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shut up!" Shen Jimo seems to have exhausted all his patience. He no longer gives Yin Susu a chance to argue.

He directly locked Yin Susu in the car, told the driver to lock the door and drive away quickly.

Knowing that he couldn't escape, Yin Susu didn't make useless struggle any more.

She sat quietly beside him to see what trick he wanted to play.

Yin Susu and so on. After waiting for a long time, he still hasn't waited for Shen Jimo to speak.

She gently looked at her side. Shen Jimo not only didn't speak, but also closed his eyes and raised his spirits. He looked very proud.

It seems that she used to get this man into trouble!

When she was with him before, as long as she didn't speak first, she couldn't hear a word coming out of his mouth.

This kind of heresy should be contained in time. Otherwise, he really thinks that he is heaven and earth. If she leaves him, Yin Susu will not live.

So Yin Susu makes a decision. Shen Jimo ignores people and she ignores them to see who can survive.

The people in the back seat didn't speak, and the driver didn't speak. The boss didn't tell them where to drive, so he drove slowly.

Nobody in the car speaks very quietly, so quiet that everyone's breathing can become noise.

"Go home!" For a while, Shen Jimo spits out two words.

The driver was ordered to speed up the car immediately, and at the same time he pressed the isolation board knowingly.

He knew that the boss must have something to say to miss Yin San. As for what he said, he should not be curious, so as not to have bad luck in the future.

The spacious business back seat can seat several people at the same time, and also has office space.

But when the baffle is closed, Yin Susu thinks the space is small enough to suffocate people.

She didn't feel well, so she moved quietly to the door.

Shen Jimo, who hasn't waited for Yin Susu to open his eyes for a long time, glances at Yin Susu at the corner of his eyes.

She sat next to the door, looking out of the window, apparently looking for the furthest place from him, and did not intend to pay attention to him.

This woman is not so hateful!

When running after him, she is like a stickler. No matter where he goes, she can run after him.

At this time, I want to break off the relationship with him. In a flash, I can pretend that I have never known him before. Even one more look at him seems to dirty her eyes.


She really thinks that Shen Jimo is a funny toy. She can play if she wants, and throw if she wants?

Shen Jimo quietly clenched his fist, turned his head and looked forward, with a strong anger in his eyes - she could not think!

Looking out of the window, Yin Susu faintly perceives Shen Jimo's movements, but she doesn't want to pay attention to him any more.

She's always been like this. If she can afford it, she'll let it go.

From the moment when she decided to let go, she did not want to pay attention to everything of Shen Jimo.

But some things don't mean that you can't pay attention without paying attention.

Her reason tells her how to get as far away from Shen Jimo as possible, and never to be distracted by what he has done. However, emotion leads her to another road.

For example, at this moment, looking at the scene of rapid retreat on the street, she saw Shen Jimo vaguely from the street view.

In a trance, she saw a big boy in a white shirt.

The big boy is tall and straight, with a bright smile like the sun on his face.

He is so dazzling that he can catch everyone's eyes at a glance.

The girls who come and go not only look at him, but also slow down when they pass by him. It's good to look at him more.

There are also bold girls crowded around him to introduce themselves: "I am a freshman in Chinese Department, please take care of me in the future!"

He nodded politely, but did not answer.

But for a while, many people have come forward to chat with him. He also keeps smiling all the time. He looks like a gentleman and handsome, stirring more girls' hearts.

If someone can sober up a bit, he can also see the indifference behind his smile.

He doesn't like these girls who offer their hospitality, but why are they still on the way of people coming and going?

On that day, sunshine happened to be exciting for every new student who just stepped into the top ten famous universities in the world.

Yin Susu is also one of the new students, but compared with the excitement of other students, her enthusiasm seems not high.

Because it's not the first time for her to come to this school. This school is like a vegetable market for her. She can come if she wants to.

The reason is that her father and the headmaster are close friends. The headmaster watched her grow up.

In addition, many of Yin's family graduated from this school, and they were all the people in the school.

From childhood, Yin Susu listened to everyone tell her about this school.

I was very interested in listening at the beginning. After 20 years of listening, I felt my ears were cocooned.

Now I don't need to listen. I have also been admitted to the Chinese Department of this school, and I will be a member of this school.

She was angry that she could get such a high score in any exam, and her wish to go to school in another city was so frustrated.

Other things are easy to say in Grandpa's place, that is, there is no discussion about college selection.

Today, she didn't want to report. Grandpa asked two bodyguards to "escort" her. If she didn't come, she would come.

See, the other freshmen who report are full of spring breeze. She is reluctant to be alone.

Until she, like many girls, saw the big boy as warm as sunshine.

At the first sight of him, all her attention was attracted by him, and her eyes on him could not be moved any more.

Like many girls, she is braver than many girls.

She came to his side, smiled and extended her hand to him: "how are you, my name is Yin Susu. I'm a freshman in the Chinese department. I'm glad to meet you here."

His response to her was almost the same as that to other girls. He smiled politely, politely but alienated.

Other girls are angry to leave when they encounter this situation, but Yin Susu doesn't.

She looked at him with a more brilliant and sweet smile: "senior, my name is Yin Susu. Yin is the so-called Yiren. In the water side, the Yizi is one less person. Su is It's sudajinasu. "

For the first time, she introduced herself so intensively that she just wanted to be remembered at a glance.

Also want to let people see clearly, in fact, she is a beautiful woman, may not be as beautiful as Su Daji, but she is not bad. But the big boy, who looks sunny and warm, still doesn't seem to be interested in her. He politely replies to her, "Hello, classmate!"

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