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What Shen Jimo said scares AI Xiaoman's face green: "brother Jimo, I was picked up by Shen's mother. Without her, I would not have known where to die. How could I have nothing to do with the Shen family. "

Shen Jimo's face was gloomy, and his voice was as cold as ice for thousands of years: "what else do you know is that my mother picked it up? But what have you done in these years? "

"Jimo, I, what did I do?" AI Xiaoman spoke with trepidation.

Her best way is to pretend to be pitiful and show sympathy to others. At the same time, she squeezed out two tears and looked at Shen Jimo pitifully.

Unexpectedly, Shen Jimo didn't eat her at all. Instead of pitying her, his eyes were full of disgust that AI Xiaoman never saw.

He hates her.

This cognition makes AI Xiaoman's heart suddenly collapse. Shen Jimo is her dream for so many years. She tries to do so many things just to be with him.

How can he hate her. She never allowed: "brother Jimo, what have I done since I arrived at Shen's house? When I was a child, I didn't study well, but I tried my best to get into a good university, so I didn't lose face with Shen's mother. All these years, that's what I've done. "

"That's what we're doing?" Shen Jimo smiled coldly, his smile was full of contempt and disgust. "Ai Xiaoman, do you want me to tell you one by one? Thought I didn't know what I said to Susu? "

A few years ago, when AI Xiaoman was talking to Yin Susu in the coffee shop, Shen Jimo was nearby.

He didn't come out to stop it because he thought that Yin Susu would believe his feelings for her and would never be affected by AI Xiaoman's words, but he never thought that Yin Susu really compromised.

If Yin Susu knew him a little bit, if she could believe his feelings for her a little more, she would not make such a decision.

But Yin Susu didn't. She believed in AI Xiaoman and thought his real love was AI Xiaoman.

She would rather believe an outsider who had nothing to do with her than ask him what he thought.

Over the years, he was angry that Yin Susu didn't believe his feelings for her. He was angry that she could bargain as a commodity.

But no matter how angry, the woman's position in his heart was not affected at all.

He is angry, angry Yin Susu thinks he doesn't love her, angry she tries to play a trick on him, but she doesn't want to ask, does he love her or not?

Today, on the way, Yin Susu was stopped by someone. He knew that it was not her fault. He deliberately angered her and hoped that she could explain to him that things were not what he imagined.

But she admitted.

Her broken pot attitude made him very angry.

"Brother Jimo, did Su Su tell you something?" It must be that bad woman Yin Susu said something bad about her in front of Shen Jimo's face. Otherwise, brother Jimo would never do this to her.

"Brother Jimo, don't listen to her one-sided words, but also listen to my explanation." AI Xiaoman anxiously drags Shen Jimo. Before he touches his sleeve, he is frightened to stop all the movements by his cold and fierce eyes.

"She never said anything to me." He hoped that Yin Susu would tell him, but Yin Susu never thought that he could rely on him, never thought that he would be on her side. "Jimo elder brother, if it's because I made a conflict with Susu. Let me explain to her, as long as I make it clear to her, she will forgive. " Shen Jimo can't do it here, so she can only use the old method to continue to do it from Yin Susu.

"Go away!" Shen Jimo angrily said, "I warn you not to appear next to Su Su again. If you dare to bite your tongue in front of her again, I will make life worse than death."

"Brother Jimo......"

"Go away!"

AI Xiaoman thought that she could go back to Shen Jimo's side when she returned home this time. She never thought that her plan had been lost before she started.

Lose so thoroughly.

She doesn't want to go. She still wants to stay with Shen Jimo. I'm afraid she can look at him more. But Shen Jimo's disgust for her in his eyes is so real.

She didn't want to see it, let alone believe that he would be so cruel to her.

At that time, she was still a child who didn't understand. She was rejected as a girl by her family, so she left her alone. It was Shen Jimo who took her home and took care of her as her own sister.

In their mother and son's body, she realized the warmth of the home, she is also Shen Jimo as a brother to rely on.

With the growth of age, Shen Jimo is becoming more and more excellent and handsome. No matter where he goes, it is a beautiful scenery that can not be ignored.

He can enter the best school in the country if he studies hard at will. In order to catch up with him, she studies hard day and night. She just got into the university where he is.

Over the years, she has been working hard and has been afraid to slow down, because she knows that once she fails to keep up with his pace, she will not have the opportunity to stand beside him.

She knew that her feelings for him had changed.

Just as she tried to prepare for the college entrance examination and thought that she could go to the same school with him again next semester, he sent a message to her that he had a girl he liked.

That day, it was a fine day. She was reviewing. For the first time, she received the message from him. It was only two sentences, but she still read Shen Jimo's mood between the lines.

It was the happiest time she had known him.

He said: "Xiaoman, I met a girl today. The first time I saw her, I knew she was the girl I was looking for in my life. Study hard, and I'll meet her with you when I go to the University of God. "

At that time, she only felt a thunderbolt split on her head, and the sunny day suddenly turned into a rainy day, and the strength of her body was suddenly drained.

She thought, if she had confessed to Shen Jimo earlier, would he be able to accept her, and would he not fall in love with other girls

But she also knew that there was no if in the world. She was a little late in expressing her love, so this time she lost before she started.

Later, she learned from the information Shen Jimo sent her that the girl he liked was Yin Susu. She went to check the background of Yin Susu and learned that this Yin Susu was the Yin Susu of the Yin family who was entitled to power by the emperor.

Compared with the silver of Yin's family, she won't win at all, but she doesn't want to admit defeat so easily. She should take back the things that belong to her by her own efforts.

From that day on, she worked harder. She must let Shen Jimo see that she is good. Her family background is not as good as Yin Susu, but she can learn to be better than Yin Susu. Her appearance is not bad, and she should be better than Yin Susu.

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