rather far away.

“Mm?” Ancient God Ice Jade was surprised. At this moment, she sensed a Spacetime ripple near Ancient God Jailsea. “Watch out!” Ancient God Ice Jade grimaced as she called out in warning.

But Ancient God Jailsea was empty-handed, as his arms were off battling in the forms of the Darkwater Jail Dragon and Jail Dragon Claw. This greatly weakened the defensive capabilities of his original body.

Upon hearing Ancient God Ice Jade’s warning, he immediately sensed a furtive Spacetime ripple and called out in dismay.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist!” A dark silver, turbid fist appeared out of a bizarre and twisted clump of Spacetime and exploded against his body.

This fist was simply unavoidable because this fist was boosted to incredible speeds by Time Intent, so fast that Ancient God Jailsea even felt like space and time were in discord.

“We took the bait! His target was actually Ancient God Jailsea!” Ancient God Ice Jade clenched her silver teeth. Ancient God Jailsea was in a weakened state, and he was in great peril against this dreadful attack.


Ancient God Jailsea was blown backward by this fist, a thin trail of blood ejecting from his mouth.

“A half-step God Lord who has comprehended a Level Nine Intent truly is impressive,” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

Suddenly, ripples of dark water appeared on Ancient God Jailsea’s body, greatly dampening the power of Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin attack. Given that this was a half-step God Lord with the bloodline of the Ancient Soul Race, the fist was only able to injure him, not give him a lethal blow.


The nimble figure of a cat appeared behind Ancient God Jailsea, slashing a dagger covered in silver runes at him.

There was another ambush!? Ancient God Ice Jade’s graceful body trembled, and her heart chilled. This kid’s schemes were far too terrifying. On the surface, Zhao Feng said that he was going to kill Ancient God Mu Yu, but in reality, he was aiming for Ancient God Jailsea.


The silver dagger stabbed into Ancient God Jailsea’s watery body.

“Ugh…!” Even when transformed into dark water, Ancient God Jailsea still groaned, his body stiffening and his face turning white.

“The Celestial Pendant Secret Dagger!” For the first time, Yu Heng finally spoke.

The little thieving cat had obtained the Celestial Pendant Secret Dagger from the treasury of Heavenly Demon Hall. This enraged the upper echelon of Heavenly Demon Hall. The dagger was built according to the secret methods of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, and several unique ingredients were used in its construction. It was the equivalent of a supreme-quality divine artifact.

Yu Heng remained in the rear and was not in the range of the Thousand Berg Ice Domain. It was like he never had any intention of intervening. Or perhaps it was because he had some sort of fear.

“Spatial Movement!” Zhao Feng focused his left eye, immediately moving the little thieving cat away after it succeeded in its sneak attack.

At this moment:

Boom! Bang!

Two massive icebergs within the Thousand Berg Ice Domain suddenly shot up from below Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat. This attack was on the same level as a peak Rank Nine.

After retracting the Thousand Berg Ice Domain to a certain level, Ancient God Ice Jade could divide her attention into launching attacks. Although Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had dodged these two icebergs, she succeeded in interrupting their assault on Ancient God Jailsea.

“Go!” Ancient God Ice Jade lightly waved her hand again.


A second Ice Jade Lotus Platform appeared beneath Ancient God Jailsea, providing for him a layer of defense. After all, a half-step God Lord could not be lost.

“Collect!” Ancient God Jailsea was also forced to take back his Jail Dragon Claw, gaining back an arm and restoring some of his ability to defend himself.

The sudden attack of Zhao Feng and the ambush of the little thieving cat had left him rather badly wounded, and he still felt some lingering fear.

“Heh.” After heavily injuring Ancient God Jailsea, Zhao Feng softly smiled, acting as if his scheme had succeeded.

Not good! Ancient God Ice Jade remembered something else.

A moment later, another stunning development occurred.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist!” The youth with dreamy silver hair appeared behind Ancient God Mu Yu.


The Ice Jade Lotus Platform around Ancient God Mu Yu instantly crumbled. Ancient God Ice Jade had put more effort into defending Ancient God Jailsea, which had weakened the defenses around Ancient God Mu Yu.


Zhao Feng’s dark silver fist pierced through the Ice Jade Lotus Platform, and by devouring a part of the cold energy, it actually got even stronger.

“No…!” Ancient God Mu Yu cried out in fear as he used everything he had to try and protect his life.

Alas, he was already dealing with Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount, so he was still in dire straits.

And there was something even more terrifying; he was suddenly engulfed in a ripple of Spacetime energy. His body immediately began to move in slow motion.

His speed had been slowed by several dozen times! Even though he had mentally made a response to turn his body into an Ancient Soul Body, his body was reacting far too slowly.

Time Intent… This was the last thought in Ancient God Mu Yu’s mind before he died. Ice Jade and Jailsea were too late to prevent his death.

The two of them had gloomy expressions, their hearts cold. They had again and again fallen for Zhao Feng’s schemes – had been led along by their noses. At the start, they believed that Zhao Feng’s target was Ancient God Mu Yu, little expecting for him to be luring Ancient God Jailsea into a trap. Right when Ancient God Jailsea was out of danger, Zhao Feng turned his spear around back at Mu Yu. In the end, he had turned it back on his original target.

“Ah!” Ancient God Mu Yu’s soul gave a miserable scream, and then the body and soul of this array master were destroyed by Zhao Feng and the two Ancient Gods of the Giant God Race.

“I said before… if I want to kill him, none of you will be able to stop me,” Zhao Feng nonchalantly said as he took Ancient God Mu Yu’s interspatial dimension, adding on to his spoils.

The dimension they were in had many treasures. The Ancient Soul Race’s harvest should not have been much worse than the Giant God Race’s.

“You…!” Ancient God Ice Jade was so furious that she was trembling. Meanwhile, Ancient God Jailsea was actually feeling rather fortunate.

“Brother Zhao! Good job!” Xin Wuheng laughed.

He had still not taken the form of a Giant God, but he was able to battle evenly with Ancient God Destruction Flow.

As Xin Wuheng battled, his body rippled with the energy of a Law, and his attacks would occasionally explode with the Intent of a God Lord. One could say that his cultivation had already reached the half-step God Lord level. If he chose to take his Giant God form, he might easily be able to crush Ancient God Destruction Flow.

“Another one dead? The two of you… just how did you mess it up!?” Ancient God Destruction Flow almost exploded into a stream of profanity.

He alone was holding off Xin Wuheng’s attacks while the other two half-step God Lords were just dealing with two Rank Eights and a Rank Nine. It should have been an easy task. But after so much time had passed, all that happened was the two Rank Nine Ancient Gods on their side being killed.

“You three idiots! This person already has the ‘high ground’ when it comes to speed, yet you decided to fight with him and lost two Rank Nines.” In the rear, Yu Heng finally couldn’t help but curse.

As a spectator, he had a much clearer grasp of the situation. However, everything happened too quickly and Zhao Feng’s schemes were too wily, so he had no time to put a stop to them. Now, he no longer had time to rebuke these three half-step God Lords; his own problem was coming.

Bzzz! Bzzz!

The sound of the insect sea army came from behind Yu Heng.

“It’s that energy… I can’t believe it… my Locustmoth Race’s greatest enemy! I’ll tear your corpse into shreds…!” The voice of the Locustmoth Mother, suffused with a bone-chilling hatred, resonated deep into the soul.

Its target was none other than Yu Heng!

A few moments later, hundreds of millions of Moth Larvae engulfed the world, surging toward Yu Heng in a vast sea of insects.

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