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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1964

Story 1 year ago

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How can I know if I haven't done it? No one is born with everything, and they all come out step by step. " Hang Jin leaned the ladder against the wall and said he would climb up.

Hang Jin's words make sense, but to see him climb up such a high building without any protective measures, Chi Yangyang is not worried.

She hurriedly trotted over and held the ladder: "Hang Jin, can you crawl slowly? Even if I ask you. "

What would she do if he fell? What about the baby in her stomach?

But Hang Jin didn't listen to her at all. He climbed up quickly When I was about to climb the top, a pedal under my feet suddenly gave a click and broke.

Hang Jin was quick and climbed a ladder without any influence.

But Chi Yang is different. She was so scared that her heart almost popped out of her mouth.

"Hang Jin..." She was afraid to distract her attention and didn't dare to speak again, but her two eyes followed her closely.

Every time Hang Jin goes up, Chi Yang Yang's little heart gets nervous.

Finally, Hang Jin climbed to the top of the building with a slight leap.

He turned to pool Yang Yang a smile: "see it, your man is fierce."

Chi Yangyang didn't say a word. Her lips were white, but because it was dark, Hang Jin couldn't see it.

I'm glad he can't see it, so she won't worry him.

Hang Jin said, "it's windy outside. It's a little cold. Go back to the house and have a hot soup first. Don't stand here foolishly."

She was worried that he was so worried that her heart was pulled together, but the man said that she stood here foolishly.

Who is this!

Chi wants to turn around and go back to his house, but he can't really leave him alone.

She backed up a few steps, chose a good position and looked up at Hang Jin.

Obviously worried, but she also learned his tone and said: "Hang Jin, I tell you, if you break down, I will remarry."

Take the baby to remarry to see if he is willful.

"Chi Yang, do you want to be beaten?" This little four eyed girl is getting fatter and fatter. Unexpectedly, he dare to say such words in front of him.

at night, he must repair her well, so that she will not have the heart and strength to think about anything other than him.

Hang Jin is walking around on the roof He is such a big man. What should he do if he steps on the roof and falls?

He knew that no matter how he advised him, he would not listen. So he said, "brother Jin, be careful!"

Brother Jin's three words are the assassin's mace of chiyangyang against Hangjin.

When she called out, Hang Jin instantly became honest: "OK, I'll listen to you. I'll be careful. You can go into the house, too. Don't be cold. "

Chi Yangyang: "I'm going to look at you here!"

Well, if she wants to see it, let her see In order not to cool her, Hang Jin quickly mended.

From time to time, I also look at his small eyes.

"Mr. Chi, it's dark this day. What are you doing standing outside alone?" Liu's mother's voice suddenly came from behind, which scared Chi Yang.

Before she calmed down, she heard Liu's mother say: "the temperature difference between morning and night in the plateau area is big, the sun is bright in the daytime, it's OK to wear a thin shirt. The temperature can drop by more than ten degrees at night, and it's cold to wear a down jacket."

"Mother Liu, I don't wear cold clothes," said Chi

Liu's mother said, "Mr. Chi, the conditions in our village are no better than those in the city. You are not alone now. You must take good care of yourself."

"Mom Liu, thank you for your concern. I will take good care of her. I don't have any other skills, but the ability to warm the quilt is absolutely first-class. "

A nice male voice came from above. Mother Liu looked up and saw Hang Jin sitting on the roof.

The moonlight shines on him, making him look better than in the daytime

Liu's mother had never seen such a good-looking man before. Her face turned red all of a sudden. She said without hesitation, "Oh, Mr. Chi, your man is so good-looking!"

Chi Yangyang: "mother Liu..."

We can't boast about Hangjin any more. That man is so proud that his tail can be lifted to the world. If we boast about it again, it is estimated that his tail will be lifted to the moon.

But Hang Jin was happy: "Mom Liu, you think I'm pretty, right? But my family's central government dislikes me, and just said they want to remarry."

"Hang Jin, shut up!" he shouted with a red face

She just casually said that how could he freely say the private words between the husband and wife to outsiders? Would she like to mix up in this village in the future?

Hang Jin: "Chiyang, be gentle with me!"

I just called him brother Jin, and I yelled at him in the blink of an eye. Women are really fickle.

Mother Liu said with a smile: "don't worry, Miss Chi will never, she is still pregnant..."

"Mother Liu!" Seeing that Liu's mother is about to tell her about her baby, Chi immediately interrupts. She thinks it's better for her to tell Hang Jin about such a big thing by herself.

Liu's mother understood as soon as she heard it. She thought that Chi Yang had already told Hang Jin. Now she knows that Chi Yang didn't say it, and that it's inconvenient for her to talk more.

Liu's mother looked at Hang Jin again. "How can you climb so high?"

Hang Jin: "because the roof leaks, I'll make it up."

"Mr. Chi, it's not a matter of two days. Why don't you tell me that I'll find someone to fix it?" Liu's mother suddenly scolded herself, "or blame me for my carelessness. I run to you every day, but I don't find it."

"Mom Liu, don't say that. These are small things that Hang Jin can handle." Chiyangyang felt that he had caused a lot of troubles to the villagers. If he didn't do well, he would go to them for everything.

Liu's mother still scolds herself: "what little thing? You've been here alone and rained several times before. It's probably cold. We didn't notice it either. "

This topic can't be continued any more. With the understanding of his mother Liu, she will let the whole village know.

She quickly changed the topic: "by the way, mother Liu, you still come out so late. What's the matter with me?"

Speaking of things, Liu's mother just remembered to find the business of Chiyang Yang. She put the vegetable basket in the basket and said, "this is the pea tip we just picked from the ground. It's very tender and fresh. I want to send you some."

"Mom Liu, you sent me so much, I'm sorry to eat your food." Chiyangyang is really embarrassed to accept it again. But the man on the roof came again: "what's the shame? Liu's mother likes you and doesn't like you. Mother Liu is kind-hearted. If you don't accept it, you will waste the world's love for you. "

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