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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1972

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1972

Yang Yang is a good child. We don't help her. Don't we care if you bully her?" Where is Mr. Yin bullying Hang Jin? He's worried about this kid's nonsense. He's pissed off his little daughter-in-law, and then he can only fight bachelor.

"When did I bully her?" Looking at the smiling face of Chiyang, Hang Jin was very unbalanced. It was this little fool who was in the weather.

Chi Yangyang pinches him quietly. Who is angry with him?

"Jin boy, since today's topic has been discussed here, let's have a good chat." Mr. Yin looked at Hang Jin and said, "how much do you like Yang Yang today, in front of my old man?"

Hang Jin: "..."

It's one thing that he likes Chi Yang. He can't say it if he wants to say it in front of others.

He also wants face, OK? "You can tell people if you like them. It's not like a man should be." Mr. Yin took Hang Jin's hand and Chi Yangyang's hand together and held them. "Now speak up and let people all over the world listen."

Hang Jin: "old man, I'm not a live webcast. How can I hear it all over the world?"

Besides, where did he wriggle?

He likes what all the people who know him know. Do you need to say? "That's a metaphor. You dare not say it." Hang Jin didn't say he liked it, but the old man Yin glared at him discontentedly, and then said seriously: "Yang Yang, although this boy doesn't want to say he likes you in front of me, my old man always knows that he likes you very much and wants to marry you back home."

"Grandpa, in fact, it doesn't matter whether he says it or not. What's important is that I can feel it." If Hang Jin spoke out so directly in front of the old man, Chi would be embarrassed.

Fortunately, Hang Jin didn't say.

"You can feel that he likes you." Old man Yin hates iron and stares at Hang Jin. "This kid counsels me. I like you so many years, but I dare not say it out. I'm afraid you won't accept him, and I'm afraid you won't like him..."

Hang Jin?

This is the first time that Chiyang has heard of Hang Jin's advice.

In front of her, he has always been a great devil.

She looks sideways at Hang Jin, who is staring at her discontentedly.

All of a sudden, she felt funny. This man was actually a paper tiger in front of his family.

He didn't say that he liked her in front of others. He didn't say it because he was afraid that she didn't like him.

It seems that he also knows how hard he bullied her all these years, so that he would have so many worries.

These two people's eyebrows come and go, don't think old Yin sees. He cleared his throat and said, "you two are still young and have a long way to go. The road is too long, there will always be bumps and bumps, there will be many kinds of things, but as long as you communicate in time, listen to each other's opinions carefully, and think more about it from the other side's standpoint, then you will go further. "

"Don't worry, old man, I will let her. If she doesn't dare to go with me, I'll drag her and let her go with me. " Hang Jin can't stop chatting with him.

Old Yin stared at him again. "Listen to me."

Hang Jin: "..."

When did the old man become so undemocratic?

He has many objections, but the old man is very domineering and refuses to let him express his opinions.

In his opinion, everyone in the world is an independent and different individual.

Everyone has unique advantages. Everyone is different from others.

So naturally, each couple is different.

The old man and the old lady were able to get along with each other and go on well in that way, but the same model may not be useful for him and Chi Yang.

The hearts of these Hang Jin are very clear.

Chiyangyang is slow in emotion. Hang Jin is sure that up to now she doesn't know whether she loves him or not.

If he used the old man's method of chasing the old lady to chase Chiyang, I'm afraid that Chiyang has already become someone else's daughter-in-law.

The old man is still saying that two people should get along well and be considerate to each other.

The old man also said that no matter male or female, if one side always outputs feelings and the other side never pays, then the one who always pays will be tired, and such feelings will not last.

To have a long relationship, it must be mutual.

Chi listened carefully and reflected and thought in time.

This is the relationship between her and Hang Jin. Hang Jin is the one she has always output and the one she has always accepted.

She used to be a passive input. Slowly she was used to his kindness to her, and he would accompany her no matter what happened.

As long as he is there, even if something like Chi Yishen happens, she can survive.

Because she knew that as long as she looked back, Hang Jin would be behind her, and would be her most solid support.

Chi also understood that when the old man told her so much, he could see that Hang Jin paid more in this relationship.

The old man was worried that his grandson would not be rewarded for his feelings and that like Shen Jimo, she hurt Hang Jin's heart.

The elderly will have such a worry, Chi Yang Yang is not surprised.

Just like her own grandfather, she didn't always stare at Hang Jin, for fear that Hang Jin would be bad to her, or that Hang Jin would suddenly dislike her.

Standing in the other side's position to think about the problem, it's easy to understand the other side's psychology, to understand the other side's feelings.

"Don't worry, Mr. Chi," he said. "Hang Jin is good to me. I know. I know. I know. I will do my best to him in the future." "Well, darling..." The old man nodded contentedly, "my old man's biggest wish now is not how much money he wants to earn, nor how much money he wants to give you. I just hope you can live a simple and happy life." At this time, Hang Jin put in another remark: "old man, it's said that the poor couple are sad for everything. If the husband and wife want to live a good life, they must have a good economic foundation. Otherwise, they will worry about oil, salt, firewood and rice every day. How can their feelings survive

"Is that what I mean?" The old man is blocked by Hang Jin. Can't this stinky boy give his old man some face?

Hang Jin said with a smile, "old man, but I still think you are right. Money is an external thing. Life doesn't bring it, death doesn't bring it. It's enough to live a good life."

The old man: "asshole!"

Hang Jin: "I'll be your grandson again." Their grandparents and grandchildren were noisy. Chi Yangyang listened and watched quietly. In fact, it's not a simple pleasure to quarrel with their relatives.

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