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Chiyangyang: "..."

If anyone likes her, she will accept it. Can she play a green light to Hang Jin? At the words of Hang Jin, mother Liu nodded happily: "yes, Mr. Chi, your man said that I was in my heart. I just give you something if I like you, but not if I don't like it. And the man in your family is really not wrong. He looks good and has a sweet mouth. "

Chiyangyang: "..."

How do you feel that the overbearing and powerful Hang Jin has suddenly become the fragrant bun that everyone likes.

But some days later, when they see the real face of Hang Jin, they will know that they have read the wrong person.

Then they will know that no matter how good they look, they will still be annoying.

When things were sent out, Liu's mother nagged again and went home happily, leaving Chi Yangyang holding a vegetable basket and looking up at Hang Jin on the roof.

"Chi Yangyang, can't you hear me when I let you in?" This woman's body is thin. If she has a cold, she is worried about him. She really doesn't think about him at all.

He is blind to see such a woman!

In order not to let this stupid woman freeze, Hang Jin accelerated the speed of mending the leak. When he adjusted the last tile, he scolded: "little idiot!"

No matter what, she is the one who is bullied and doesn't want to waste her words with him.

But when she saw that the man was going to get down the ladder, she quickly went up to hold the ladder: "Hang Jin, slow down."

However, Hang Jin didn't listen to her as usual. He climbed down the ladder a few times.

When he stepped on the ground at that moment, Chi Yangyang quietly breathed a breath, hanging heart fell to the ground.

It's such a worry free Lord.

"What are you doing, little idiot? Don't want to go in yet? " Hang Jin took the ladder in one hand and went to lead the pool in the other.

When he touched her hand, he was angry again: "you little fool, you don't know how to go back to the house. Are you still a three-year-old?"

He scolded, but Hang Jin held Chi's hand carefully, trying to give her a little warmth.

Chi Yang wants to pull back.

As soon as she had a move, she was frightened by Hang Jin's eyes. She did not dare to move any more. She followed him into the room.

After entering the house, Hang Jin hurried to fill a bowl of soup: "drink a bowl of soup quickly. I don't want to sleep with an ice stick at night."

Chi Yangyang holds a bowl and drinks two mouthfuls of chicken soup. The hot chicken soup entrance instantly drives away the chill of the body.

"Can't you drink fast? Ants are faster than you when you drink like this. " Hang Jin watched her drink slowly. It was estimated that the soup would be cold before she finished. Could she warm up?

"Do you have to use such a disgusting tone?" he whispered in his heart

Seeing that she didn't move, Hang Jin was in a hurry again. He wanted to hold her mouth and pour it into his mouth: "let you hurry up, can't you hear it?"

Chi Yangyang wrongly nuzui: "Uncle hang, if you don't bully me, will you lose a piece of meat? Still say like me, still say miss me, but you look at your appearance a little like me think I mean? "

"Who likes you such a little fool?" said Hang Jin

He stopped talking and looked up at him with tears in his eyes.

The eyes made Hang Jin's bones crisp: "I'm not afraid that you are frozen. It's not because of you. Be obedient, take good care of yourself and don't let me worry. Of course, I won't be cruel to you. "

Chi Yang sipped his lips: "so you don't want to care about me? Well, go find someone you care about. "

"Is that what I mean?" This little idiot was not very reasonable before.

I haven't seen you for a few days. I'm so angry. I've learned to make trouble out of nothing.

I don't know where I borrowed my courage.

It's really a mess.

Chi Yangyang roared back: "what you just said, don't want to admit it?"

This is the first time that Chiyang Yang used "roar" to Hang Jin, which really made Hang Jin ignorant.

The little idiot was so angry that he dared to roar at him. It was clear that he owed to clean up. However, Hang Jin was still happy.

It seems that his little idiot has come out of the Chi Yishen incident, which is a good phenomenon.

Before he found her again, he was worried that she would hide her mind in her heart and not say anything to anyone. He was silly and sad.

"Well, I said the wrong thing. You don't know that I'm full of you. I don't care if other women are beautiful. " She had a hard time coming out of the shadow. He had to let her light it.

What if he doesn't step back and they really quarrel and make her cry again?

What he was most afraid to see was her tears.

"You are wrong. Don't be cruel to me in the future. " Well, Chiyang knows how to push forward.

"Well, listen to you. What you say in the future is what you say." Hang Jin raised his hand and rubbed her head, especially softening her voice. "Now you can have a good soup."

Chi Yangyang just drank the soup in the bowl, and Hang Jin hurriedly arranged dinner.

He was clumsy, but he was willing to do it. After a few times, he put the soup on the table and didn't let Chi Yangyang start: "wife, you just sit and eat. I'll cover everything else."

He often called her little idiot, little fool, little four eyes, or the first time to call her wife Chi Yang Yang suddenly blushed and stammered, "who is your wife?" "Who else? Apart from you, I have no second woman in my life. My young master also gave you his pure body. " Hang Jin said that his face was not red and his heart did not jump, but he heard that his face was already red and bleeding.

This man is really shameless. He can say anything, but he doubts: "you didn't find a girlfriend in those years when you left Jiangbei?"

He disappeared from her life for several years, and she didn't believe that he was a big man who didn't have a girlfriend.

"What do you think?" If he could find another girlfriend, he would come back to find her little idiot.

As expected, it's the stupid Chi Yang Yang. I don't want her to be enlightened in my life.

Chi Yangyang sat at the table, picked up his chopsticks and took a bite of rice: "who knows."

"Chiyangyang, sooner or later, I will be angry with you." How dare she say she doesn't know?

Everyone knows that he can only hold her in his heart, and she dares not to know.

"Anyone can say it." He said this in his mouth, but he believed him in his heart.

Everyone would lie to her, but she knew he would never.

"So you want me to prove how much I like you with my practical actions, right? Then eat quickly, and I'll show you later. " He would tell her how much he liked her with his body, which had been "pure in heart and few in desire" for a long time.

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