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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1969

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1969

Because of the call of Chi Yangyang in his dream, Hang Jin's lips were smiling when he fell asleep.

After daybreak, Chi Yangyang woke up and opened his eyes to see the smiling appearance of Hang Jin's lips.

Her brother Jin is actually very beautiful.

It's just that I always put on a high-profile appearance, which makes people dare not look him in the eye, and how can I find him beautiful.

Looking at him, he can't help but put his hand on Hang Jin's face and gently outline his face: "brother Jin, you will always be with me."

She came close to him and rubbed his face lightly: "brother Jin, you don't know how scared I am when I find out what Chi Yishen did."

"I'm afraid that everyone around me is wearing a mask. I'm afraid that you are not what I see you are."

She shook her head and smiled bitterly: "if you are not what I see, what should I do? I don't think I can trust anyone in the world anymore. "

"I won't give you this chance." The voice of Hang Jin suddenly sounded, which scared Chi Yang Yang to take back her hand. But she was caught by Hang Jin as soon as she had a move. "You touch me, I catch you, and you want to run?"

Chi Yangyang: "I......"

She wanted to admit it, but she was caught and had to admit it.

Simply one does not do, two endlessly: "can only you steal to touch me, I can't steal to touch you?"

"Touch, keep on touching. You can touch as you want. You don't have to be furtive." Hang Jin took her hand and put it on her face. "Touch it."

"It's late, I'm going to get up, and I have to go to class for the children later," he said

"Chiyang!" Behind her back, Hang Jin suddenly called her full name seriously. Looking back, she saw Hang Jin with a serious face and said, "everything I said to you is true."

She was stunned. He listened to all the whispers she had just said to him.

"I will always be with you, whether you like it or not," he added

Chi Yangyang: "Oh."

He said it so seriously, but she said "Oh". Hang Jin wanted to lift her up and throw her out of the second floor window.

"Miss Chi!"

Liu's mother's voice suddenly came from the outside of the house, helping chi yang to relieve the siege.

Chi Yangyang immediately poked out half his head from the window: "Mom Liu, good morning."

Liu's mother beckoned to her, "I've sent you breakfast. Please open the door and take it."

"Well, I'll be right down." Chi Yangyang has said many times that he asked Liu's mother not to deliver breakfast again, but Liu's mother still sent it to her in spite of the weather. She could not accept it.

"I know that the man of your family has come. I'll prepare two for you. If not, I'll send more tomorrow. " Mother Liu warmly handed the basket to Chi Yang.

Chiyangyang took a look at the basket, so many breakfast: "mother Liu, so many of us must be enough to eat."

Hang Jin also waved in the second floor window: "thank you for bringing us breakfast so early, mom Liu."

Mother Liu raised her head and smiled at Jin: "I hope you don't dislike the way the country people eat."

"Mother Liu, it's popular to eat green vegetables now. Your own vegetables are treasures in our place." When Hang Jin is arrogant and domineering, he is really domineering. When he is sweet, he is also very sweet. In three or two words, Liu's mother is made happy.

Liu's mother turned to Chi Yangyang and said, "teacher Chi, your man is really good at talking. If you marry such a man, you will surely have a sweet life like honey every day."

Not really.

This man only said nice things to the people here. When he was in Jiangbei, let alone her. Even his best friend didn't hear him say a few nice things.

After a few more words, mother Liu went home.

Chi Yang Yang brings breakfast into his house, and Hang Jin just comes down from upstairs.

He has changed his clothes. He looks like a good man when he doesn't speak. But if he speaks, his image will be damaged.

He said sourly, "Chiyang, how long have you been here? I think everyone in this village is very good to you." While taking out the breakfast in the basket and putting it on the table, Chi said: "the villagers in this village are warm and simple, kind and kind. As long as you treat them well, they will treat you naturally. Unlike some people, they are gentle on the surface and know what kind of goods they are

"Chiyang, let bygones be bygones. Don't think about it any more. People need to look ahead. The days to come are still long. We should live well in the future. " It is rare for him to persuade her in such a sincere tone.

"I know." "Hang Jin, I still want to stay here for a while. If you are not used to it, you can go back first. If you want to stay, I will not rush you. "

Hang Jin picked up a boiled corn and glared at her: "I finally found you. Can I leave you alone? Do you think a person has no conscience like this little fool? "

"I'm afraid you're not used to it," he said

Hang Jin: "you can live in habits, can I live in habits? I don't know how many times worse than this environment. I've lived here. "

When did you live in a worse place than this

Hang Jin: "two years away from Jiangbei."

Chi Yangyang: "Oh."

Hang Jin: "..."

I want to hit her again.

Chi took a bite of a corn, looked at him, and asked tentatively, "Hang Jin, do you like children or not?"

Hang Jin: "I don't like it."

The children in the village robbed her of all her attention. He was too jealous to like them.

However, he can't do anything with those little kids, because the little idiots in his family like it.

But he didn't know what was going on in Hang Jin's heart. Hearing this, his face darkened: "Oh."

"Hang Jin listened to the fire:" what do you say? Just say what you have to say

"It's nothing," he said

Hang Jin glared at her fiercely: "Chiyang, do you want to piss me off?" Chi Yangyang roared back: "I just asked you whether you like children or not. You said you don't like them. What else do you want me to say? Tell you how cute children are. Do you think of any way to make you like children? Sorry, I don't have so much free time.

”Hang Jin was very angry at her words: "you think about those little kids all day long, and you can't give them to me for a minute. It's strange that I like them."

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