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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1979

Story 1 year ago

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What are you giggling at?" Hang Jin took his luggage and looked back to see Chi Yangyang looking at him, with a smile in his eyes and eyebrows. He could not help but feel warm again, but he still spoke in a bad voice.

"I'm laughing..." Chi Yangyang deliberately lengthened his voice, and seeing that Hang Jin's face was going to stink again, she quickly added, "my brother Jin has grown up and become sensible, so I don't need to worry about it in the future."

"When did I let you worry?" Hang Jin dotes on the tip of her nose, and Chi Yang goes to his arms and drills, "that is, you are more considerate and can take care of people."

"You finally say what I love to hear." The tone is as domineering as ever, but the gentleness in Hang Jin's eyes can't deceive people.

He took the box in one hand and the central pool in the other hand, and walked along with the crowd: "I'm tired today. Go back and have a good rest."

Chi Yangyang nodded: "mm-hmm, brother Jin said what is what, I listen to brother Jin."

"Fourth brother! Central! " As soon as we got to the exit, we heard the voices of Ye Zhiyang and others.

Hang Jin frowned. This is the airport. It's noisy enough already. These people are still shouting loudly. They don't think it's noisy enough or something: "see you, do you cry loudly?"

Ye Zhiyang and several others gathered around. Xie Yuanbo took over the box in Hang Jin's hand: "fourth brother, Yang Yang, welcome back to Jiangbei."

"How do you guys know we're coming back today?" said Hangjin

Ye Zhiyang stepped forward: "because we are always following your news. You've been away from Jiangbei for such a long time. How could we not come back to pick you up? "

Hang Jin clapped on Ye Zhiyang's shoulder: "well, I've got your mind. I won't go out to drink today. I'll make another appointment."

At the same time, Xie Yuanbo and Zhu Tuozhan were discontented when they heard Hang Jin's words. "Fourth brother, we are here to catch you today. Do you say you don't want to drink? Is that like what you said?"

I'm afraid it's not their fourth brother's long journey. I'll change my temper when he comes back.

You and I, the four big men, must let Hang Jin go out to get together.

When Hang Jin didn't pay attention, Chi Yangyang left him and went to LAN Feiyang. She looked at LAN Feiyang with guilt.

Before an apology was called out, LAN Feiyang went forward and gave Chi Yangyang a big hug: "Yangyang, things are over, I'm ok, don't think about bad things, we're still the best sisters in the future."

"Flying sister..." Chi Yangyang tightly hugged blue Feiyang and tried to blink the tears back to his eyes. He said softly, "thank you!"

"Thank you for what?" Blue Fei Yang patted Chi Yang's back. "What can I thank you for? I'm three years older than you. I'm your elder sister. You're welcome to me."

That matter, blue Feiyang not only did not blame Chi Yang, after learning the truth, her heart is full of love for Chi Yang.

To really say that, it was Chi Yang who suffered the most.

Since this period of time, blue Feiyang has been worried that the central pool can't get out of the shadow, worried that they have lost several jin.

Now see the good return of Chi Yang Yang, she is too happy, how can she bear to let Chi Yang blame herself.

"Sister Feiyang, you don't care about me, but it doesn't mean that those bad things didn't happen." From small to large, blue Feiyang keeps a close eye on the Central Bank of the pool, and accommodates all the shortcomings of the Central Bank of the pool like a sister.

LAN Feiyang is good to himself, and he is clear in his heart.

She knows better that her feelings are mutual. LAN Feiyang is good to her, and she should also be good to LAN Feiyang.

Instead of accepting it with ease.

When it's time to say sorry, be sure to apologize: "sister Fei Yang, I'm sorry!" "Yang Yang, if you still think I'm your flying sister, then you don't want me to hear the words" I'm sorry ". You're not sorry for me. It's not you who did the wrong thing. " LAN Feiyang holds Chi Yangyang's shoulder and looks at her, "Yangyang

, listen to me, I know how you are. You didn't do anything sorry to me. No matter what happened before, it's not your fault. You will always be my good sister in my heart. "

"Well, sister Feiyang, I'm sorry I won't tell you that again." Chi Yangyang silently wrote down in her heart that she would never let herself have the chance to say sorry to LAN Feiyang again. She would love this sister forever.

Two women cuddled here and successfully attracted the eyes of four men, especially Hang Jin.

His eyes on Chi Yang and LAN Feiyang are very complicated.

There is sour jealousy, and jealousy.

When he found Chiyang, the woman was disgusted with him.

Then look at her attitude towards blue Feiyang. This woman stabbed herself in someone's arms. It was called a little bird, which made people jealous.

Ye Zhiyang and others are the most able to figure out Hang Jin's mind. When they look at Hang Jin, they know that their fourth brother even eats a woman's vinegar.

It's so mean.

Ye Zhiyang is worried about his wife being shot by Hang Jin's eyes, so he quickly pulls LAN Feiyang forward and says, "Feiyang, hold Yang Yang again and don't give up. Be careful that the eyes of the fourth brother can kill you."

"Chi Yang Yang said with a smile," brother Zhi Yang, what do you say "Yangyang, don't worry about what your Zhiyang brother said, you are the fourth brother." Xie Yuanbo is dissatisfied with Hang Jin's unwillingness to go out and get together with several of them, and puts all his hopes on Chi Yangyang. "We several know that you are back today, and we specially booked meals in the most luxurious hotel in Jiangbei, and also picked you up at the airport, but the fourth brother said that we will not get together today."

"Why not? For so many years, no matter who goes back to Jiangbei from afar, do we have to get together first? " This is their "traditional program", which has not been forgotten by Chi Yang.

Over the years, many people have changed, but the friendship of several of them has not changed, nor have the small partners who grew up together.

As soon as Chi Yangyang agreed, Xie Yuanbo and others left Hangjin's words behind.

has the final say Hang Jin is stronger, as if what Hang Jin has the final say, but at the critical moment, they brother all depend on the central bank.

As long as Chi Yangyang agrees, their four brothers will follow even if they don't want to.

Xie Yuanbo and Zhu Tuo clapped hands: "it's the most considerate of the central government."

Hang Jin said with a cold face: "Chiyang, what's your situation? Don't you know? What else do you think you can do? "

I'm afraid the little fool doesn't forget that he is a pregnant woman now.

Just after flying for more than two hours, the little fool has no energy. Now he has to go out for dinner. Because Hang Jin is always concerned about the physical condition of Chiyang, he refuses them.

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