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In a flash, five days later.

In these five days, Yin Susu is busy managing the new store. She has special requirements for details, so many things are done by herself.

She designs everything from trinkets to shelves.

From morning till night, she didn't stop very much, so she was too tired to be busy for five days.

But fortunately, the preliminary work is almost ready. As soon as the new goods arrive, the new shop can open.

"Susu, don't be busy for a drink of water." Assistant Deng Jie is an old employee of Yin Susu for many years. This time, she came from the old shop to help the new one.

Seeing that Yin Susu is so busy, sister Deng is also distressed: "you have lost a circle in a few days."

"Thin?" Yin Susu took the water glass, drank water, and pinched her face. "Sister Deng, you lied to me again. You see my face is still full of flesh."

"You call it roududu, too? It's not good to lose any more weight. " Deng urged Yin Susu to drink water and said, "tomorrow you can have a good rest at home. I can watch the things in the shop."

Yin Susu is not only beautiful and sweet, but also has strong ability, which is deeply loved by the shop assistants.

Especially with Deng who has been working beside her for many years, she is just as painful as her own sister.

This chaopai store is the third branch opened by Yin Susu. The brand is her own. With her aesthetic online, the business has been very hot.

Many businesses close their stores because of the influence of online sales, but they are so good that they have opened two branches in succession, which is relatively rare.

"Sister Deng, you know me. I'm not sure if you don't look at me before the new store opens." Yin Susu would like to relax a little, but this is her own shop. If she doesn't do it herself, she always worries.

Yin Susu has always been such a character, either not doing it or doing it best.

It will never make people think that her Yin Susu is a vase from Yin's family. She can't do anything well without Yin's family.

Yin's family arranged a decent job for her, but she loved freedom and quit the decent job to open her own shop.

She wants to open a shop and Yin's family doesn't stop her. No matter whether her shop makes money or not, Yin's family doesn't lack that money, as long as she is happy. "I know you can't put it down, but you can't eat without rest. The day after tomorrow, you will have a good mental state to welcome the opening ceremony. " Deng would like to take Yin Susu home and shut him up. The family condition of this child is so

that he is a hard-working master.

It's a popular saying on the Internet that a girl with such good conditions works so hard and deserves her success.

"Sister Deng, I'm fine..."

"No more, you go home now. Go back and have a good sleep, and pay off all the sleeping debts you owe these days. " Deng pushed and dragged Yin Susu out of the shop, "go back quickly. Don't come back without a good rest. "

"Hello, sister Deng, I'm the old..." Before Yin Susu finished speaking, a low male voice suddenly came from behind and robbed her of her lines. "The hall boss also let the staff out. It's you, Yin Susu."

She is familiar with the sound, but it is impossible to appear here.

She thought she might be really tired, so she would have such an illusion.

She shook her head and decided to listen to Miss Deng's words and go back to make up all the sleeping debts she owed.

But when she looked back, it never occurred to her that Shen Jimo, who had been on a business trip for at least half a month, was in front of her.

He has a good figure, a good-looking face and a pair of attractive eyes. No matter how many people he is, he is the most eye-catching one.

At this moment, he just seemed to stand in front of her casually, but unexpectedly, he attracted the eyes of Yin Susu.

Yin Susu knows it's wrong. She quickly looks away and leaves when she misses his side. Shen Jimo reaches out and grabs her: "get on my car."

Yin Susu's eyes fell on the hand he held her, and suddenly he felt a special irony.

She was always the one who took the initiative to hold each other. She was always the one who chased him.


She moved her hand and tried to get rid of him, but he held her with great strength. She could not get rid of her at all: "Mr. Shen, please let me go."

Shen Jimo is still a understatement: "I let you on my car." "Mr. Shen's car?" Yin Susu said with a smile, "I remember that because I got on Mr. Shen's car, Mr. Shen changed it straight away, and I didn't see you drive that car again. That's just a few months ago, isn't Shen going to forget

so soon

Shen Jimo didn't forget that, but he didn't explain it for a reason: "you don't want to talk to me about it?"

"Apart from the divorce, Shen and I have nothing to talk about." Yin Susu pulls out his hand again, but Shen Jimo suddenly pushes her into his car. "Then we'll talk about divorce." "In fact, we can let our lawyers talk about the divorce. After the lawyers talk about it, we can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to deal with it." In a word, Yin Susu doesn't want to stay with Shen Jimo for a moment. If she stays with him for another second, she thinks that she may live two years less.

"Yin Susu, have you never paid attention to what I said?" Shen Jimo then boarded the car, and a strong sense of oppression attacked Yin Susu.

"Mr. Shen, I'm afraid you misunderstood me. I firmly remember every word you said. I dare not forget a word." If not, how could she know that no matter how hard she tried, she could never get his heart.

After she understood, it seemed that he began to not understand, and actively appeared in front of her, what did he really want to do? Has the final say, then you should remember that I said that marriage has the final say, but divorce must be my final rule. As long as I don't agree with Shen Jimo, even if you Yin Susu is dead, that's the ghost of Shen Jimo. " He was gnashing his teeth to say the words


"Mr. Shen, don't say that. You will make me misunderstand that you like me." Yin Susu said this with a smile, because he knew that this assumption was impossible.

Also hate her own not to fight, clearly know that he is a man of iron heart, but also can make such a childish and funny joke.

If he wants to like her, it may not be possible even in the next life.

Sure enough, after Yin Susu said this, he saw Shen Jimo's face changed, and his eyes were filled with hatred.

Yes, he hates her. Since that happened, he hated her and wished she could disappear from the world.

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