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The Death of the Sky Feather Island Lord

The Gaze of the God Eye and the Gaze of Death locked onto the Sky Feather Island Lord, greatly strengthening the seal upon him. In addition, the black eye on the Staff of Death Curse seemed to be boosting the power of Zhao Wang’s eye-bloodline technique.

“Ah…!” The Sky Feather Island Lord gave a miserable scream. He could feel his life, power, and soul withering away before the Death Intent.

Moreover, the formidable Curse Power of the Staff of Death Curse continued to encroach on his body, reducing his ability to recover and resist.

“Damn, how could it be this powerful? Is this divine weapon a supreme-quality divine weapon?!” The Sky Feather Island Lord stared at the Staff of Death Curse, his heart filled with fear.

Divine weapons were divided into low quality, average quality, high quality, and supreme quality. The vast majority of low-ranked True Gods used low-quality divine weapons. Rank Four to Rank Six True Gods used average-quality divine weapons, and Ancient Gods used high-quality divine weapons. Supreme-quality divine weapons were rumored to only be used by God Lords.

Zhao Wang was only a Quasi-God, but the divine weapon he used was able to unleash such powerful attacks. This meant that it could only be a supreme-quality weapon.

Supreme-quality divine weapons were the divine weapons of God Lords! Yet, one was being held in the hands of a weak Quasi-God.


A clone suddenly appeared behind the Sky Feather Island Lord.


The Sky Feather Island Lord’s clone immediately charged at Zhao Feng and Zhao Wang.

If he could just disrupt one member of the pair, the Sky Feather Island Lord could still escape alive. If he died to two Quasi-Gods, he would die with everlasting regret!

With a thought from Zhao Feng, the little thieving cat emerged from the Spacetime Robe.


The little thieving cat’s golden dragon-snake whip lashed out at the Sky Feather Island Lord’s clone.

“Explode!” The Sky Feather Island Lord clenched his teeth and yelled.

In a flash, lethal energy began to gather in his clone.

“Oh no!” Zhao Feng’s face flickered in surprise.

The Sky Feather Island Lord’s clone had the strength of a peak Rank Two True God. If it self-detonated, even a Rank Three True God would be lucky to survive.


With a flutter of the robe, Zhao Feng’s team fled into the Spacetime Robe Dimension.


After an instant, Zhao Feng reappeared.


The world was dim and gloomy, ravaged by a frigid power that cut to the bone.

The moment of the actual explosion had the greatest power. With the Sacred Lightning Body, Zhao Feng could ignore the lingering aftereffects of the explosion.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye looked toward a certain direction.


Powerful ripples of Spacetime Intent appeared around the Spacetime Robe.

“Instant Movement!”

With a flying leap, Zhao Feng vanished into the air.

Several hundred thousand li away, the mutilated and feeble Sky Feather Island Lord flew through the air. After breaking free of Zhao Feng and Zhao Wang’s combined restraint, he immediately used a spatial technique to flee. Although it was inferior to Instant Movement, it still possessed astonishing speed.

“A supreme-quality divine weapon! Even if I can’t get it, all of you are still doomed!” The Sky Feather Island Lord’s face seethed with hatred. Once he announced the existence of a supreme-quality divine weapon to the world, countless Ancient God experts would fall upon Zhao Feng in a frenzy to get it for themselves.

Suddenly, the Sky Feather Island Lord sensed a powerful spatial ripple from behind him. Zhao Feng suddenly leaped out of the air.

“He caught up so quickly!” The Sky Feather Island Lord was stunned.

He had no idea that Zhao Feng’s Spacetime Robe could increase the distance that Instant Movement could travel. In addition, the Spacetime Robe could reduce the interval time of using Instant Movement and increase its stability.

“You can’t escape!” Zhao Feng condensed wings of lightning on his back.


With a deafening peal of thunder, Zhao Feng immediately caught up to the Sky Feather Island Lord.

“Frigid Flash!” With a look of shock, the Sky Feather Island Lord immediately used his spatial escape technique, transforming into a ray of icy light.

“Haha, when being pursued by me, you will never escape!” Zhao Feng sneered.

After chasing for a while, Zhao Feng used Instant Movement again to catch up to the Sky Feather Island Lord.

“Even if you can catch me, you can’t kill me!” The Sky Feather Island Lord ignored Zhao Feng and continued to flee.

Instant Movement required an enormous amount of energy, and Zhao Feng could not use it forever. In addition, the robe Zhao Feng was using was only a supplementary-type divine weapon, and Zhao Feng did not have the cultivation to produce attacks that could threaten him.

Based on the Sky Feather Island Lord’s conjectures, that man with the pitch-black staff didn’t appear because the supreme-quality divine weapon either required tremendous amounts of energy to use or had side-effects that made it impossible to use repeatedly.

Thus, the Sky Feather Island Lord had a very large chance of survival.

“Is that so?” Zhao Feng said in a questioning tone as his left eye began to work.


Countless white arcs of lightning began to crackle within Zhao Feng’s left eye, and Destruction Intent that could destroy souls, combined with powerful Soul ripples, began to surge forth.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”


A contorted flame of Tribulation Lightning exploded against the Sky Feather Island Lord’s head.

Although Zhao Feng’s soul was too weak for his Soul eye-bloodline techniques to harm the Island Lord, the damage inflicted by the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame was dependent on the number of Tribulation Lightning symbols. The more there were, the more damage would be inflicted on the soul.

“Ah…!” The Sky Feather Island Lord’s body froze as he screamed.

He felt like his soul had fallen into a hell of Tribulation Lightning, bolt after bolt cleaving at it.

After using the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame, Zhao Feng’s left eye continued to ripple.


A whirlpool slowly emerged on the surface of the left eye.

Silently, a vortex of Eye Intent appeared on the Sky Feather Island Lord’s chest. A blinding white blade of lightning shot out of this vortex. It was taller than a man and exuded the terrible energy of a Lightning Tribulation.


The massive blade of lightning passed straight through the Sky Feather Island Lord’s body, cutting him cleanly in two.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash!” Zhao Feng half-closed his left eye.

The Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash used the condensed energy of Tribulation Lightning, so it was extremely powerful. The Tribulation Lightning Eye Slash was different from the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame in that, even though it could still do some damage to the soul, it was more of a physical attack.


With a wave of the robe, Zhao Wang appeared.

Using the Death-type divine weapon repeatedly was extremely exhausting to Zhao Wang and also twisted his personality. However, in order to guarantee that the Sky Feather Island Lord was annihilated, Zhao Feng needed to borrow the power of Zhao Wang’s Staff of Death Curse.

“Black Hole of Death!” Zhao Wang activated the Staff of Death Curse.


The Eye of Death resonated with the eye of the Staff of Death Curse and shot out a black mist seething with the wicked aura of Death and Curse.


The black mist attached itself to the Sky Feather Island Lord’s soul.


The Black Hole of Death immediately began to absorb the power of the Sky Feather Island Lord’s soul.

The Sky Feather Island Lord’s physical body had been cut in two by Zhao Feng, so he only had his soul left. For this reason, the power of the Black Hole of Death was completely focused on the soul.


The Sky Feather Island Lord’s soul was rapidly absorbed. The weaker the soul became, the less it could struggle.

“Ah… I’m not willing!” the Sky Feather Island Lord’s soul hoarsely cried out.

In the end, all the power of his soul was absorbed by the Black Hole of Death. The Sky Feather Island Lord was dead!

“It really is a huge hassle to thoroughly kill a True God much stronger than oneself,” Zhao Feng sighed.

He owed much of this feat of killing the Sky Feather Island Lord to the two divine weapons. However, the two divine weapons were still in an incomplete state; Zhao Feng and Zhao Wang were still incapable of using their true power.


Spatial ripples appeared in the air, and Zhao Feng leaped into them and vanished.

A pitch-black dragon several thousand zhang long coiled in the sky.

“All of you are seeking death!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon furiously bellowed.

“What ancient race is this? A Black Serpent Dragon?”

“What a dreadful bloodline!”

The many True Gods below trembled, as the pressure of that terrifying bloodline made it nigh impossible for them to activate their own bloodlines.

Zhao Feng and the Sky Feather Island Lord had been gone for some time, so True God Guisha had rallied a few of the True Gods for a counterattack. In the end, some of the True Gods agreed to fight against the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Zhao Wan.

“Sword of Piercing Metal, Ice Spear, Earth Hammer…” Zhao Wang was using the Eye of Myriad Forms to harness the power of nature and launch attacks from every location.

“A descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes – the Eye of Myriad Forms!” The True Gods taking part in this counterattack bitterly cried out in shock and frustration.

They finally realized that they had underestimated Zhao Feng. These two allies of Zhao Feng’s possessed abnormal strength and incredible bloodlines.

“Flee!” True God Guisha saw that his side was faring poorly and decided to abandon these True Gods and flee on his own.

But then, he noticed a spatial ripple next to him.


Zhao Feng suddenly stepped out of the void.

“Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!” Zhao Feng circulated Five Elements Divine Power and fired off a palm of five-colored lightning.


The palm of crackling lightning was like an enormous mountain of electricity slamming down on True God Guisha.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

True God Guisha’s body seethed with lightning as he was blown away and smashed into the ground.


The remaining True Gods were frozen in fear, their souls trembling. A single blow had heavily wounded True God Guisha, and this strength came purely from Zhao Feng! Moreover, Zhao Feng’s return meant that things had gone very poorly for the Sky Feather Island Lord!

“Master, you’ve returned!” the massive pitch-black serpent dragon respectfully called out.

“Master…!?” The True Gods felt their bodies and souls shiver. They were under the impression that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was one of Zhao Feng’s friends. They never imagined that it was Zhao Feng’s slave.

“Kill all who resisted!” Zhao Feng declared in a chilling tone.

“Yes!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Zhao Wan set to work.


The endless screams shook one’s soul to the core. In the end, even True God Guisha was slain before the True Gods.

“Senior Zhao, spare me!”

“We were forced into surrounding you in this place!”

The surviving True Gods immediately began to beg for mercy.

“As of now, I am the Lord of Sky Feather Island!” Zhao Feng gazed at the nine surviving Rank One True Gods and declared.

“Yes, yes!”

The True Gods were quick to agree. In their minds, they began to wonder – had the Sky Feather Island Lord really been killed by Zhao Feng?

“Zhao… Senior!” True God Sky Fire excitedly called out. True God Sky Fire had never been so excited before. Recruiting Zhao Feng might have been the best decision he ever made in his life.

“Take back the things that belong to the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race,” Zhao Feng said to True God Sky Fire.

Although True God Sky Fire was also part of the group surrounding Zhao Feng, he had never once actually attacked Zhao Feng.

“Yes!” True God Sky Fire had a look of surprise on his face.

The remaining True Gods appeared to remember something. In the fight for the ownership of the Exchange Spiritual Hall, it was clearly the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race’s representative, Zhao Feng, who was victorious. However, the Sky Feather Island Lord’s people had interfered, resulting in Zhao Feng being hunted down. As a result, the Exchange Spiritual Hall came to be owned by the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race.

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