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However, Yin Susu can't refute AI Xiaoman's words because they are the facts. It is true that many people can't compare her birth.

But she didn't work hard because of her good birth. The famous schools scrambled for her, not because of her good family conditions, but because she was the best student in this class.

AI Xiaoman suddenly smiled and said: "I know I like Jimo and want to be with him. Yin Susu, I like him too. I want to be with him, too. There's everything. Why do you rob my man? "

"What's the man who robbed?" Yin Susu said displeased, "Ai Xiaoman, I remember telling me in person that I had no relationship with Shen Jimo just because of my brother and sister. It was reassuring me to pursue him."

AI Xiaoman said in a low voice: "Yin Susu, if I don't tell you that, will I still be my friend? Can I still get close to it? "

"Don't like me, why do you want to be friends with me? Why approach me? " Yin Susu really doesn't understand AI Xiaoman's logic. He doesn't like that a person should avoid it. If he can't see, he will disappear.

Then why does Ai Xiaoman want to approach her and make friends with her?

Yin Susu looks at the strange AI Xiaoman.

AI Xiaoman gave her the answer: "because only in this way can I get closer to my dream..."

Yin Susu is more unknown. Why is AI Xiaoman closer to her dream?

She's not an angel. She can help people fulfill their dreams.

AI Xiaoman quickly solved the doubts of signing Yin Susu: "Yin Susu, it's not important for me to study abroad, but it's very important for me." It's clear that AI Xiaoman no longer conceals himself: "studying abroad is my dream. Give me the chance to be an exchange student, and I'll give Shen Jimo. I promise that I will not return to China in the future. Even if I return to China, I will not see Shen Jimo. "

Yin Susu finally understood that AI Xiaoman knew that her own academic achievements were very common in their school, and her family conditions were not good. She wanted to study abroad only by herself.

AI Xiaoman has been thinking about Yin Susu from the very beginning. It turns out that AI Xiaoman has been counting on her since the day she entered school. She is a fool who really treats AI Xiaoman as a friend.

What's more funny is that Shen Jimo is her boyfriend now. Why does AI Xiaoman say she gave Shen Jimo to her?

"Give me Shen Jimo?" Yin Susu suddenly felt funny. Why did her boyfriend ask others to let her? "Ai Xiaoman, Shen Jimo and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. I love him. He loves me. Why should he let me?"

"By what?" AI Xiaoman sneers, "it's just because I persuade Jimo to get in touch with him, and it's because I quit on my own initiative that we will be together."

AI Xiaoman knows that this negotiation with Yin Susu is her only chance. She missed this chance. She will never be a human being in her life. She must catch Yin Susu's weakness and kill her.

"Yin Susu, if I didn't take the initiative to quit, Jimo brother would not be able to communicate with him. In the end, Yin Susu is just a substitute for treating emotional injury after he was dumped by me."

"Ai Xiaoman, I thought I would believe what I said?" Yin Susu doesn't believe AI Xiaoman's words, but she feels uneasy.

Once planted, the restless seeds will germinate and grow.

AI Xiaoman knows how much yin Susu loves Shen Jimo. The deeper he loves, the more afraid he is of losing. Yin Susu will not allow any possibility to damage her relationship with Shen Jimo. AI Xiaoman takes advantage of the victory and pursues: "you can not believe my character, but you should believe my ideal and ambition. Studying abroad is my dream. I will not come back when I go out. If I don't come back and Shen Jimo doesn't see me, he will gradually forget that we once had a relationship, which can be consolidated. "

Yin Susu is reluctant to be separated from Shen Jimo. She didn't plan to go abroad to be an exchange student, but before she could tell the school leaders, AI Xiaoman found her.

As AI Xiaoman expected, Yin Susu loves Shen Jimo so much that she is willing to give everything for him. She does not allow any unrest between her and Shen Jimo.

The devil sent Yin Susu to agree with AI Xiaoman, and he also used his family relationship to find help. Finally, AI Xiaoman, who had no chance to win, achieved the goal of becoming an exchange student.

Yin Susu never thought of AI Xiaoman who said he would never return to China.

No, she should have expected that AI Xiaoman, a woman who is not trustworthy, can't believe anything she says.

She is too stupid!

Looking at the disgusting Shen Jimo and AI Xiaoman in front of her, Yin Susu felt a stronger convulsion in her stomach. She didn't want to continue to be disgusted, so she turned around and left decisively.

Unexpectedly, just as she turned around, the pain of stomach convulsion came like a flood, and her eyes were black and unconscious.

Before losing consciousness, she vaguely heard Shen Jimo calling her name, but it didn't matter. Her heart was dead.

"Yin Susu!" Shen Jimo rushes to the airport, grabs Yin Susu's body and rushes to the emergency center.

This damned woman, this temperament is always so strong, it hurts like this, and she doesn't know what to say.

AI Xiaoman looks at Shen Jimo's back holding Yin Susu, struggling to run. He is really jealous

Even though she and Shen Jimo grew up together, Shen Jimo never held her or even held her hand.

He always told her that she was his sister.

He has always done the same, caring about her as a sister, and never gave her any illusions.

But he is such a good boy. He is considerate to her. How can she not be moved by him?

AI Xiaoman takes a deep breath of cool air, conceals his jealousy and loss, and chases up with the box: "Jimo brother, Su Su, did she really faint?"

Shen Jimo's eyes were cold. This was the first time AI Xiaoman saw Shen Jimo's eyes were so terrible, as if she had never known him.

AI Xiaoman did not dare to say anything more. She followed Shen Jimo silently until Shen Jimo handed Yin Susu to the doctor. She tried to talk to him again: "brother Jimo, what happened to Su Su?"

"Ai Xiaoman, do you know why I came to pick it up this time?" Shen Jimo is called her name this time. Her voice is very cold.

Shen Jimo's indifferent attitude made AI Xiaoman tremble: "brother Jimo......" Shen Jimo said coldly, "Ai Xiaoman, I'm here to tell you that I'm an adult now, and I've got what I want, and I can support myself. I have nothing to do with our Shen family in the future."

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