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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1970

Story 1 year ago

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The assistant kept up with Shen Jimo: "Mr. Shen, I haven't heard from Miss Yin San yet."

Hearing the assistant's answer, Shen Jimo took a step and looked at the assistant coldly.

He didn't speak, but the look at the assistant said it all.

He needs to know where Yin Susu is as quickly as possible.

Know if she's safe.

"Don't worry, Mr. Shen. I've contacted all kinds of people to find out. I'll report to you as soon as Miss Yin San disappears." The assistant wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, trembling, but he had many ideas in his heart.

They, Shen Zonggang, didn't swear that they didn't love miss Yin San in front of her family. Why should they find Miss Yin San as soon as possible?

Since the accident of Miss Yin San, their always dispassionate Shen Zong suddenly panicked. He was confused but still pretending to be indifferent. He had to show it to others.

He can cheat others, but not himself.

Shen Jimo didn't answer. He stepped on the car parked outside again.

He didn't speak, and the assistant didn't dare to speak. He followed him closely and sat in the copilot's cab, listening to his orders at any time.

After sitting in the car, Shen Jimo closed his eyes and leaned on the chair. His mind was full of Yin Susu's looks. It was sweet, cold and lovely, but it seemed to be strong.

In front of others, she is as noble as a princess, a goddess many people dream of.

Only in front of him can she show her true face.

She is no longer the unattainable goddess, she is just a little woman, a little woman who is confused by love.

She'll cry, she'll play coquettish, she'll make a noise But more pride. She is Yin's family. She has Yin's blood in her body and Yin's pride in her bones.

Over the years, she has tried her best to be with him, but no matter what, she is the Yin family. It's hard to change the things in the Yin family's bones. Her pride will never let her do things that hurt her life.

After gradually calming down, Shen Jimo's brain gradually returned to normal and rational thinking.

He concluded that a woman so proud of Yin Susu could never have done anything deadly.

He knows her well. Only when he first heard that she was gone, his emotion defeated his reason, and he rushed to meet Yin's family.

After thinking about it, Shen Jimo opened his eyes and was about to say something to his assistant, but before he could say it, he found something unusual in the car.

In front of him, there is a small red dot flashing on the back of the front seat. If you don't notice it, you can't see it. It's clearly a pinhole camera.

Install a pinhole camera in his car. There won't be another person except Yin Susu.

What's a camera for?

She's not interested in his company. She doesn't want to steal trade secrets. She just wants to see what he will look like when she disappears.

If he shows a little sadness, she will laugh at him.

As he expected, a woman like Yin Susu would never do anything to hurt herself. She just changed her way to continue playing tricks on him like an idiot.

How many times?

Shen Jimo can't remember how many times this is, but he once again cheated her and made her play like a fool.

He hooked his lips and gave a sudden sneer.

When Shen Jimo spoke again, his voice recovered its former calm and Indifference: "you don't need to waste resources to find people, you can do what you have to do. Is Miss Yin's family dead or alive? What does it have to do with me? " When hearing Shen Jimo's words, the assistant looked back and saw that the head of Shen's family was still the head of Shen's family, but it was different from the head of Shen just before getting on the bus. It seemed that the head of Shen was colder, and he was angry in his indifference: "Mr. Shen, do you mean not to find Miss yin?"

"Am I not clear enough?"

Shen Jimo suddenly roared, scaring the assistant to shrink his neck. Is their Shen always worried about Miss yinjiasan's losing her mind?

Shen Jimo added: "then I'll tell you again. In the future, whatever has something to do with Miss Yin's third daughter, she has nothing to do with our life or death."

Oh, play with him, is he going to let her play?

Yin Susu, not in the future.

Never again!

It seems that he said this to the assistant, but in fact, he said it to himself. He wanted to tell the woman who was watching him that he would never love her, and would never love the willful and reckless woman she was.

However, he knew better than anyone what position that woman occupied in his heart.

Assistant nodded hurriedly: "Mr. Shen, I know how to do it."

Shen Jimo said again, "go back to the company. I'll worry about all the phone calls from people who have something to do with Yin Susu. I don't want to hear any more about her. "

The assistant nodded stupidly. He really couldn't understand whether Shen always loved or didn't love miss yinjiasan?

About ten minutes later, Shen Jimo returned to the company.

As he left, he told the assistant several things about his work. After he asked the assistant to do things, he went into the office.

After avoiding everyone's sight, he hit the wall with a fist. The wall scratched his finger, but he felt like he didn't know the pain. Then he hit the wall again with another fist.

He knows too well that he can cheat everyone, including Yin Susu, but not himself.

That hateful woman is hateful.


"Old man, three young ladies are back, three young ladies are back..." Because of the disappearance of Yin Susu and the anxiety of his family, Yin Susu came back.

At the sight of her coming back, the housekeeper was so excited that he shouted and ran, trying to spread the good news to the old man for the first time.

All of Yin's family rushed out of the hall. It was exciting and happy to see Yin Susu. It's more important than anything that Yin Susu can come back well.

Everyone came forward and hugged Yin Susu, but there was a man who not only didn't hug her, but also looked at her angrily with wide eyes. The man was Hang Jin.

After the group hugged Yin Susu in turn, he opened and scolded: "Yin Susu, do you have a brain problem or is your brain squeezed by the door?"

"Hang Jin, the third sister just came back, you let her rest."

But Hang Jin, who was angry, couldn't hear him. He not only wanted to scold Yin Susu, but even Chi Yang Yang was hurt: "Chi Yang, there's nothing for you here. Go to the side."

Chiyangyang: "..."

In front of so many people, can this man give her some face? What to do? She wants to divorce this man.

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