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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1958

Story 1 year ago

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Hang Jin thought that the old man would try his best to keep him at Yin's house and let him accompany him more. He never thought that he would be driven away by the old man before his ass became hot.

He stood on the ground window of the airport terminal building and looked up to the sky.

The sky is blue and white, and the sky is clear.

This kind of weather can make people feel better at a glance.

But at this moment, he still felt like a corner of his heart was empty, especially insecure.

So far, Chi has been away from him for 15 days.

For fifteen days, he had no news of her.

He didn't know if there was her at the end of the road he set foot on.

The thought of that cruel woman.

He wanted to get her back and clean up.


A village in Yanyuan County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture.

The early morning sunlight sprinkles into the house and shines on the body.

Chi Yang Yang opens his eyes, plans to get up, and lies back half way up.

She almost forgot, today is the weekend, no class, can have a good sleep.

She turned over lazily, ready to sleep a beautiful return sleep, but a loud voice suddenly sounded outside the house: "Mr. Chi, are you at home?"

The sound can break the spider web on the wall, and of course, it can also make the sleepy insects in the middle of the pool noisy away.

She immediately grabbed her coat and put it on. She got up and opened the window. Half of her body leaned out of the window. "Mom Liu, what are you doing to me so early?"

Outside the wooden house, mother Liu raised her basket and said happily, "I just picked some vegetables from the ground and sent them to Mr. Chi. I hope you don't dislike them."

Chiyangyang quickly turned around and took out some change from his wallet. He opened the door and went out. He took Liu's food and put the money into Liu's mother. "Liu's mother, I've taken your food, but you have to take it."

Liu's mother was eager to return the money to Chi Yangyang: "Mr. Chi, this is planted in our own land. It's not worth a lot of money. How can I collect your money. It's impossible to use. " "Mom Liu, if you don't take any more money, I won't take this dish." Chi Yangyang holds Liu's mother's hands. "Chi's mother, even if this dish is not worth a few dollars, it's hard for you to grow it. Every day I eat for nothing, and I feel uneasy.

”"Mr. Chi, you come to our village to teach the children to read and read. We will give you some food. How can it be called free food. I don't like it when you talk like that. " Mother Liu's voice was loud. After two people's going back and forth, there were villagers passing by again.

Chiyangyang looked for help at his neighbor, uncle Liu, who was bending his back. "Uncle Liu..."

Uncle Liu is old and ill. He walks much slower than ordinary people, but he still walks with firm steps.

He took the money from Liu's mother and handed it back to Chi Yang: "Mr. Chi, we know that you are from a big city, and there is no shortage of such money, but we can't accept it."

Chi Yangyang was helpless: "Sir, how can I..."

Mr. Liu interrupted Mr. chiyangyang: "the villagers in our village have never made a few money in their lives, but they have never planted many dishes. We can't live without you."

Chiyangyang was eager to explain, but uncle Liu didn't give her a chance to talk: "although some of our old men and women have never walked out of this mountain in their lives, we know that the grace of dripping water should be reported to each other."

"Today, I'll put my words here. Mr. Chi, if you teach in our village for one day, we'll serve these dishes for one day. What's the matter with you, a girl, coming here to teach for free and eating some cabbage we planted? "

Other surrounding villagers also heckled: "Mr. Chi, you can teach the children to read and read without any money. We will give you two vegetables and charge you money. Our villagers are not white eyed wolves."

Another person then said, "you are right, uncle Liu. You are a girl. You have a small amount of food. If you eat a little, how can you make us poor?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

Everyone's "denounce" is still going on, but Chi Yang Yang can't hear what they are talking about.

Some of the villagers around her are not well-educated. Some of them may not even have studied or read books. They don't know a few big words. But they know a truth: if people treat me kindly, I will return with kindness.

But Chi Yishen, who lived in a comfortable environment and received a good higher education, did so many crazy things later.

That man has been caught and locked up in the prison. He has not realized that he has committed crimes. He has not realized that the crimes he has committed have broken many families' glass and killed many people.

Unconsciously, tears filled her eyes, tears drop by drop down the corner of her eyes.

She is not sad, nor sad, but moved

Someone found out: "teacher Chi, what's the matter with you?"

Chi Yangyang quickly raised his hand to wipe away tears: "I'm ok, I'm moved by everyone. Thank you for being so kind to me! "

Thank them for letting her find the warmth of this society far away from her hometown.

Thank them for letting her find the meaning of living in this world.

Thank them

What she can do is to teach children how to read and read.

"No, Xiaohei is in the water. Let's go and have a look."

The shouting tens of meters away attracted everyone's attention.

Everyone listen, rush to that side.

Chi Yang put the dishes on the ground and ran with the crowd.

When they arrived, there were already a lot of people around the pond at the head of the village.

Xiaohei lies on the ground motionless, Xiaohei's mother lies on the ground shaking Xiaohei's body and cries darkly: "Xiaohei, my son You go like this. How will mom live in the future? "

The people around silently wipe their tears, thinking that the little black is afraid to be gone.

"Little black mother, don't move him first, let me try." Chi Yang rushed through the crowd and pulled little black mother aside.

She quickly knelt beside Xiaohei, cleared the water and dirt in Xiaohei's mouth and nose, and then quickly took chest compressions and mouth to mouth breathing.

This kind of first aid method has been heard by many people, but it's the first time to see someone use it in front of you.

Everyone held their breath and looked forward to the miracle.

At this time, the waiting time is always very long.

I don't know how much, Xiao Hei suddenly coughs

Everyone's eyes are bright, and Xiaohei's mother is excited to tears: "Xiaohei, Xiaohei..."

Pool Yang Yang wiped the sweat on his forehead: "little black mother, first send little black to let the doctor see."

That's what we're doing. And Chi Yangyang, also don't know is too nervous or kneeling on the ground for too long, she suddenly felt a black in front of her eyes, the whole person lost consciousness.

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