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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1967

Story 1 year ago

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Hang Jin's expression was just like a scoundrel. Chi Yang Yang threw a towel on his face on his back: "wipe it if you want, or it will be so cold if you don't wipe it. Whoever cares if you have such a big cold."

"What a cruel woman!" Hang Jin took the towel off his face. "Since you don't help me, don't do it. I'm so cold. No one loves me for a cold anyway. "

"You..." Chi Yangyang was angry and smiled, "Hang Jin, do you think you are a three-year-old? Can you stop being so childish? "

Hang Jin said, "is this childish? It means no one cares. I'm hurt. "

Chi Yangyang really lost to him. She knew that she would not help him. He might be so cold all the time: "then you turn your back." "What back?" Hang Jin's iron arm stretched out and dragged her Chiyang to his bosom. Then he said in a arrogant voice, "Chiyang, what I should see from inside to outside is not what I should see. You have seen it. You've touched all the things that should be touched and shouldn't be touched. You want to pretend that you don't see them at this time. I'll tell you that there's not only no way, but also no window. "

"You let me go." Chi's face was close to his chest, listening to his rhythmic heartbeat, and then he held him up.

Her body suddenly emptied, which made her instinctively reach for his neck. So she was close to him, close to the breath.

"Hang Jin, what are you doing?" Just when he was confused, Hang Jin put his body on the bed.

His tall body approached him, seeing him getting closer and closer to her, Chi Yang instinctively closed his eyes.

However, the next second, what did Chi think of, she immediately reached out to Hang Jin's chest: "Hang Jin, no, absolutely not..."

"What's the matter?" The sudden and violent resistance of Chi Yangyang made Hang Jin stop. He looked at her and said, "isn't it uncomfortable?"

"No, just..." She had not yet figured out how to tell him about the child. She was a little worried for a moment, and her face turned white with fear.

His face was white, and he said it was OK. This woman wanted to piss him off.

Hang Jin shoved her into the bed and said, "I'm scared like this. Do I want to eat you or what?"

At this time, he was also fierce. As soon as Chi Yang's nose was sour, his tears rolled in his eyes: "can you not be cruel to me?"

"Am I mean to you?" Seeing the pitiful appearance of Chiyang Yang's aggrieved Baba, Hang Jin involuntarily softened his voice, "little idiot, when did I do something to hurt you?"

He didn't, but he killed her, that is to make her feel aggrieved, aggrieved want to cry.

He rubbed her head and sighed, "you don't agree. When did I force you? Go to bed. " Pool central nest into the bed, Hang Jin just turned around to dry the water on his body, casually took a bath towel around his body, and then lay beside her, she wanted to move a little bit to the side, who expected to be caught by Hang Jin as soon as there was movement into his arms: "sleep.

"it's uncomfortable to fall asleep like this." His muscles are so strong, and he hugs him so wildly. He really can't sleep well, but he just doesn't let go. "Chiyang, try running again."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Didn't you kill her?

It's not fierce. What's it called?

She didn't dare to move any more. She asked him to hold her. After a long time, when he was almost asleep in Chiyang, Hang Jin was domineering, but his pleasant voice sounded over her head: "I haven't seen you for so long, can't hold you for a while?"

It's not that she can't, but she's afraid that he can't control it. Two people brush their guns and hurt the child in her stomach.

In fact, she likes his arms. His body is warm like a stove, which can drive away the cold of plateau night for her, so that she can finally have a good sleep.

Instinctively, she rubbed against his arms. Hang Jin was willing to hold her. "Stop moving. Sleep well."

He didn't have the ability to sit still, but for the little fool in his arms, he had to.

"Hang Jin, I'm sorry!" She said a word suddenly in his arms.

Hang Jin knew what she meant: "what's the use of saying sorry? If you know it's wrong, don't do anything that worries me next time. "

"Not in the future." No one in the world has the obligation to wait for her to grow up from her mistakes. She should learn to adjust her mood and make herself strong enough and excellent enough to stand beside him.

"Little idiot!" Hang Jin scolded, but her eyes were tender.

It wasn't long before he fell asleep, but Hang Jin, who had been working hard for many days, didn't feel sleepy.

He looked down at her peaceful sleeping face in his arms and could not help but kiss her forehead.

So long to find her, he not only miss her, more or worry.

He worried that she could not eat well or sleep well, that she was haunted by nightmares, that she was thin

Today, when I saw her, she was really thin again, but her mental state seemed to be good. At that time, his heart fell by half.

He is not a man who is good at expressing love. He doesn't know how to coax girls to be happy with sweet words. He just tells her that he likes her.

But the little fool never believed it.

He said once she didn't believe it, so he kept saying until she believed.

But he has been talking about it for so long, and the little fool is still not enlightened. Thinking about this, Hang Jin gently grabbed her hand, raised it to his lips and kissed again: "Chi Yang, you don't know how much I like you. You don't know how worried I am about you in these days. You certainly haven't thought about how I will live in the future if you have a mistake. "

This little fool, when can I think about it when I decide something?

Hang Jin knows that if she wants to have him in her heart, maybe it will take a long time, or even a lifetime, but he is willing to do so.

"Brother Jin..." Just when Hang Jin looked at her, her red lips were slightly open, and she gently spit out three words.

The little fool called him in his dream. In his heart, Hang Jin felt as if he had been filled with a bucket of honey. It was so sweet that it would overflow: "baby, I'm here. What's the matter? What do you want to tell me? "

"Brother Jin..." In addition to calling him, Chi said nothing else, just holding his arms tightly.

"Brother Jin is here, right beside you. You can tell him anything you want to say." Hang Jin gently patted her on the back, and her heart had already been softened by her brother Jin. His baby calls him in a dream, so can he think that his baby also has him in his heart?

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