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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1980

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1980

Hang Jin objected, but Chi insisted that he had no problem with his health, so the "traditional" dinner party was held as usual.

Xie Yuanbo happily invited everyone to get on the bus and drove them to their destination.

Often together with the playmate, suddenly left for a period of time no one, this heart is really miss, all the way to talk hot.

With these friends who have played together since childhood, it has always been the most open time for Chi Yang.

From the airport, she talked with LAN Feiyang all the way to the destination without planning to stop.

The two people not only talked, but also held hands. The relationship was like glue, which made Hang Jin mad with envy.

He would like to go ahead and tear up blue Feiyang and grab the hand of the little fool himself.

Fortunately, Hang Jin's reason is still there.

He still understands that he didn't see his little sister for a long time. There must be a lot to talk about at this moment.

Understanding comes from understanding, but Hang Jin's eyes, like a knife, still shoot at LAN Feiyang from time to time, hoping that Lan Feiyang will be more conscious.

In the past, I was very conscious of blue flying. Today, my brain is just not open, so I completely ignored Hang Jin's cannibalism.

The two women chatted very hot, and some of their big men could not be idle. The atmosphere of drinking, singing and singing was soon ignited.

Zhu Tuozhan raised his glass: "come on, let's have a drink and wish you all success in the future! All the best! "

Several people raised their glasses, and Chi Yang consciously poured himself a glass of juice: "thank you brother and sister Fei Yang for taking care of me all the time. I'll do it first."

"Small four eyes, just a few people, what do you do? Drink slowly." Worried about Chi's body, Hang Jin got up to grab the cup in her hand.

Xie Yuanbo stopped and said, "fourth brother, you can see clearly that what Yang Yang drinks is juice."

Hang Jin didn't say a word again, and everyone began to chat freely again. Chi Yang and LAN Feiyang simply hid in the corner and talked quietly.

Hang Jin's eyes still looked at her from time to time, but ye Zhiyang couldn't see them. "Fourth brother, we are the only people here. Your eyes are still stuck on Yang Yang's body. Who can't eat her?"

Hang Jin looked coldly at Ye Zhiyang. "What do you know, boy?" "Why don't I understand? You don't forget that my wife didn't care about me after she saw central. I was also the one left behind. " Ye Zhiyang filled them with wine, patted their chest and said, "but I can understand their sisters. If they haven't been together for a long time, there must be a lot to talk about, let them have a good chat. We men come forward to help them when they need help

Xie Yuanbo then said, "elder brother, elder Ye is right. You can open your voice and drink. Yang Yang is right under your nose. No one dare to turn her away. "

"Brother Jin, brother Zhiyang and brother Yuanbo are right. Since they have come out to play, you can let go of playing. Don't worry about me. I know my own situation. " Chi Yang in the corner took the conversation.

Hang Jin always pays attention to Chi Yang, who has not forgotten Hang Jin. When they talk about them, she hears them for the first time.

Chi's ability to answer proved that she didn't forget him completely. Hang Jin felt more comfortable: "if you are tired, tell me."

"Here are all our best friends. Do I have to hide when I'm tired?" Pool Yang Yang chuckles, "you play your, good fun."

Hang Jin also knew that Chi Yang was not a joker. After receiving her repeated assurances, he also let go of playing with several people, drinking and singing.

Chi Yangyang and LAN Feiyang are not talking about other topics, but about feelings.

Over the years, Hang Jin's feelings for Chi Yangyang have become deeper and deeper. Blue Feiyang is happy in his eyes: "Yang Yang, the fourth brother's feelings for you are really good. You need to cherish them."

"Well, I know." Chi Yangyang smiled, "sister Feiyang, isn't brother Zhiyang bad for your feelings?"

"All right." LAN Feiyang fills Chi Yang with juice and says, "we are all lucky people in the world. We can meet the one who loves us and lives together in the vast crowd."

"Well, you're right. We're all lucky." Chi Yangyang smiled and drank a mouthful of juice, at the same time, he swallowed the light bitterness in his heart.

She didn't have a good father, which is unfortunate, but God didn't forget her, let her get the best husband in the world.

She looks back to Hang Jin again. Just as Hang Jin's eyes look at her, they collide in the air.

She smiled, opened her lips and said a few words to him in silence.

At this moment, Hang Jin didn't see what Chi Yangyang said. On the way home, he grabbed Chi Yangyang and asked, "what did you just say to me?"

"Ah? You didn't understand what I said? " No wonder, Hang Jin was so calm at that time, she thought he was immune to her "sugar coated cannonball".

"Say it."

"Some words can only be said once. You can't understand them."

"Chi Yang Yang, are you itchy?"

"It's impossible for me to tell you that you are so cruel to me." Chiyang Yang leads the room, and Hang Jin follows. He grabs her and asks forcefully and domineering, "if you don't dare to say it, I will pick your skin."

"Brother Jin..." Another "deadly" move from Chi Yangyang made Hang Jin's temper smooth in an instant.

It's lovely to see him angry and helpless.

Yes, it's cute.

For the first time, chiyangyang used such words to describe Hangjin.

She smiled and reached out to poke him in the face. "Do you like me very much?"

Chiyangyang said definitely that Hang Jin didn't want to admit it, especially when she saw the sly smile on her face: "who would like you to be such a little fool who can't even take care of yourself?"

"But I like you." Chi Yangyang gently spits out these words.

At the sight of Hang Jin, she was stunned, and the smile on her face was more cunning and lovely: "brother Jin, I said I like you. You must also like me well in the future. You are not allowed to look at other women. "

Chiyangyang still has a lot to say to Hang Jin. However, when Hang Jin comes slowly, she has no chance to speak again.

She has seen the man's tyranny many times, but he has renewed her understanding of him again and again.

At this moment, he captures all her breathing, so that she can only follow him into the ocean of their love.

She is like a boat in the ocean, which may be swallowed by the wild waves at any time.

But because of him, she would never be afraid again. It's nice to have her brother Jin here!

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