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After filling his people’s head with his poisonous ideas, they too followed him and began to attack other nations, The Goblins were creatures who had the ability to control and produce fire at will, so Omhigan combined his people’s magic powers and created a weapon called ” Burning Star” What which had the devastating power of Cataclysm, a power so destructive it destroyed the entire nations in one sweep.. But the creation of the “Burning star ” came with a heavy price and that was the lives of his own people, immediately the Cataclysm was activated his people were gone as well.

The Survivors of the Cataclysm united and defeated Omhigan once and of all and that was how the Goblin nation became extinct and peace had returned at last. But hundreds of years after The Great war, The nations started fighting amongst themselves and they were divided, many lives and clans were lost as result of this conflict .. The nations that fought bitterly with each other were the vampires and the werewolves, who massacred each other for hundreds of years..

Almost on the brink of Extinction, One Wizard named Orlando, suggested a peace treaty between them and offered a solution which might unite them once again and that solution was the creation of school were every nation would attend and socialize with one another, Everyone agreed except the Vampires and werewolves who still hated each other so much.. Tired of the mass killings they too finally agreed to the peace treaty but they still hated each other… Along the line, something happened that led to the discovery of a long hidden secret that would change the lives of everyone forever……….


🐞 GWEN 🐞

Present day New-york

( United states 2021)

Being a vampire can be sure tiring and exhausting.. What’s the use of having powers if you don’t use them.. Oh sorry…. My name’s Gwendolyn Romanov, daughter of Derrick Romanov.. Our family is one of the most influential and feared families in the vampire clan,… The vampire clan has 4 families that rivalled each other for power and control, not through conflict but through politics .

They are :

– Lionheart family

– Kraken family

– Wallenstein family

– and lastly the Romanov family which is us.

Don’t let the name fool you… I’m fully American but our family has ties with Russia so…. Anyways as I was saying, these are the four families that each have power and influence in the vampire clan, although there was one vampire family called the Dracs, they were descendants of the famous legendary vampire, Count Dracula. They used to be the most power vampire family but now they’re no more, they went into extinction due to their vicious conflict with their sworn enemy which was the Hellsing family of the human race, They fought and fought and fought until both parties wiped each other out, but that was hundreds of years ago.

I have to admit though there are times when being a vampire is fun, cause there’s a lot of advantages…

-First there’s the immortality.

-Second is the use of little magic, such as brainwashing and transform or bending the elements.

-Lastlly, there’s the super strength, hearing, healing and best of all speed.

But despite this qualities, There are some few setbacks. The problem with us vampire is that we tend to make foolish and stupid rules that tends to dull one’s life.. And the worst part is we have this obnoxious pride pretending we’re better and more civilized than everyone..

Other nations have their own rules but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying the good things in life.. Every day I would watch the other clans with jealousy in my eyes seeing how much fun they are having with their lives.

My father Derrick who’s nothing more than a bore suggested that anything fun was just a waste of time and potential, Even my siblings too agreed to this stupid ideology and followed every stupid rule that was laid down by my father , I was the only one different in the house and then I began to regret why I was born into this ridiculous family. It would surprise you to know the rules That we vampires are forced to follow.


-The first rule was no Vampire should socialize with anyone except for their kind but this rule didn’t last, cause it was canceled.

– The second rule was no Vampire should be seen helping beings from other nations. Whether financially or through any other means.

– The third rule was no vampire shall be allowed to marry who they choose, except those that are chosen by their parents. How lame is that?


There were so many lame rules that I just couldn’t tolerate them but there was one rule that was taken very seriously and that rule was avoiding contact with the werewolves.. Anyone who broke this rule would be punished and as such will be banished from the Vampire nation.

To be honest, I never considered taken this rule seriously, Why can’t we just make up and settle our differences with the werewolves, it’s been so many years now and we’re still hating each other, other nations have settled their biffs and they’re progressing, why can’t we do the same?

I’ve heard stories of some Vampires and werewolves who had romantic relationships but nothing was ever heard from them ever again, in fact they were either missing or have disappeared without a trace.

Many times I’ve tried to bring up this idea of werewolves and us settling our affairs but I was too scared to do that, so I kept my mouth shut so that I wouldn’t get into trouble, but the one thing I didn’t do was follow those stupid rules, So before my 18th birthday I began to break all those stupid rules with the exception of Werewolf rule, while my siblings were making their lives miserable and boring, I was out there living the good life.

Life is short and I intended to live it to the fullest and speaking of Life, the maturation age of a Vampire is quite complicated.

We grow and develop like other creatures but unlike them, we don’t age too fast.. The witches and werewolves too don’t age drastically like the humans, They too take time before they grow older.. Like for instance, I look like any 20 year old human female but I’m actually 150 years of age and most of my friends now are either very old or dead, I’ve had countless human friends in the past but now they’re all dead, all I see is their great grand children, so I decided to stop befriend humans but be socializing with Witches.

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