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Winning a Round

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The sudden appearance of the Giant God Race trio caused Ancient God Jailsea’s old face to turn slightly red. He just said that the Giant God Race team wouldn’t dare to come out, but a moment later, they had charged out.

“Good! You’re actually sending yourselves to be killed!” Ancient God Jailsea gave a dry cough and then loudly laughed.

Ancient God Ice Jade had also not expected that the members of the Giant God Race would actually come out.

Xin Wuheng stood in front of the Sensory Tower, his thoughtful gaze fixed on Yu Heng’s projection. Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount gravely stared at the two half-step God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall. If not for Xin Wuheng’s order, they would have never dared to charge out

“Milord, what is our plan?” Ancient God Resplendence messaged.

The other side had two half-step God Lords. The only person capable of standing up against half-step God Lords on their side was Xin Wuheng alone.

“There’s no need to worry about that When the time comes, the two of you should work together to finish off that Rank Nine Ancient God as quickly as possible,” Xin Wuheng calmly said.

“The two of us will deal with the Rank Nine Ancient God, then…?” The two Giant God Race members were somewhat taken aback. Lord Wuheng was definitely going to deal with one of the half-step God Lords, so who would deal with the last one?

“Don’t get careless,” Yu Heng’s projection flatly said.

The two half-step God Lords felt a little scorn at these words. Could two half-step God Lords and one Rank Nine Ancient God not deal with these members of the Giant God Race?

Xin Wuheng looked once more at Yu Heng, his expression somewhat dimming. On the surface, Ancient Soul Hall had the advantage, but Yu Heng still told them to not be careless. In addition, the two half-step God Lords did not retort. One could see from this that this person had an abnormal status.

“Since you’ve got suicidal notions, I’ll send you on your way!” Ancient God Jailsea savagely laughed as he flew forward, his weighty soul pressure instantly sweeping out over the earth.

“Go!” Xin Wuheng called out


In a flash of white light, three giants appeared over the earth. Xin Wuheng’s bloodline energy was the strongest, and it instantly drove away the pressure from Ancient God Jailsea’s soul.


Xin Wuheng thrust out a finger, scattering Yu Heng’s projection.

“Ancient God Ice Jade, work with me to kill him first!” Ancient God Jailsea immediately called out The peak Rank Nine Xin Wuheng could somewhat put up a fight against him.

Xin Wuheng was at the peak of Rank Nine, and his strength could not be underestimated. On top of that, Ancient God Jailsea had not fully recovered from his injuries. Thus, alone, he would find it very difficult to deal with Xin Wuheng.

“Ancient God Jailsea, let’s have another battle!” Xin Wuheng stomped forward as he bellowed.


Ancient God Ice Jade immediately rushed at Xin Wuheng. The Ancient God Seal in his hand was their number one target!

“Ancient God Ice Jade, your opponent is me!” A soul voice suddenly resounded through the world. A moment later, a dreamy silver eye appeared in the air.

Ancient God Ice Jade instantly froze on the spot, and then she turned around and laughed. A peak Rank Eight Ancient God had actually challenged a half-step God Lord? Such a thing was unheard of. Not even Xin Wuheng was capable of such a feat.

“That’s fine too. I’ll take care of you first!” Ancient God Ice Jade’s face slowly chilled.

“What? Zhao Feng is going to take on a half-step God Lord?” Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount were both struck with disbelief.

In truth though, inside the Sensory Tower, Ancient God Ice Jade had sustained rather heavy wounds, and she could use even less strength now than Ancient God Jailsea. It was precisely for this reason that Zhao Feng dared to challenge her.

“Go!” Ancient God Ice Jade waved her hand, sending a black shark engulfed in a snowstorm rushing at the Eye of Heaven in the sky.

“Earthshaking Nova!” The Eye of Heaven gathered up chaotic energy into a massive ball.

Boom! Bang!

The two clashed, and the black shark furiously roared as it exuded wave after wave of energy to resist the damage of the Earthshaking Nova.

At the same time, a ripple of Eye Intent appeared nearby. A moment later, a black draconic flame spewed out

“Ancient Soul Race! Giant God Race!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon laughed as its black flame grew larger and larger, eventually becoming a black sun that sent Destructive flames sweeping through the world.

As the flames weakened, a pitch-black dragon five to six thousand feet long slowly emerged.

“This energy…!”

“What a powerful bloodline! Even stronger than the Giant God Race!”

Everyone had their attention drawn to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

“Black Destruction Serpent Dragon… Destruction Dragon Race!” Xin Wuheng was stunned.

He naturally recognized this black serpent dragon as the one from the Divine Illusion Dimension. He just hadn’t expected that Zhao Feng would have tamed the black serpent dragon. In addition, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s bloodline had gotten even thicker, and its serpent dragon body had evolved into the body of a true dragon.

“Destruction Dragon Race!?” the others also called out in surprise.

The Destruction Dragon Race was ranked 9th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and was one of the most frightening races when it came to fighting power. If not for the fact that this Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was only a Rank Eight Ancient God, the Ancient Soul Hall members would have already lost the will to fight.

“Destruction Dragon Breath!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon immediately began to brashly spew out black and red flames.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had reached Rank Eight some time ago, and after reaching this level, Zhao Feng granted it many resources. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was now only one step away from the peak of Rank Eight.


A massive black and red ball of flame – a miniature sun – went about setting the entire world aflame.

Although it was only Rank Eight, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s bloodline made its attacks exceptionally powerful.

“Water Lightning Illusion Prison!” The Eye of Heaven released a binding-type illusion eye-bloodline technique. A green-blue Water Lightning energy immediately wrapped around Ancient God Ice Jade, the Illusion power seeping into her body.

“Ten Thousand Li of Ice!” Ancient God Ice Jade coldly snorted, and a bone-freezing chill began to slowly eat away at the ball of fire.

A few moments later, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s Destruction Dragon Breath were both easily undone.

Half-step God Lords truly are extraordinary! Zhao Feng was internally extremely agitated.

Fighting with a half-step God Lord was truly too scary. And this was when Ancient God Ice Jade was heavily injured and not in peak condition!


The black shark received Ancient God Ice Jade’s orders and continued to attack the Eye of Heaven.

“Play with my pet for a while!” Zhao Feng sneered as he used Spatial Shift to send out the little thieving cat. Meow!

The little thieving cat immediately extended two paws. In a flash of dazzling silver runes, a silver cat phantom lunged out. This silver cat gradually grew larger until it was even larger than the shark, and then it lunged forward.

“That’s the secret bloodline art of the Ancient Soul Race, the Soul Devouring Strike!” Ancient God Ice Jade stared in shock at the little thieving cat.

But after unleashing this technique, the little thieving cat vanished.

“Oh no!” Ancient God Ice Jade suddenly noticed something.


The little thieving cat had appeared near her.

The little thieving cat extended its two paws. Its left paw sent out white halos of light while its right paw exuded gray ice.

When Ancient God Ice Jade was engulfed by the white halos, even though the power wasn’t that intense, she immediately felt her strength being restrained.

Meanwhile, the gray ice entered Ancient God Ice Jade’s body. She had not sensed any chill from this gray ice beforehand, but the moment it touched her, a freezing Ice energy began to spread through her body.

Even though Ancient God Ice Jade cultivated Ice Intent, she still could not help but shiver.

“These are the powers of the God Sealing Race and the Icedeep Race!” Ancient God Ice Jade called out in alarm. Just where did this little cat come from?


The little thieving cat made a strange face and then fled.

“Damn cat, where are you running!?” Ancient God Ice Jade, her expression gloomy, waved her hand, sending a massive mountain of ice toward the cat.

Although she was heavily injured and was currently being suppressed by the little thieving cat’s secret art, Ancient God Ice Jade’s attacks were still extremely powerful.

“God Eye Disintegration!” The Eye of Heaven instantly focused on Ancient God Ice Jade’s soul-freezing attack and unleashed a dreamy light.


The ice mountain’s power suddenly began to weaken.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Ice Jade was shocked. These people had given her far too many surprises today.

With the power of the attack weakened, the little thieving cat was able to escape back into the Sensory Tower and to the top floor.

At this moment:

“God Eye Duplication!” The Eye of Heaven suddenly released a dreamy mist. An extremely cold ice mountain flew out of the mist, whistling toward Ancient God Ice Jade.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation had advanced, and Ancient God Ice Jade’s attack just now was far inferior to Ancient God Jailsea’s Soul-Annihilating Roar, so duplicating it was somewhat easier.

“This… is that move Ancient God Jailsea talked about!” Ancient God Ice Jade’s eyes widened in surprise.

At this moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon used its Origin Destruction energy and unleashed a black-red dragon phantom, which charged at Ancient God Ice Jade.


Ancient God Ice Jade vanished beneath the two attacks.

Meanwhile, Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount had forced Ancient God Mu Yu to flee. The two of them then immediately went to help Xin Wuheng.

Ancient God Jailsea was immediately plunged into a perilous situation. He was prepared to go to the aid of Ancient God Ice Jade when he suddenly realized that Zhao Feng had succeeded in temporarily restraining her.

This is simply inconceivable. How could a half-step God Lord be restrained by a peak Rank Eight Ancient God?

Although Zhao Feng had many tricks up his sleeve and even helpers like the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and the little thieving cat, it still shouldn’t have been the case!

“Ancient God Jailsea, you’ll be losing this time as well!” Xin Wuheng suddenly began to harness the boundless energy of the world. Together with the other Giant God Race members, he filled the sky with palms and fists of energy that threatened to engulf Ancient God Jailsea.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Jailsea was somewhat pale.

Two half-step God Lords were actually no match for Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng’s team. Of course, the primary reason was that Zhao Feng managed to suppress Ancient God Ice Jade, which was something that no one expected.

On the top floor of the Sensory Tower, the little thieving cat retook control.

The little thieving cat had reached the highest level of authority over the Sensory Tower and could now push the range to ten million li.

Suddenly, three white spots of light appeared at the edge of the Sensory Tower’s range.


In a flash of white light, the nonagon began to magnify the region around those three dots of light Two members of Ancient Soul Hall and one handsome and elegant youth were rapidly making their way to the Sensory Tower.

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