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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1956

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1956

How can he bully you?" Hangjin's face sank and his eyes were bright. "Where is he now? I'll clean him up." "What does he mean to bully me? What do you want to do with him? Why are you talking so rough? Where do two people have no quarrel together? Do you say that you and central have quarreled together? " Everyone in the family thinks that she and Shen are really in love. They think that the two of them come together because of love. No one knows how she and Shen get along. If they know that, especially Hang Jin, they will make a big deal.

Yin Susu doesn't want to make trouble, let alone expose her wounds to the sun, and don't want everyone to pity her and sympathize with her, so she always finds excuses and excuses, and even believes herself after making up so many lies. "We will quarrel, but I will not really bully her, at least not let him go to the airport alone in the middle of the night to pick up people." Hang Jin also said that he had no confidence. If he was a qualified husband, he would not know where Chi Yangyang is now.

Yin Susu continues to make up lies, and he doesn't know whether to tell Hang Jin or brainwash himself. "Your brother-in-law is not at home. If he is, he won't let me come to the airport in the middle of the night alone." Hang Jin extended his arms and hugged Yin Susu. "When two people quarrel, they can quarrel and get angry. But after the quarrel, they should listen to each other. Don't hide so that he can't find you. No matter where you go, please tell him where you are. " "Well, our young master of Hangzhou family suddenly grew up. It's true that the men after marriage are different." Yin Susu has a smile on her face, but her heart is bitter. If she really hides, Shen Jimo will wake up with a smile even if she is asleep. How can she find her at


Hang Jin glared at her. "Don't laugh at me."

Yinsusu led him to the parking lot and asked, "by the way, does grandpa know you are coming tonight?"

Hang Jin shook his head. "It's too late tonight, so I won't tell him. I'll give him a surprise tomorrow morning."

"The old man talks about you every day. I hope you will accompany him when you come to the emperor. He will be too happy to sleep for several nights." When it comes to the old man at home, the smile on Yin Susu's face is quite real.

No matter how much grievance I suffered from outside, it's always warm to go back home, especially Grandpa, who is reluctant to let their younger generation get angry. They are all in the palm of their hands.

"It's my honor as a junior to make him happy." After experiencing some things recently, Hang Jin feels that life is more valuable and knows how important companionship is for the elderly. People have been walking towards the tomb since they were born. The older they are, the closer they are to the tomb. The old man is over 80 now. How many days can they spend with him? So he has to spend more time with the old man in a few days.

"By the way, last time you didn't tell me to bring the central government to see Grandpa. Why didn't the central government come this time?"

"Don't mention that little idiot to me. I'll be furious when I mention it." As soon as he mentioned Chiyang, Hang Jin thought of the fact that she left him and ran away. He was so angry that his teeth itched. He swore that he would clean up the little fool after he got him back.

"What's the matter?" During the conversation, they got on the car. When Yin Susu started the car, he glanced at Hang Jin and said, "you didn't persuade me just now. You won't think about it once it comes to you."

"She ran away," said Hang Jin angrily

When Yin Susu saw that Hang Jin wanted to eat people, he knew that Hang Jin was tortured by Chi Yangyang. "Where has she gone?"

Hang Jin shook his head. "I don't know."

Yin Susu said, "Yang Yang is not a willful person. How could she leave suddenly? Don't you know?"

Hang Jin: "something happened in this period of time, which hit her a lot." "What did you do to be sorry for her, to stimulate her?" At the thought of this possibility, Yin Susu was also very angry. "Hang Jin, I'll tell you that when you are together, it's not a big thing for you to be a bit aggressive and unreasonable at ordinary times. But if you do something that's sorry to the Central Committee and make a mistake in principle, don't say that the Central Committee won't forgive you. I don't want to see you again."

Hang Jin: "where do you want to go?"

They can't expand their imagination and think about it in the distance.

"You'd better not do what I'm sorry for, or I'll never finish with you." Yin Susu glanced at Hang Jin and said, "then tell me what happened to you and her."

"Her father is not dead?"

"Isn't Chi deep dead?" On hearing this news, Yin Susu suddenly felt numb. "Who died in that case two years ago? Who was responsible for the autopsy DNA? "

Hang Jin told Yin Susu about the incident. After hearing this, Yin Susu also wanted to scold him. "Chi Yishen is really not a thing. That's his wife who has been sleeping with him for many years. How can he do it?"

Hang Jin "as long as he has a little humanity, he will not do such a thing." Yin Susu suddenly understood why Chi Yangyang would run away, which could not be accepted by any of them. "It seems that the central bank has been hit very hard this time. After you find her, you'd better find a professional psychologist to help her guide her

"I got in touch with the psychiatrist and came home to find that the little fool had run away." Hang Jin is worried about the fact that Chi Yangyang secretly ran away. In fact, he is more angry and angry that little idiot left him. This time she can leave him behind, and then she can make a divorce, which makes Hang Jin uneasy these days.

"You should have a clue about where the central government is located."

"How do you know?"

"If you don't confirm that the central bank is safe, God will come to see Grandpa if you have any thoughts. Others don't know you, boy. I don't know you. "

"Sure enough, you know me best."

"If the central committee wants to be quiet, you can give her time to be quiet alone. When appropriate, you can let the psychiatrist intervene quietly and guide her unintentionally, which is the best way to help her with psychotherapy."

"Third sister, thank you!" Hang Jin reached out his hand and patted Yin Susu on the shoulder. "We have so many kind relatives and friends around us, and Yang Yang will surely be able to overcome this difficulty and run to a better tomorrow with me."

"Yes, it will." Yin Susu smiles. Everyone has a tomorrow, and where is her tomorrow and Shen Jimo's tomorrow?

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