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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1966

Story 1 year ago

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Just after supper, it rained heavily in the sky.

Listening to the crackling rain on the roof, Chi Yang looked at the roof anxiously.

I don't know if Hang Jin has mended the roof. If not, it will rain so much tonight, and it will be wet in the house tomorrow morning.

The little white fool looked at him with questioning eyes, which made Hang Jin feel particularly uncomfortable: "my young master is in charge of affairs, you have a hundred hearts. If the house leaks tonight, I will be your son later. "

"I can't have a son your age." Hearing his nonsense, Chi Yang chuckled.

"Indeed!" Hang Jin nodded and said, "you are so stupid. How could you have such a smart and handsome son as my young master?"

Hearing what Hang Jin said, Chi Yangyang unconsciously stroked his belly, which has been pregnant with a new life.

Although she still doesn't know whether the little life is a boy or a girl, she will love the little life, educate the little life, and never let the child repeat her mistakes.

If she could choose, she would like to be a boy, a boy whose character and appearance are like Hang Jin.

She hoped that the child would be as strong and brave as Hang Jin and not care too much about other people's eyes.

Like a person to say it out loud, do not like to refuse decisively never give people Fantasy

In such a way, Chiyang suddenly felt that Hang Jin's advantages seemed to be quite good.

"Four eyes, don't be dazed. I'll clean up the table and the kitchen. You take a bath first." Hang Jin roared and pulled back the thoughts of Chi Yang Yang. She looked at him. "Are you sure you want to wash the dishes?"

As he collected the bowl, Hang Jin said, "what are you doing with all this nonsense? Are you worried that my young father can't even wash the bowl well?"

"I'm not worried that you can't even wash the bowl well, I'm worried that you've broken the bowl."

Hang Jin's mouth angle Drew: "pool central!"

Chiyangyang quickly raised his hand and surrendered: "OK, you clean up slowly, I'll take a bath."


Conditions in the country are no better than in the city, and many facilities are not complete.

The bedroom is on the second floor. The bathroom is on the first floor and one room on the first floor. The central pool needs to take a bath. First, go upstairs to collect clothes, and then take a bath on the next floor.

She moves fast. When she gets ready and gets down, Hang Jin is still busy in the kitchen.

Chi Yang Yang craned his neck and looked at Hang Jin. He was clumsy in cleaning up. Sometimes he made the sound of bowl hitting, which made Chi Yang tremble.

"Hang Jin, if you can't, you can put it down. I'll take care of it later." To be honest, he is a young man who does not touch yangchunshui. It is difficult for him to do this kind of thing in such a remote place, but he is still very active.

As soon as her voice fell, she received a sharp eye warning from Hang Jin. She hurried away: "hang, you are busy with you, when I didn't say it."

Chi Yangyang was worried that Hang Jin would destroy her kitchen and wash her head after taking a bath.

She came out of the bathroom. It was a little cold. Her original plan to visit Hangjin in the kitchen was cancelled.

She hurried upstairs to add a coat for herself, and then found a windpipe to blow her hair.

She was about to open the hair dryer when it was suddenly taken by someone. Hang Jin's voice sounded in her ear: "I'll help you to blow it."

He used to blow his hair for him, but he was not used to it: "I can do it myself."

Hang Jin said, "I said I would play for you. Have I asked your opinion?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

This man, blowing her hair is so domineering and unreasonable.

In a short time, the hair in the middle of the pool was almost dry. Hang Jin looked down and sniffed, "what shampoo do you use? Why is it so fragrant? "

"Fragrant?" Chi Yang Yang picked up his hair and sniffed it carefully. "Why don't I feel that?"

"Little idiot!" He was praising her for her fragrance. Even if she could not hear it, she foolishly picked up her hair and smelled it.

"How can I curse again?" chuyang Dudu said

"Either scold you or think you are a little cute." Hang Jin put down the hair dryer, put her head in her arms, lowered her head and kissed her newly dried hair, "wait for me for a while, I'll take a bath."

He turned around to leave, and he reached out to hold him: "the temperature difference in the day is too big in this place. You just arrived, and you are easy to catch a cold in the bath at night. You'll make do with it tonight and wash it at noon tomorrow. "

When he first came here, he was not clear about the situation. He took a bath at night and couldn't get up the next day.

If you have a cold, a fever, a runny nose, you will feel as miserable as you look.

Hang Jin said with a smile, "if I don't take a bath, don't you dislike me?"

"Why should I dislike you if you don't take a bath?" Hangzhou Jin was very happy to hear her words. Unexpectedly, Chi Yang got up and went to the wardrobe to hold a quilt. "There is a room next door. You go to sleep next door."

For a moment, Hang Jin's face was black.

What did this stupid woman just say?

She said it again to see if he didn't break her leg.

As expected, Chi Yangyang didn't dare to say it, because she knew the expression on Hang Jin's face so well. She said it again, and he must beat her.

Hang Jin glared at her, then turned and went downstairs.

Chiyangyang was still a little worried that he was not used to the plateau climate for a while, and he said, "Hang Jin, just clean it up, don't wash it for a long time, you just don't adapt to the climate here, it's really easy to catch a cold."

Hang Jin ignored her.

After a while, he heard the sound of Hang Jin going upstairs.

This man has been washing for so long that he deserves to have a cold.

At this time, Hang Jin strided into the room: "Chi Yang Yang, why didn't the bathroom prepare bath towels?"

He had nothing on, so he walked into the room with a big swing and no scruples.

At the sight of him, Chi Yang's face suddenly burst red. She grabbed the quilt and covered her head: "Hang Jin, can we not do this?"

Hang Jin doesn't care. "Where haven't you seen my young master? There's nothing to be shy about."

Chi Yang Yang has the impulse to kick him out: "no, would you please find something to block it?"

Hang Jin shrugged: "you don't even have a spare towel in the bathroom. I can't come out like this."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Blame her?

Forget it, don't talk to him. Anyway, he has the ability to find a hundred reasons for him not to wear clothes.

Hang Jin added: "don't hide foolishly. Find a towel for my young master to wipe, or you will be responsible for the cold."

Chi didn't want to take care of him, but he was worried that he had a cold. So he got out of bed and took out a towel from the wardrobe. Don't give it to Hang Jin at the beginning: "wipe it quickly." Hang Jin didn't reach for it. He had a bad smile on his lips: "I want you to help me."

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