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Yin Susu said for a long time, and had to say "Hello, classmate", which was definitely not the result she wanted.

She looked at him and smiled at the sign that she thought was the sweetest: "senior, my name is Yin Susu. I told you my name. Should you tell me your name? "

Maybe it was because Yin Susu was too difficult to deal with, or maybe it was for other reasons, the boy finally lowered his head slightly, and his eyes fell on Yin Susu.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something when a voice suddenly interrupted him.

"Brother Jimo!"

A gentle female voice came from Yin Susu's back. At the same time, she saw that the smile on the big boy's face had changed. It was a warm smile from her heart.

In such a contrast, Yin Susu realized that the smile just hung on the big boy's face was just a good-looking mask.

Hidden in the smile is his beautiful but emotionless face

Involuntarily, Yin Susu wanted to know exactly what kind of person would make him change his smiling face in an instant, smile so warm and good-looking.

She looked back and saw a girl in a white dress standing not far behind them waving at the big boy.

This is a young and beautiful girl. She is tall and slender, with long hair brushed by the breeze. In the autumn sun, she looks very attractive.

At this time, Yin Susu only felt that something flashed by her side. When she looked closely, the big boy had already stepped towards the girl.

He went to her side, took the luggage from the girl's hand neatly, and even carefully fingered the girl's hair in front of her forehead behind her ears.

They are a distance from Yin Susu. Yin Susu can't hear what he said to the girl, but she can see the boy's concern for the girl in his eyes.

She could also see the adoration and adoration in the girl's eyes when she looked at the boy.

Handsome men and beautiful women stand together, adding a beautiful scenery to the school. Obviously, they are so eye-catching, but Yin Susu thinks it's a little eye-catching.

Alas, they already have girlfriends.

Now that you have a girlfriend, what are you doing on the way to welcome the new students?

Don't he know that there is an unwritten rule in this school. On the day of welcoming new students, the elders and sisters can't stand in this position casually, unless they come for a certain purpose.

But then again, he is right to stand here. People do come with a certain purpose, but they have established objects.

What a waste of expression!

Yin Susu takes back her eyes and turns to leave. Unexpectedly, she turns her head and looks back at the enlarged male face.

The bodyguard who followed her immediately came forward and stood between her and the man: "boy, what are you doing?"

"This is the school. What are you flustered about?" Yin Susu takes the ferocious bodyguard. "You go back first. I'll carry my own luggage to the dormitory."

"Three young ladies..." What else did the bodyguard want to say? Yin Susu looked up at them displeasantly. "Grandpa asked you to send me to school, but you didn't follow me all the time. Do you understand?"

"Miss three, this man..." The two bodyguards are the people of the old man. They know how much he loves Yin Susu. If they don't send Yin Susu to the dormitory in person, how can they explain to the old man when they go back?

"You don't leave, do you?" Yin Susu said

Bodyguard: "the old man asked us to send you to the dormitory."

Yin Susu: "..."

I want to get angry.

Here is the school, and others dare not eat her: "that person should be the student here. It's OK. Don't worry about it."

The two bodyguards were unmoved.

Yin Susu: "you..." Just when Yin Susu had nothing to do, the man who just scared her said with a smile: "Hello, Yin Susu, I'm wang Qiming, a sophomore in the Chinese Department, your senior, and I'm responsible for helping your new students carry their luggage today.

I was so reckless just now. Please forgive me. "

"Thank you very much." Yin Susu politely thanked her and looked at the two bodyguards behind her. "You see, I said he was my senior. What else do you worry about?"

Bodyguard: "..."

Don't worry!

The little boy didn't have a good heart for the third miss of his family at first sight. Who can let him carry his luggage.

But they are also human spirits. It can be seen that Miss San is not interested in this person, so this kid can't be a threat.

In order not to upset Yin Susu, they reluctantly handed over their luggage. They went back to report to the old man first.

As soon as the two bodyguards left, Yin Susu reached for her luggage. Wang Qiming took a step forward: "Xuemei, as a schoolmaster, you don't have to pay too much attention to such a small thing. Please invite me to dinner some other day."

"Please have dinner? Are we familiar? " Yin Susu stared at him, "how do you know my name?"

"How do I know your name?" Wang Qiming stopped and looked at Yin Susu funny, "Yin Susu's classmates, the intelligence of the students who can be admitted to our school should not be low, how can you ask such a naive question?"

Yin Susu did not understand: "how naive is this problem?"

Wang Qiming added, "Su Su Xuemei, I'll tell you that excessive modesty is actually pride."

"This classmate, I'm not familiar with you. Don't call me Susu. I'm sorry." Yin Susu looked at him discontentedly. "Besides, how can I be too modest?"

Wang Qiming said: "in this city, who doesn't know Yin's family, who doesn't know your third Miss Yin's family.". Besides, you are followed by two bodyguards. Don't you know who you are? "

Yin Susu admits that if she is negligent, she should not be sent to school by bodyguards.

Wang Qiming added, "besides, you are still the number one in the liberal arts college entrance examination of this year. Who can not know you?"

Yin Susu: "Oh."

She knows that Yin's family is famous, but she has been a very low-key person at ordinary times. Unexpectedly, she won the first place in the college entrance examination easily. It's hard not to be famous.

Wang Qiming saw her face calm, slightly dissatisfied: "you oh what?"

Yin Susu: "by the way, what's your name just now?"

Wang Qiming is also a handsome man. When was he so ignored, he said loudly: "my name is Wang Qiming, the king of the eight, the link between the preceding and the following, tomorrow's Ming. More importantly, me and that. "

He pointed to the big boy just now. "I'm the same grade as him in the Chinese department. Besides, we are good brothers in the same dormitory. I know his name. " "So what?" It seems that Wang Qiming has just listened to all the words that she said hello to the man. At this moment, he came to add a block to her. "They already have girlfriends. Can Yin Susu rob others?"

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