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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1978

Story 1 year ago

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Hang Jin glares at Shen Jimo.

Chi Yang holds Hang Jin's waist tightly.

Shen Jimo raises his hand and wipes the lower lip angle, which is slightly hooked. He looks at Hang Jin with a smile.

The scene smells of gunpowder.

There was so much movement on their side that they not only attracted the attention of all the passengers in the first-class cabin, but also alerted the crew.

"Mr. hang, Mr. Shen, this is on the plane. Please calm down," said the conductor and a steward

Calm down?

If it wasn't for Chiyang yang to stop him, Hang Jin guessed that he had already beaten Shen Jimo, but he could not be calm.

But Shen Jimo, who was beaten, said to the steward, "we are old acquaintances. Now it's just a joke. Don't worry."

The stewardess clearly knew that Shen Jimo didn't say that, but the people who were beaten said that. In addition, the two masters were the characters they couldn't provoke, and the stewardesses couldn't interfere any more.

As long as their actions do not threaten the flight safety, they will also open one eye and close one eye. What they should not see should not be seen.

"Those two are chatting slowly. If you have something, please call us at any time. We will also pay attention to your needs at any time." The purser accompanied the smiling face. The meaning was clear. As long as they make trouble again, their staff will come immediately.

What does Hang Jin want to say? Chi Yangyang snatched before him and said at a volume that only the two of them could hear.

"Hang Jin, even if you want to hit people, please get off the plane and fight again. You can't make trouble on the plane. This is in the flight, once anything happens, it is a matter of human name. More than a hundred lives on the plane. "

When he could hear the words of beating people from the mouth of Chiyang, Hang Jin was surprised and turned angry into a smile.

He looked down at the head sticking out of his waist, reached out and rubbed: "OK, listen to you, let's get off the plane and hit people."

Finally, he calmed down Hang Jin. Chi Yang was relieved. He didn't expect Shen Jimo to pour a bucket of oil on the spark that Hang Jin just put out: "hang Shao, do you know what the relationship between Yin Susu and me is?"

Hang Jin turned around and looked angrily at Shen Jimo. "She was blind before because she had something to do with you. She can't have anything to do with you anymore."

"Yin Susu is my lawful wife." Shen Jimo's face still has a light smile, just like saying a very easy thing, "as long as I don't agree to divorce, then she won't want to get rid of the identity of Mrs. Shen."

Hang Jin sneered and said, "let's see if I have the ability to separate her from you." Shen Jimo added: "the Yin family has a lot of power. You Hang Jin are also a famous person. I may be better than you, but why don't you ask your third sister how she thought of the way to let me marry her.

”Seeing Shen Jimo's arrogant attitude, Hang Jin wanted to hit people again. In order not to threaten the flight safety, he endured again and again: "she was blind at the beginning."

"Whatever the reason, it is true that she is my wife. In other words, you should call me to show your brother-in-law. " Shen Jimo's provocation is obvious, as if he was deliberately provoking Hang Jin.

"Call you cousin?" As soon as Hang Jin raised his arm and shook his fist, he would beat Shen Jimo. Fortunately, Chi Yangyang caught him in time this time.

Chi Yangyang shook his head at him: "Hang Jin, I can't be impulsive now. I will accompany you to beat him after getting off the plane."

Hang Jin swallowed his anger and sat back in his seat.

Shen Jimo didn't choose any more. He closed his eyes and raised his spirits.

His assistant also quietly wiped a handful of cold sweat and looked at Shen Jimo.

General manager Shen of their family is not always a fussy leader, and he never talks much. What's the stimulation today?

It's a challenge to the famous young master of Hangzhou family.

In the past, it was said that women's mind should not be guessed. Now, in his opinion, it is even more difficult to guess the mind of their general manager Shen.


More than two hours of flight time.

The plane arrived at Jiangbei International Airport safely.

As soon as the plane landed, Hang Jin turned on and dialed Yin Susu: "Yin Susu, if someone dares to threaten you, you must tell me at the first time. You have to bear your breath again and see how I can deal with you. "

Mingming is worried about Yin Susu, but these words are not the same from Hang Jin's mouth.

Yin Susu at the other end of the phone was a little confused, but she was a very smart girl, and soon thought that Hang Jin might have run into Shen Jimo on the plane.

She said: "Jin boy, I will deal with the matter between Shen Jimo and me, so don't worry about it for me."

"You are my elder sister. Can I watch you being bullied and ignored?"

Yin Susu persuades patiently: "no one bullies others in matters like feelings. It's also a matter between two people. Outsiders can't manage it, either. "

"Outsiders?" Hang Jin was hurt by the word "Yin Susu." Yin Susu, I'm an outsider in your eyes. Is Shen the only one with you

"I don't mean that." Yin Susu understands that Hang Jin is protecting her mind, but men's mind is different from women's.

Hang Jin wanted to be angry for her, but she didn't want to make a big deal of it: "if there are some conflicts between you and the central government, you will surely find a way to deal with them by yourself, rather than let us do more, right?"

"Don't compare your business with me and xiaosiyan." Hang Jin's mouth is hard, but he has to admit that Yin Susu has a point. "Yes, I know your feelings are deeper than ours, but the truth is that. Hang Jin, listen to me. Don't worry about it. It's to save some face for me. " Yin Susu sighed, "I don't want to break up too ugly, after all, I will send a new love in the future, so I can't let a relationship leave a shadow."

"Do you really think so?" Hang Jin didn't believe that.

"What else can I think? Don't put it on your face to make people humiliate me? " Yin Susu smiled bitterly. "Isn't I Yin Susu in your heart a person who can take it up and put it down?"

As early as hearing Shen Jimo say that, Yin Susu put it down. In her life, she will not be stupid for any man.

Especially the man named Shen Jimo.

If she gets involved with him again, it's not just stupid, it's hopelessly stupid.

She is not such a fool.

Hearing Yin Susu's words, Hang Jin finally let go, glanced at Shen Jimo, and took Chi Yangyang and left: "little four eyes, let's go home."

Since Yin Susu of their family has put it down, why should he go to deal with the annoying man who saw it.

"Good." Chi Yangyang happily follows Hang Jin.

Just now, she was worried that Hang Jin would beat Shen Jimo when he got off the plane. She was still worried.

It seems that her brother Jin has grown up. Mature!

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