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The owner's wife said while cleaning up: "he not only often comes to my shop for dinner, but also packs one to take away every time. The one he takes away must be clear soup. He said you can't eat spicy food if you have a bad stomach."

Yin Susu's stomach is not very good, but it's not as spicy as it is. Moreover, she has never eaten Shen Jimo's hand copied package.

Yin Susu thinks that Shen Jimo's hand copying must not have brought her: "how did he tell you to pack?"

"The landlady said with a smile," he said he would pack and bring it to his girlfriend. His girlfriend is not you

"Girlfriend." Yin Susu smiled and asked no more questions. Shen Jimo never thought of her as a girlfriend.

For him, she is more like a piece of dogskin plaster that can't be torn off. The landlady looked at Yin Susu and said: "I know you quarreled today. It's OK. Go back and have a good chat. Just say it. But you have to listen to my advice. I can't say any more hurtful words. The more a man loves you,

those who hurt will hurt him more deeply. "

Yin Susu doesn't understand why the landlady insists that Shen Jimo loves her. Does anyone else know Shen Jimo's feelings for her better than herself?

"Go to him quickly. Don't let him wait long." The landlady didn't say a word when she saw Yin Susu. She didn't say any more.

She took the leftover soup they hadn't finished and put it into the kitchen. Suddenly, she thought that Shen Jimo had changed his words not long ago.

Shen Jimo, who was silent that day, rarely talked with her for a while.

He told her that this packing was not for his girlfriend, but for his wife.

At that time, Shen Jimo's expression didn't seem to change as usual, but she still saw a different light in Shen Jimo's eyes.

With her experience of this age, it can be determined that it is a happy expression of a man marrying a beloved girl.

She has to tell Xiaoyin this, so that she can be angry with Xiaoshen without moving. Never hurt the harmony between husband and wife.

The owner's wife came out in a hurry. There was Yin Susu's shadow in the restaurant.

She looked out and saw that Yin Susu was about to walk out of the alley. She called it "shouldn't be". Let's tell the little girl if you have a chance.

What's more, she believes that Xiaoshen loves Xiaoyin so much, he will not let go easily, and they will come together well.


Yin Susu walked out of the alley and looked around. He didn't see Shen Jimo's people or Shen Jimo's car.

It seems that Shen Jimo has left angrily. She can only take a taxi home.

After sitting in the car, Yin Susu can't help sneering at what the boss's mother just said.

If a man loves a woman, no matter how angry he is, he will never leave her outside in the middle of the night.

Yin Susu didn't know. After she got on the bus, she was followed by a car. She didn't leave until she got home safely.

Mingming didn't get a good sleep for a few days. Yin Susu was still sleepless when he was lying in bed.

She didn't want to think about the past. She was full of Shen Jimo and AI Xiaoman.

AI Xiaoman!

AI Xiaoman!

This is AI Xiaoman again!

I haven't seen her for several years. I haven't contacted her for several years. Yin Susu thinks AI Xiaoman will develop and settle down abroad and never come back. I'll never see her again in my life and never hear anything about AI Xiaoman again.

Who knows Shen Jimo in front of her, so inadvertently mentioned three words of AI Xiaoman.

AI Xiaoman once said to Yin Susu that the moon in foreign countries is more round than that in her hometown. The life abroad is the life she really yearns for and the dream of her life.

Since she yearns for life abroad, Yin Susu doesn't understand why AI Xiaoman still comes back?

Is it not good to stay where she dreams?

Maybe when all her studies and career are fruitful, AI Xiaoman suddenly finds that love is still very important to her.

But it's also a good time to come back. If she doesn't come back sooner or later, she will come back just when her Yin Susu and Shen Jimo are divorced.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or something else?

Jingling bell -

the phone call ring rings suddenly, scaring Yin Susu and pulling her back from her past thoughts.

She touches her mobile phone, which shows a foreign unknown number.

There are many people in the Yin family who work abroad all the year round. In order to contact local customers conveniently, it is common for a country to change a number. Yin Susu suspects that he may forget to save the number: "is it the eldest sister or the second sister?"

"Su Su Xuemei, it's Wang Qiming." Wang Qiming's voice came from the phone.

Wang Qiming often contacts Yin Susu, but rarely calls so late, and it's a strange number: "it's a senior, what's the matter with calling me so late?"

Wang Qiming said: "I'm on the plane now. I'll taxi and take off soon. I'll arrive at the capital at about 12 noon. I have sent the flight number to your mobile phone. You and Lao Shen will meet me at the airport at noon tomorrow. "

Wang Qiming and Shen Jimo are sworn friends. When he comes back, he doesn't call Shen Jimo. Why did he call her? He asked her to meet him at the airport with Shen Jimo: "senior, i..."

Yin Susu refused, but Wang Qiming snatched the words: "well, the plane taxied. The stewardess asked me to shut down. It's a big trouble if I don't shut down again. See you at the airport tomorrow noon. "

Finish saying, there hung up the phone, listen to the busy beep beep voice, Yin Susu think tonight don't want to sleep.


Yin Susu didn't tell Shen Jimo about Wang Qiming's going back to China. First, she didn't want to contact Shen Jimo again. Second, Shen Jimo told her that she would go to the airport to meet AI Xiaoman.

Mingming knows that Shen Jimo is going to pick up AI Xiaoman tomorrow. If she says something about Wang Qiming at this time, it's estimated that Shen Jimo will think that she has a small mind. Deliberately looking for something is not satisfied with his meeting with AI Xiaoman.

Yin Susu doesn't know when AI Xiaoman's flight will arrive. In case of colliding with them at the airport, she plans to ask the driver to pick up Wang Qiming.

But then I thought that Wang Qiming's family didn't have a driver. He asked her to pick it up. After all, he still wanted to get together with his old friends.

Wang Qinian didn't take care of her in these years, and she was half of her elder brother. She decided to take care of her in person.

In the morning, Yin Susu got up and went to the shop for a walk. After he told me something, he took the time to have a morning tea and drove to the airport.

Because of enough time, Yin Susu drove slowly and was overtaken by many vehicles along the way.

She drives by the rules, but there are always people who don't.

When she was driving normally, the car running on the left lane suddenly turned to her lane. She stepped on the brake in a hurry, but still failed to stop the tragedy. The car crashed into the back door of others.

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