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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1957

Story 1 year ago

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The arrival of Hang Jin is a real joy for the Yin family.

From the moment when he saw Hang Jin, the smile on the old man's face never stopped. He took Hang Jin to practice Kung Fu early in the morning.

Hang Jin didn't want to spoil the old man's interest, but he didn't dare to move seriously. After two contests, the old man despised him. "Stinky boy, you let the water go so obviously, and my old man doesn't want to be ashamed anymore?"

Hang Jin said with a smile: "old man, since you can see that I am releasing water, let's stop practicing. How nice to sit down for tea and have a chat. " "You see how old you are. You're not much older than me. Do you know that you need to practice Kung Fu every day Because of his identity, he is strict with himself and his children.

He dotes on the younger generation, but there is a degree of doting. He will never break away from the principle, nor do anything against the law and discipline.

So in the capital, when it comes to Yin's family, almost no one doesn't give a thumbs up.

"Well, I remember your old saying, practice hard every day and never be lazy." Hang Jin helped the old man to sit down in the pavilion beside him and poured tea for him. "Old man, you have tea."

The old man took two sips of tea and went into the teacup and said, "Why are you alone this time? Why didn't you bring the little girl of Chi family to Grandpa? "

The old man can't imagine holding his great grandson, but none of the younger generation in the family is very competitive.

The three granddaughters of Yin family have been married for many years, but they haven't let the old man hold their great grandson for so many years.

The two girls said they would spend more years with their husband and let the old man down again.

As for the three girls, let alone, the wedding has not been put on the agenda, I don't know how long to wait.

So the old man put all the hopes of hugging his great grandson on Hang Jin. Seeing the boy's feelings for the little girl of the Chi family, it shouldn't be a problem to hold them for three years.

"Old man, I come to see you. What does it have to do with Chi family girl? Do you know her well? " What Hang Jin said was to block Qi, but the old man who wanted to hold his great grandson didn't hear it.

He asked, "you don't like the little girl of Chi family?"

Hang Jin: "who said I like that little head?"

Old man: "you like the little girl of Chi family, you need to say. You should ask, all of us, old and young, who don't know. "

Everyone knows his feelings towards Chi Yang, but the party concerned, Chi Yang, doesn't know and doesn't accept it. Hang Jin suddenly gets a little sullen: "I don't want to talk to her who cares about her."

The old man looked at Hang Jin: "so you don't like the little girl of Chi family?"

Hang Jin doesn't answer. He drinks tea with a teacup.

How could he not like the little girl? He just thought that the little girl left him and left, which made him uncomfortable.

"There are so many girls in the world, you really don't need to guard a girl." The old man clapped Hang Jin's hand and said, "it's a coincidence, it's a coincidence."

Hang Jin: "what's so clever?"

"The old man added:" just now I have an old friend who is going to bring his granddaughter back home to visit us today

Hang Jin: what does this have to do with me

The old man said with a smile: "I heard that his granddaughter is not only beautiful, but also very knowledgeable. There are many people pursuing her. I think this girl is better than that little girl of the Chi family. Why don't you talk about it? " "Don't belittle our central bank, old man, it's their business to be excellent. Besides, in my heart, my central bank is the best girl in the world. No one can compare with her. " Hang Jin is a typical type of person who protects calves. His family has four small eyes. He doesn't care what he says, but others can't say a bad word about her.

The old man said again, "you don't like people anymore. No one is allowed to tell you." "Who says I don't like the little girl of Chi family? Who else can I like except her in my life? Your grandson and I have been her husband. Her life is her life and her death is her ghost. No one else will think about it. What's more, when you are a grandparent, how can you say that your granddaughter-in-law is inferior to others? "

"What? What did you just say? " Hearing this, the old man was so excited that his eyes lit up, but he was afraid that he had heard it wrong again, and was eager to get a positive reply from Hangjin.

"I said I was married. The object is the little girl of Chi family. Although she always makes me angry, I still don't want anyone except her in my life. "

"You kid, still want to cheat me, you are a little tender." Even though he didn't know what Hang Jin said was outrageous, the old man tried to find a way to do so, and then he tried to find out the truth, "did you two quarrel?"

"No." Hang Jin shook his head. "No quarrel, why didn't she come with you?" The old man patted Hang Jin on the shoulder. He didn't wait for Hang Jin to explain. He said, "boy, you only marry her if you like her. Since you marry a young girl, you should take good care of her and be loyal to her. You should never be ambivalent. Don't make her sad, don't make her regret. Make her smile whenever she thinks of you. "

"Master, so that's why you still don't want to remarry when grandma died many years ago?" When Yin's grandmother died, the children were still under age, but the old man never wanted to marry again.

When Hang Jin heard about it, he always thought that the old man was delayed because he was busy with his work and had to take care of his children. Later, he was old and would not think about it again.

Now it seems that the old man's feelings towards grandma are sincere and warm. The old man sighed: "when I married your grandmother and came into the house, I said that she was the only one in my life, so I should take good care of her and love her. But I still failed her. In those years, I was busy with my work and ignored her physical condition. It was too late to wait for her to show up. "

Speaking of the past, tears flashed in the old man's eyes: "I still remember that she held hands at the end of her life and didn't say anything to me, just tried to squeeze out a smile. I know. She wanted to tell me that she didn't regret marrying me. "

"Don't be sad, old man." Hang Jin is not very good at persuading people. He doesn't think it's necessary. Things in the past are beautiful. Why not.

"I'm not sad, I'm happy. I am so old, my memory is not very good. There is another thing that I often remember. It is actually a happy thing. "

Hang Jin thinks that's the truth. The old man said, "Grandpa, I don't want you to accompany me now. Go to find your little girl. Apologize to her, ask her to forgive you, give birth to a great grandson to grandpa as soon as possible, and then a family of three will accompany Grandpa. "

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