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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1954

Story 1 year ago

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Yin Susu trots to catch up with her, but because she is wearing high heels, Shen Jimo is tall and has long legs, one step can be her two steps, and soon she is far behind: "Shen Jimo, you wait for me."

Shen Jimo took the lead in getting on the car, driving the car without turning back, leaving his newly married wife on the side of the road outside the license Hall

Seeing Shen Jimo drive his car away from his eyes, Yin Susu's smile disappears little by little, leaving behind a face of bitterness and helplessness.

Knowing that he didn't marry her because he loved her and didn't know what she was still happy about?

She always knew that Shen Jimo didn't love her, but she fell in love with him and vowed to let him marry her.

After years of hard work, she finally became Shen Jimo's wife

Holding a new marriage certificate, bright red is the color of celebration, but at this moment she felt extremely ironic. She thinks that a certificate can make her and Shen Jimo the two closest people in the world. However, she is slow to find that the distance between her and Shen Jimo is not closer because of the marriage certificate, but because the marriage certificate is becoming more and more distant. "Shen Jimo!" Yin Susu said his name again and again in silence, using such a clumsy way to give himself strength, "so many years I have persisted, and there will be more time in the future, even if you are hard hearted, I can think of

ways to make your heart soft." After telling herself so, Yin Susu tried to smile again. This was the first day they got their marriage license. There was a long time to go. She had to fight with Shen Jimo and live a good life with him. She could not be depressed because of his cold face.

After thinking about it, Yin Susu went to the shopping mall and bought a lot of small packages to Shen Jimo's home.

She was not good at cooking, but because of Shen Jimo's bad stomach, she went to learn cooking skills for him in the past two years. She can cook good dishes, especially the dishes Shen Jimo likes.

Yin Susu was busy in the kitchen for several hours. After boiling and frying, he waited for Shen Jimo to come home in the evening and eat a hot meal.

She thought naively, let him feel the warmth of home, then he will fall in love with the warmth in the future. When he gets used to her care, then he will be more and more inseparable from her, and his heart will naturally accept her.

However, Yin Susu never thought that she would wait and wait until eight o'clock in the evening.

She wanted to call him, but she was afraid that it would affect his work, so she held back.

She waited, waited, waited, and when the night was quiet, Shen Jimo still didn't come back.

The clock on the wall in front of her eyes has pointed to eleven o'clock in the evening. Yin Susu picks up her mobile phone and dials his phone number. However, what she hears is the cold sound of the machine: "the phone you dialed has been turned off, please dial it later."

He didn't go home.

He shut down.

Yin Susu doesn't give up and calls his assistant.

The other end of the line was quickly connected: "Hello, Miss Yin!" This kind of address makes Yin Susu's heart ache. In Shen Jimo's eyes, she can only be Miss Yin, and she can never be Mrs Shen. But she still pretends to be an innocent person and asks, "Xiao Huang, you haven't worked overtime today."

"No, Miss Yin," said Xiao Huang

Yin Susu said again: "then you, Mr. Shen..." Shen Jimo is her newly married husband, but she wants to find out where he is from other people's mouths. Yin Susu feels that she can't afford to lose this man, but it seems that before Shen Jimo, she has always been a woman who doesn't even want to have a face, so she asked easily, "where are you Shen?"

Xiaohuang said: "Miss Yin, Shen will not tell us his whereabouts after work. You can call him on his cell phone. "

Yin Susu: "..."

If you can get through his cell phone, why should she come to the assistant and lose face.

She still remembers that she once made Shen Jimo very angry. He said to her, "Yin Susu, you are a woman. You don't even want to face."

She doesn't want to be a human face, but loves him so humble that she doesn't want to be a human face.

Yin Susu hangs up the phone and takes back the cooked dishes and the well cooked old fire soup which took several hours to keep warm in the kitchen. What should delay Shen Jimo? When he comes back, he can still eat a hot one.

But Shen Jimo didn't eat these dishes after all.

Four days after registration, Shen Jimo disappeared. He didn't go to work or go home. Yin Susu didn't hear from him.

On the fourth night, Yin Susu, as always, cooked a meal and waited for Shen Jimo to go home, until the meal was cold and didn't wait for Shen Jimo.

In the middle of the night, she was so sleepy that she felt a person standing by the bed. She was so scared that she woke up immediately. She sat up and saw the tall man standing by the bed clearly by the weak light of the bedside lamp. He's a suit, standing upright beside the bed, tall and straight. It's the kind of man who can make people forget at a glance. But at this time, his whole body is like being covered with ice. There are still two or three steps away from him, and Yin Susu can also feel the coldness of his body.

His dark eyes stared at her, as dangerous as a fierce beast that can eat people at any time. Yin Susu shrank in fear: "Shen Jimo, what's wrong with you?"

He stared at her coldly and said nothing.

Yin Susu was so nervous that she swallowed her saliva and asked, "Shen Jimo, what's the matter with you?"

"Yin Susu!"

Shen Jimo finally spoke to her, the first thing he said to her since they registered for marriage.

It's her name.

After he called her name, he stopped talking. Yin Susu didn't know what he was going to say. He wanted to ask him, but he didn't know what he was going to ask. Because his appearance was so frightening that she was scared from the bottom of her heart.

I don't know how long it lasted. He turned around and walked out.

Seeing that he had just come back and was leaving again, Yin Susu instinctively wanted to keep him. Her brain had not yet thought and her actions had been kept up. She turned over and got out of bed. She didn't even wear shoes, so she ran after him: "Shen Jimo, where are you going?"

He looked back and saw her barefoot on the cold floor. Her eyes were colder: "go back."

But Yin Susu can't control so much. Even if he wants to eat her at this time, she just let him eat. She just doesn't want him to leave her behind and disappear. She ran to him and hugged him from behind: "Shen Jimo, don't go, don't leave me alone, OK?"

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