My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1990

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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1990

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Yin Susu looks away and turns hard.

However, as soon as she stepped forward, she was stopped by AI Xiaoman behind her: "Susu, I didn't expect to come to pick me up. I'm really happy to see you on the first day when I return home."

"Miss AI, I didn't come to pick it up." Yin Susu doesn't hide his disgust for AI Xiaoman at all. He can't even pretend to be polite.

"Ha ha, I haven't seen you for many years. It's still so lovely." AI Xiaoman doesn't seem to see that Yin Susu hates her. She approaches Yin Susu with a smile and wants to give her a hug.

Yin Susu looks at Ai Xiaoman's open arms and quickly avoids.

She even looks at Ai Xiaoman and feels dirty. When she comes into contact with AI Xiaoman, Yin Susu worries about vomiting.

AI Xiaoman, who has always been very understanding of observation, doesn't seem to notice yinsusu's conflict. She approaches yinsusu again and forcibly holds yinsusu: "Susu, do you know why I came back at this time?"

AI Xiaoman's voice is warm and soft, just like her image.

But Yin Susu knows that AI Xiaoman is not what you see on the surface at all. She is just good at using her weak external image to confuse others.

The contact with AI Xiaoman's body made Yin Susu's stomach twitch. Before she could push AI Xiaoman away, she heard AI Xiaoman say, "Yin Susu, this time, no one can steal my Jimo brother from me."

"Brother Jimo? Don't worry. I don't want to give Shen Jimo to me now. " Yin Susu pushes AI Xiaoman aside and gives Shen Jimo and AI Xiaoman a cold and arrogant look. "They really make me sick."

Rob Shen Jimo?

Her Yin Susu has never been such a shameless person.

If it wasn't for AI Xiaoman who said that there was only brother and sister relationship between her and Shen Jimo, but never love between men and women, how could Yin Susu take the initiative to pursue Shen Jimo.

On the first day of meeting, AI Xiaoman took her and said that she was short and long. She admired Yin Susu very much and hoped to become friends with him.

Yin Susu didn't like AI Xiaoman at first sight, but because of her warm and gentle expression, she slowly accepted AI Xiaoman as a friend.

Later, AI Xiaoman took her and said to her, "Su Su, if you like Jimo, you should go after him. I have nothing to do with him but brother and sister."

Yin Susu likes Shen Jimo, but because she thinks Shen Jimo and AI Xiaoman are boyfriend and girlfriend, she always avoids Shen Jimo.

Wang Qiming and Shen Jimo offer her to go out to play. She always excuses that she has no time. If she can't go, she will try not to. She is afraid that she can't control herself and hurt other people's feelings.

Yin Susu never expected that Shen Jimo's "girlfriend" would tell her one day that AI Xiaoman and Shen Jimo are only brothers and sisters, and there is no love between men and women. AI Xiaoman also assured others to chase Shen Jimo boldly.

AI Xiaoman tells Shen Jimo that she is only a brother and sister, and Yin Susu has no worries. She boldly pursues the boy she likes.

Yin Susu remembered that it was a sunny day. She asked Shen Jimo to go to the school library.

She asked him, "Shen Jimo, do you have a girlfriend now?"

Shen Jimo looks at her with a smile: "not yet."

Yin Susu, who has always been bold, was also a little embarrassed by him, but she still summoned up her courage to say what she had wanted to say to him for a long time: "then can I be a girlfriend?"

"No way." Shen Jimo shakes his head and scares Yin Susu. She opens her mouth to ask him why he can't do it. Then she listens to him and says, "Yin Susu's classmates, it's better to leave the pursuit to boys."

"I......" Yin Susu is a little worried. She is afraid that Shen Jimo thinks she is a girl who is too active to be reserved.

Looking at Yin Susu's frustrated appearance, Shen Jimo smiles again: "Yin Susu, do you have a boyfriend?"

Yin Susu shakes her head stupidly.

Shen Jimo said, "can I be a boyfriend?"

Yin Susu had to shake his head again. After shaking twice, he realized something. He nodded: "yes! Of course I do! "

Since then, the two have made a formal contact and become a couple that many people admire.

Yin Susu always thought that she and Shen Jimo would get married and have a baby after they went to university. They lived an ordinary and happy life, but I don't know why, when they graduated from University, Shen Jimo suddenly changed.

Suddenly, he became as if she had never known him.

Before, she had never thought about why Shen Jimo had changed so suddenly. At this moment, she seemed to understand something.

Maybe it has something to do with AI Xiaoman.

In a trance, Yin Susu's ear seemed to ring the firm and heartless voice of AI Xiaoman when he asked her for conditions before studying abroad.

That day, AI Xiaoman asked her to go to a cafe near the school to talk to her.

Yin Susu and AI Xiaoman have lived together for four years. In addition, AI Xiaoman often helps Yin Susu and Shen Jimo together. Their relationship is good. They often have tea and chat together.

That day, when Yin Susu arrived, AI Xiaoman said, "Yin Susu, why do I look today?"

"What's the matter?" said Yin Susu

AI Xiaoman added: "I was born in a patriarchal family. I was abandoned by my family just because I was a girl. If it wasn't for Shen's mother to adopt me, I would have died."

"Xiaoman, I can't choose to be born. Don't think about the past." Yin Susu vaguely knows something about AI Xiaoman's birth, but she has never looked down upon AI Xiaoman because of her birth. "If you don't think about it, it doesn't exist?" AI Xiaoman glares at Yin Susu. "Yin Susu is different. He was born well and loved by his family. Good looking, good academic performance, where to go, are the flash of attention. Never know how bitter it is. "

Yin Susu: "..."

AI Xiaoman was born badly. What does it have to do with her? Why does she think AI Xiaoman is blaming her? AI Xiaoman added: "don't look at me with this kind of sympathetic eyes. I hate this kind of innocent sympathetic eyes most. We are all human beings. We can stand on a high place and look down on others, not because we have the ability, but because our birth is better than many people."

Yin Susu frowned displeased: "Xiaoman......" Before she said anything, AI Xiaoman interrupted her: "Yin Susu, what I've tried my best to strive for in my life is something that I can't strive for, and without any effort, someone will hold it in front of me."

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