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king Of Gods - S01 E1379

Story 1 year ago

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Holding One’s Head High

“This energy… not good!” Ancient God Ice Jade grimaced.

These two energies were both full of the Giant God Race’s bloodline energy, and one of them had reached Rank Nine.

Based on what she knew, only Xin Wuheng was a Rank Nine Ancient God among the team the Giant God Race had sent to this place, but now, there was another one.

At this moment, Xin Wuheng charged forward, his body brimming with enormous bloodline and physical power. Now that all the traps had ceased functioning, Xin Wuheng had no obstacles.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, two figures flew down from the top floor.

“Lord Wuheng, we’ve come to help you!” Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount had joyful looks on their faces.

“Die!” Ancient God Resplendence bellowed, her two palms unleashing palm after palm of sharp Wind energy.

When choosing cultivation resources, Ancient God Resplendence had obtained the third Nine Lotus Jade Life Flower, so she had directly broken into Rank Nine. In addition, the Celestial Blood Glass Fruit had caused her bloodline to evolve and greatly increased her strength.

In addition, that Nine Lotus Jade Life Flower had nine lotus leaves, making it a perfect resource for those seeking to break into Rank Nine. Not only had Ancient God Resplendence broken through, she was able to establish an extremely firm foundation.

As for Ancient God Sundermount, he had smoothly broken into the peak of Rank Eight and had an enormous chance of breaking into Rank Nine in the future.

“How could this be? They…” Ancient God Mu Yu and the peak Rank Eight Ancient God were both rather alarmed.

Not only had Xin Wuheng broken into peak Rank Nine, but the other two members of the Giant God Race had their own minor breakthroughs. The entire team had received a boost in strength.

“You said just now that we couldn’t do anything to you. Let’s verify if those words are correct,” Xin Wuheng indifferently said as Five Elements Intent slowly began to revolve around him.

“Five Elements Law-Shattering Palm!” Xin Wuheng suddenly raised his palm, where five vortexes, each a different color, were spinning around his fingers. Each vortex contained a different kind of Intent energy.

He unleashed this grandiose palm of five light vortexes. The massive energy contained in this palm could destroy everything, and wherever it passed, snow and ice would be obliterated.

Boom! Bang!

The five-colored palm crashed into the ice mountain, immediately destroying more than half of it, and now it was in the middle of mowing down the rest.

“Don’t even think about it!” Ancient God Ice Jade’s face turned cold as she began to constantly wave her hands. She sent wave after wave of icy wind into the icy mountain in an attempt to hold back Xin Wuheng’s assault.

“Break!” Xin Wuheng roared, more Five Elements energy gathering into the five-vortex palm.

Boom! Bang!

The five-vortex palm instantly pulverized the ice mountain and rumbled toward Ancient God Ice Jade.

“This Xin Wuheng might have just broken into peak Rank Nine, but his understanding has already reached that of an ordinary half-step God Lord….” Ancient God Ice Jade’s expression darkened. She was no longer Xin Wuheng’s opponent in a clash of Divine Power attacks.

As a member of the Ancient Soul Race though, she naturally would not just clash with Xin Wuheng in Divine Power forever.

Ancient God Ice Jade waved a hand, immediately creating an ice storm that blocked the five-vortex palm. Suddenly, a sharp white awl shot out of the ice storm.

“Soul-Sealing Awl!”

This white awl was suffused with dreadful cold energy. Even before it struck him, Xin Wuheng could already feel a stabbing cold in his soul.

But at this moment, a silver eye appeared above Xin Wuheng, crackling with Tribulation Lightning energy.


A Tribulation Lightning Flame rumbled toward the icy awl.

“Damn! That brat…!” Ancient God Ice Jade’s gaze turned cold in fury.

If she engaged in a long-distance battle against Xin Wuheng using soul attacks, her chances of victory would be higher. But in Xin Wuheng’s team was Zhao Feng, who was skilled in the Soul Dao.

Back then, Ancient God Jailsea had lost to the combined assault of Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng. Ancient God Jailsea had said before that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline techniques were extremely strange and that she had to be careful around them.


Xin Wuheng charged ahead. Ancient God Ice Jade’s soul attack had been greatly weakened by Zhao Feng’s Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame, so Xin Wuheng was able to ignore it.


Xin Wuheng once more condensed five vortices in his palm and unleashed his attack.

“No, I can’t get in a direct clash with him!” Ancient God Ice Jade immediately began to retreat.

Xin Wuheng was a member of the Giant God Race, so the consequences of close combat with him were too gruesome to imagine.

“Wind Walks the Nine Heavens!” Wind gusted around Xin Wuheng’s body, and he instantly began to stride through the air like it was solid ground, brimming with a graceful energy.

In terms of speed, he still wasn’t necessarily comparable to a half-step God Lord, but in terms of movement techniques, no one present could compare to Xin Wuheng.

On the other end, Ancient God Sundermount and Ancient God Resplendence began to battle with the other two members of Ancient Soul Hall. Although they had only just broken through, their foundations were extremely stable. They were stronger than normal, allowing them to deal with their opponents.

“Elder!” Ancient God Mu Yu suddenly realized that Ancient God Ice Jade was falling back in the face of Xin Wuheng and called out in alarm as he followed.

“Damn! This fellow’s movement techniques are too profound!” Ancient God Ice Jade grimaced.

This area was too narrow and Xin Wuheng’s movement technique too profound, making it impossible for her to create much distance. Moreover, Zhao Feng was still hiding in the shadows, so if she used a soul attack, Zhao Feng would act to block it.

“Let’s retreat from this place!” Ancient God Ice Jade immediately messaged the others.

“Okay!” Ancient God Mu Yu and the peak Rank Eight Ancient God nodded.

The narrow confines of this area truly did restrict the power of the Ancient Soul Race. The Sensory Tower was also under the Giant God Race’s control. They would always feel uneasy while fighting in their enemy’s territory.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Ancient Soul Hall trio immediately prepared to fall back.

“After them!” Xin Wuheng yelled.

They couldn’t let these three enemies run. Their team’s location had already been exposed, and if there were still other members of Ancient Soul Hall in this dimension, they would definitely be making their way over. Thus, the Giant God Race team was still in danger and still needed to flee for their lives.

However, if they fled immediately, Ancient God Ice Jade and her team would doggedly pursue them, so fleeing now was pointless. This meant that they had to make Ancient God Ice Jade and Ancient God Jailsea incapable of chasing them before they could finally escape, and now was an excellent chance. They could not just let Ancient God Ice Jade go.

“Haha, where are you running!?” Ancient God Sundermount laughed, a surge of pleasure running through his heart.

Whenever they encountered an Ancient Soul Hall team before, they could only run. But this time, it was Ancient Soul Hall that was fleeing.

“In speed, your Giant God Race can’t keep up with us.” Ancient God Mu Yu sneered.

At this moment:

“Is that so?” A voice resounded in the soul dimension.


A dreamy silver eye suddenly appeared in front of the Ancient Soul Hall trio. A dreamy mist surged out, and the eye created a multicolored maze that exuded a powerful attractive force.

“Watch out!” Ancient God Ice Jade immediately called out.

But her warning was completely meaningless; the souls of Ancient God Mu Yu and the peak Rank Eight Ancient God were immediately sucked in and bound by that undefiable strength. One could clearly see that a part of their souls had already been pulled away.

“Zhao Feng…!” Ancient God Ice Jade’s face was a sheet of ice as she gnashed her teeth.

As a member of a race skilled in the Soul Dao and a half-step God Lord, Ancient God Ice Jade was extremely resistant to Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye. At this moment, she could attack Zhao Feng’s Space Transference Eye and stop the Gaze of the God Eye.

But she had no time to attack Zhao Feng.

“Giant God Finger!”


Behind her, a massive bolt of finger energy infused with astonishing physical strength shot forward.

“Annihilating Flower Palm!”

“Heavy Earth God Fist!”

Ancient God Resplendence and Ancient God Sundermount both launched powerful attacks at Ancient God Ice Jade.

“Damn, these people…!” Ancient God Ice Jade appeared slightly panicked.

Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng had perfect teamwork. It was clear that they had already discussed their strategy. Zhao Feng’s Gaze of the God Eye was only effective against Rank Nine and lower, but it had no effect on Ancient God Ice Jade. Meanwhile, Xin Wuheng’s team could attack Ancient God Ice Jade without worrying about the other two. If this went on, the Gaze of the God Eye would not be interrupted, so the three members of the Giant God Race would have the absolute advantage while fighting Ancient God Ice Jade.


The three attacks of the Giant God Race simultaneously landed on Ancient God Ice Jade.

Ancient God Ice Jade was already disadvantaged when it came to Divine Power in a duel with Xin Wuheng, let alone against three members of the Giant God Race.

“Ancient Soul Body Transfer!” Just when the attacks were about to land, Ancient God Ice Jade used her secret bloodline art.

A moment later, her body became black and translucent, as if it had been entirely converted into a soul body.

Although these attacks could also affect the soul, since they were still Divine Power attacks, they could not deal much damage to the soul. In addition, the souls of the Ancient Soul Race were already extremely tough. When using this secret art, they could block fatal attacks from experts one minor level above theirs.


The attacks of the trio passed right through Ancient God Ice Jade. Using this chance, Ancient God Ice Jade waved her hand, sending a black shark covered in a snowstorm charging upward.

A moment later, Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent and his God’s Spiritual Eye suffered a massive impact, and his eye-bloodline technique was interrupted.

“Let’s go!” Ancient God Ice Jade was slightly pale as she called out.

The secret art just how had nullified most of the damage, but there was still some damage inflicted to her soul.

“After them!” The three members of the Giant God Race immediately set off in pursuit.

The air was filled with palms and fingers, all of them shooting toward the Ancient Soul Hall trio. Zhao Feng would occasionally use his Space Transference Eye to use offensive eye-bloodline techniques or illusion arts.

Their target was Ancient God Ice Jade, but since it was just one target, it was easy for others to get caught up in the attacks as well. The two Ancient Gods next to Ancient God Ice Jade were caught in the crossfire.

“No…!” The peak Rank Eight Ancient God was killed by the ripples from the attacks of the Giant God Race.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ancient God Ice Jade and Ancient God Mu Yu escaped from the Sensory Tower, much worse for wear. Ancient God Ice Jade was pale, her soul body having sustained significant wounds. Ancient God Mu Yu was also covered in wounds and was even missing an arm.

“Ancient God Ice Jade, what’s going on?” Ancient God Jailsea immediately rushed up.

He seemed concerned on the surface, but he was inwardly jeering. When Ancient God Jailsea failed, Ancient God Ice Jade treated him with little regard, but now…

“Relax, with the two of us, they won’t dare to come out, nor can they escape!” Ancient God Jailsea faintly smiled.

The team he had led also lost to Xin Wuheng’s group, so for Ancient God Ice Jade’s team to also be defeated was completely expected for him. But if the two of them worked together, the situation would be entirely different.


But before Ancient God Jailsea could finish speaking, several powerful auras emerged from the Sensory Tower entrance. Then, the three members of the Giant God Race charged out!

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