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My ability to play dumb?" Yin Susu doesn't know where Shen Jimo's anger comes from, but she knows that he just looks at her everywhere, looks at her and recruits her. This man is full of food.

She smiled and said, "Mr. Shen, since you don't like me, we won't meet again, let alone have dinner together. I'm afraid you will lose your appetite and affect your appetite." "Little Yin, you can't say that." The owner of the restaurant brought two bowls of hot plagiarism and gave Yin Susu the bowl of clear soup. He said, "two people can't do without quarreling, but there should be a proper degree of quarrel. If you are too sad, you can't say anything."

Yin Susu didn't say a word. She didn't like other people's meddling in her own affairs. What's more, she was not familiar with the owner's wife. He was nosy. The landlady didn't seem to realize Yin Susu's dissatisfaction. She put down her two bowls of hands and added: "little Yin, little Shen loves you so much, you must cherish him. It's really hard to find such an infatuated and single-minded man in the world, especially he looks so handsome. "

Shen Jimo is really handsome and single-minded, but his single-minded is never to her Yin Susu.

How can the landlady think that Shen Jimo loves her Yin Susu?

Hearing this, Yin Susu came here to have a look at his interest: "Madame, where do you see that he loves me?"

She asked the owner's wife, but the person she looked at was Shen Jimo. It wasn't that she still had expectations for him. She just wanted to see if Shen Jimo would go berserk when he was misunderstood and liked such a woman.

"You can see it from the eyes." "You were together when you were in college. After graduation for so many years, you can come to my shop to eat together, which is more proof," said the landlady with a smile

The boss's words didn't make Shen Jimo's expression change a bit. Yin Susu couldn't see his real idea.

She turned her eyes to the owner's wife: "boss, I'll tell you a little secret. Our dinner tonight is a free meal. After eating this meal, I will go with him separately, and no one will know anyone in the future. "

"Bah, bah, bah..." The landlady said three times in a row, "Xiao Yin, I just told you that two people can quarrel together, but never hurt their feelings. If there are too many emotional wounds, they can't be mended. "

"Madame, I agree with you very much. If you have more wounds, you can't mend them." Yin Susu smiles. She and Shen Jimo have already been scarred. They can't mend it.

"Just agree, and pay more attention to your speech later. Eat it quickly. If you don't eat it, it will be cold. " The owner's wife said hello and went back to the bar.

Yin Susu picked up the chopsticks and took a bite from a hand scribe. He ate slowly.

To tell you the truth, this scribe is not delicious. Yin Susu doesn't know why Shen Jimo likes it so much?

He used to come to school often. Now he has graduated for many years or often. Is he not tired of eating?

Or for other reasons?

Yin Susu thought hard, which really made her think.

On the day of their first meeting many years ago, the four of them had dinner in this restaurant. She didn't like to eat plagiarism, so she casually ordered a bowl of clear soup with AI Xiaoman.

Because it was Shen Jimo's treat that day, she didn't like to eat and also ate a big bowl. She followed AI Xiaoman with conscience and said that this family's hand copying was the best one she had ever eaten.

Yin Susu still remembers the satisfaction and happiness of AI Xiaoman's face at that time, and the tenderness in AI Xiaoman's eyes when he looks at Shen Jimo.

At that time, Yin Susu felt that his brain had been kicked by a cow, so he would agree to come out for dinner with them and watch others show their love.

It seems that Shen Jimo often comes here, it must be because of the woman who is far away from him and can keep him in mind.

Yin Susu's appetite has never been big. Now, because of some unpleasant things, he just ate two hands and felt that the hands were blocked up in his throat and could not swallow any more.

She put down her chopsticks and Shen Jimo was still eating. After eating, he looked up at her and said, "I'm not hungry. How about this?"

She was hungry, but thinking of him and the woman, she lost her appetite and couldn't eat.

I can't say in my mind that she raised a perfunctory fake smile: "because I've been losing weight recently, I can't eat too much at night."

"You see what you look like, where you need to lose weight." Shen Jimo wants to think so, but he says, "eat more."

"No, take your time."

Yin Susu doesn't eat, and Shen Jimo stops eating.

He looked at her: "Xiaoman will come back tomorrow and let me pick her up at the airport."

"Oh, Congratulations!" Yin Susu always thought that he had let go of this relationship and put it completely and cleanly. However, when he heard the three words of AI Xiaoman, his heart would still ache and panic.

AI Xiaoman!

These three words are the three words Yin Susu hates to hear most in her life, and they are also a barrier she can't cross.

"Congratulations?" Shen Jimo's eyes narrowed slightly and looked at Yin Susu with a smile.

Yin Susu quietly clenched her fist, calmed down her mood, and tried to make herself smile: "since she is back, we should handle the divorce certificate. Don't let me, the Hatoyama bird, continue to occupy things that don't belong to me."

"Things?" Shen Jimo sneers, and chopsticks are broken into two parts in his hands.

He looked at Yin Susu angrily. He looked like a wild animal. He might swallow her alive at any time.

Yin Susu was so frightened by his appearance that she swallowed her saliva. She wanted to run, but her legs were too soft to run. She had to sit still and say, "well, you..."

She wanted to say something, but she was so scared that she didn't say a complete word.

"Yin Susu, I am a thing in your heart!" Shen Jimo suddenly got up, kicked off the stool and left.

She doesn't mean that. Should she say he's not something?

Yin Susu glanced at him. She did not have the courage to follow him. After a while, she was ready to leave. Before leaving, she remembered that she had not paid for the meal: "boss, pay."

The landlady came up from the bar and said with a smile, "don't pay, little Shen will get married on a monthly basis."

"Monthly settlement?" In a small place like this, Yin Susu doesn't know how the owner's wife would agree with him. "Boss, Shen Jimo often comes to your house for dinner?"

"Boss Niang nods:" as long as he is in this city, almost every night come

After hearing the boss's words, Yin Susu felt more and more strange. She used to find out Shen Jimo's whereabouts almost every day. If she could follow him, she would follow him. How could she not know that he would come to this shop for dinner almost every day?

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