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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1955

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1955

I don't know who Yin Susu is? Forget how high spirited you used to be? Forget it's the Pearl in the hand of Yin's family? Who do you want to show this poor look to now? I? Or the Yin family? " Shen Jimo looks back, cold to stab people's eyes on her face, breaks off her fingers one by one, and calls her name one by one, "Yin Susu, want to play, find someone to play with me.

I can't play with Shen Jimo. "

"Shen Jimo, what do I want to play?" Yin Susu shook her head. "How can you think of me like this? I'm not playing. I never thought about playing. I really want to live a good life together. " "You want to live with me?" He suddenly smiled, he was born beautiful, this smile, drive away the cold frown between the eyebrows, let him look a lot, but the smile lasted only a few seconds, the smile on his face was replaced by the grumpiness, "do you still want to say love to me?" "Yes, I'm in love, hopelessly in love." Yes, she just loves him, hopelessly. If not, why is she engaged to him? Why marry him? In the final analysis, it is because I love him so much that I am willing to give everything for him. Once, she heard that in the world of love, the one who first moved is always the one who is passive. The one who does not love can be the helmsman of this love and have the right to speak. However, she doesn't think that love is equal. If you give, you will get something. Now she seems to have to believe what others have said.

For her confession, Shen Jimo was not surprised, but amused.

He looked at her, she also looked at him, and then he smiled softly: "Yin Susu, love games, I can't play Shen Jimo."

Yin Susu: "..."

What she wanted to say, she opened her mouth but couldn't say a word. Her heart seemed to be caught suddenly, which made her almost breathless.

Just as she was numb with heartache, she heard him say slowly with his cold voice: "please leave my house immediately, and never appear in my house again."

With that, he ignored her expression and walked away with a long leg.

Yin Susu stood in the same place, unshaken for a long time, so he stood in a fixed stupidly way, tears falling uncontrollably.

Mingming is still autumn, and the weather is not cold yet. Yin Susu feels like she is in a cold cellar. The cold wind seems to be blowing from all directions, making her shiver.

Maybe she's really wrong. It's wrong to fall in love with a man who doesn't love himself

Tinkling bell

The harsh telephone ring broke the silence of the room, and made Yin Susu's mind slowly recover.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm down before answering the phone: "hello?" "Yin Susu, my young master will fly to the capital of emperor immediately. He will arrive at the airport in two hours and pick me up at the airport on time." The voice of Hang Jin on the phone was as arrogant as that of tianwanglaozi. It was clearly an annoying tone, but it was warm to hear her


She wanted to cry at him on the phone, and cry out all her grievances and unwillingness, but she didn't want others to see her embarrassed side, not even her close relatives.

She bit her tongue hard and stimulated herself with pain: "OK."

Hang Jin on the other end of the phone: "Yin Susu, you have a cold?"

Yin Susu shook her head and tried her best to make her voice sound pleasant. "No."

Hang Jin is not so easy to fool: "Yin Susu, I don't hear right, don't hide something from me."

Yin Susu promptly quibbled over the topic: "why choose the night flight?"

Hang Jin: "because flights are cheap at night."

Yin Susu: come on

"Because I miss someone, I want to see her earlier," said Hang Jin

After the day of Chi Yangyang's departure, Hang Jin was busy day and night for several days. He had just finished his work and didn't delay for a moment, so he bought a ticket to come to the capital to see the old man. After reporting peace with the old man, he would go to find his little idiot.

That woman's heart is really ruthless. After so many days of searching, he found some clues about her running direction.

Yin Susu: "does it mean that the central government doesn't come with the capital?"

Hang Jin: "well."

Yin Susu: "don't talk about that. I'm going to meet you at the airport."

Hang Jin: "don't come if it's inconvenient. I'll take a taxi or let the driver come."

Yin Susu: "the eldest young master is back. No one will pick him up at the airport. If you let him see, we can't have a good life. Well, I'll go and clean up. I'll see you later. "

With that, she hung up.

She turned and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. The woman in the mirror looked sad. She could hardly believe that it was her own.

She told herself that she could not do it again, at least not let her family see her.

she washed her face and put on make-up. The foundation was just struck, and she was covered with tears of wonder.

"Yin Susu!" She raised her hand and smashed the powder box into herself in the mirror? Do you want your family to see this look of embarrassment? "

Sometimes, she thinks she is very powerful. She and Shen Jimo are in this way, but they can make all the family mistakenly think that she and he are very kind.

Funny and pathetic!



Hang Jin took the suitcase from the luggage claim office and went straight to the exit. There was still a distance before he saw Yin Susu standing there. He waved at her, but she looked at him as if she hadn't seen him. Her eyes were dazed. She saw that people were not there.

Hang Jin came to her and said, "Miss Yin San, what are you thinking?"

Yin Susu returned to her mind and smiled: "I'm thinking."

"I don't care." Hang Jin looked behind her, left and right. "So late, alone?"

Yin Susu: "specially call me to pick it up. Can I still ask the driver to pick it up?"

Hang Jin was very angry: "what about Shen Jimo? His fiancee came to the airport half the night to pick up people. He didn't know how to accompany him? "

Yin Susu: "he is very busy."

Hang Jin: why is your face so ugly

Yin Susu: "me? It may be that the powder is too white. "

Hang Jin grabs her hand. It's very cold. "Did Shen Jimo bully her?"

Yin Susu: "no, we are very good." Hang Jin takes out her mobile phone and wants to call Shen Jimo. However, just before she finds the number, she is robbed by Yin Susu. She says, "yes, we are quarreling. I don't want to see him now."

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