Betrayer in disguise

3 weeks ago



My cousin o my very favorite, she just landed from Cameroon, Favour replied.

“Really, so you’ll be seeing her tomorrow? I asked.

“Sure and we are going together, Favour replied.

“With my face? Oh no, I said.

“Why nau? Is it not the same face you are using to walk on the road? Please you will escort me o or else I won’t go, Favour said with a frown that made me laughed.

“Okay fine but I won’t stay long okay, I accepted and she smiled crossing her hands on me as she talked more of her cousin.

I got home, and the first thing everyone saw was my eyes.

My mom practically stood up from where she sat to touch my face as I walked in,

“Joan, what is this na? My mom asked turning my face clockwise and anticlockwise.

Betrayer in disguise - S01

Betrayer in disguise - S01

3 weeks ago