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On the day of university registration, the unexpected things happened again.

Yin Susu's woman is actually the one who got the highest score in that university. She is an outstanding talent that all famous universities are competing for.

Yin Susu not only has a good family background and studies well, but also looks good.

Yin Susu has everything. AI Xiaoman can't imagine that he is such an excellent person. Why come to rob her Jimo brother?

What makes AI Xiaoman even colder is not that he is inferior to Yin Susu in everything, but Shen Jimo.

On the opening day, she was very happy to see Shen Jimo come to pick her up.

But she never thought that when Shen Jimo took over her salute, when she was happy to see him

He even said to her, "Xiaoman, that's my favorite girl, Yin Susu. She's going to be a sister-in-law in the future, and she needs to have a good relationship with her."

She doesn't like it. She hates

But she knew that she did not win in front of such an excellent Yin Susu, so she tried to make friends with Yin Susu to achieve her goal.

As expected, her plan was successful. She got the chance to be an exchange student through Yin Susu's relationship, and she also became the envy of everyone.

This time, when she came back, she thought she could drive Yin Susu away. She thought she could be with Shen Jimo forever.

It was Shen Jimo who broke her dream mercilessly.

"Brother Jimo, I love you! All I do is because of my love. I want to be with you forever! " AI Xiaoman knows that if she doesn't make it clear, she will never have a chance to say it again.

"Go away!" Shen Jimo replied that she was still a cold and heartless word.

AI Xiaoman knows that he doesn't have a chance to turn over the dish. He has no chance to turn over the dish in his life.

She shuffled her weak legs out of the opportunity clinic.

It was sunny outside, but she didn't feel warm at all.

Broken dream, where should she go?


Suddenly someone called her name behind her. She thought it was Shen Jimo who came after her. Suddenly she turned around and saw a man's face that was too different from Shen Jimo's.

It's Wang Qiming, the dean of her university.

AI Xiaoman tried to cover up her disappointment, tried to smile, and tried not to lose face in front of their common acquaintances: "it turned out to be Mr. Wang Xuechang. It's a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet him here."

"That's true. I haven't seen beauty for years. " Wang Qiming politely greets AI Xiaoman, looking left and right. "Do you see Su Su? She said to meet me at the airport. I've been waiting for a long time, but I haven't seen her yet. "

It's Yin Su Su Su again!

It's that damned Yin Susu again!

She still thought that some people remembered her after several years of University, but she didn't expect that they just asked her about Yin Susu.

"Sorry, I didn't see it." AI Xiaoman turns around with a smile. After turning around, tears can no longer be controlled.

Why has she been working hard, but has she lost?


Airport infirmary.

After seeing the situation of Yin Susu, the doctor told Shen Jimo that the problem was not serious and she would wake up in a moment.

Shen Jimo sits beside Yin Susu's hospital bed, his big palm is gently pasted on her forehead, two eyes fall on her face, like strong glue, which can't be moved.

After staring at her for a long time, he slowly said: "Yin Susu, do I know how much I love?"

Love to the words and deeds are affected by her, love to the day she does not jump in front of him, he will feel that his world has no color.

He gently held her hand: "ask me nothing, and you can tell that I love another woman. Do I, Shen Jimo, think that I, Shen Jimo, am with you because of the power of the Yin family? "

He admits that the Shen family is just a general businessman, and there is no way to compare it with the Yin family, but he has enough ability to make her live as rich as the Yin family.

In college, he started his own business and got good grades.

After graduation, he worked harder to expand the company again and again.

He works so hard to tell her that she has no wrong vision and that he is a man she can rely on for life.

But what about her?

She never seemed to believe that he could give her happiness by his own efforts.

She tried again and again to help him with the Yin family's contacts. He said he didn't need it, but she didn't listen. She told him to give up all the business related to the Yin family.

Jingling bell - < br > < br > the mobile phone in Yin Susu's bag suddenly rings, breaking Shen Jimo's mind.

He took out his mobile phone and saw that the caller ID showed three words of Wang Qiming. How could Wang Qiming call at this time?

Shen Jimo frowned displeased: "what's the matter?"

The cold three words made Wang Qiming at the other end of the phone very dissatisfied: "Hello, old Shen, we have been friends for many years. Even if I let the woman come to the airport to pick me up, I don't need this tone."

"Does she come to the airport to pick up?" Shen Jimo smiled bitterly. He longed for Yin Susu to come to the airport for him today.

"Who else can I pick up? Are you afraid that our Miss Yin San will run away with other men? " Wang Qiming said with a smile, "let's put ten thousand hearts in it. She loves her heart to the core and kills her. She won't run away with others."

Does she really love him?

She often said that she loved him, but she didn't trust him. Most of the time, he felt that this woman was just to enjoy conquering him.

Wang Qiming's voice came again: "by the way, have you arrived at the airport? I have been waiting for a long time."

Shen Jimo: "didn't tell me to pick it up again."

Wang Qiming cried angrily, "Hello, I called Su Su. Do you know?"

"She didn't tell me." In the past, Yin Susu would tell him everything she did. Even if she went to buy a dress, she would call him and nag him. In her words, she wanted him to think about her all the time.

But I don't know when, what she will do will never tell him, she will not pester him "So they stood me up? Shen Jimo and Yin Susu are really friends. I tell you, if you don't come to pick me up, I'll break up with you two. " He didn't know until today that these two guys are still angry with each other.

"Come to the airport clinic." With that, Shen Jimo hung up.

"Infirmary? What happened to Susu? " Just now, he was angry. At the thought that Yin Susu might be ill, Wang Qiming had nothing left but worry.

He hurried to the infirmary immediately. When he arrived, he saw Yin Susu lying on the bed. He looked discontentedly at Shen Jimo: "did you bully her?"

Shen Jimo didn't speak. Wang Qiming said, "old Shen, what's going on?"

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