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Although the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was extremely unconvinced, it was a witness to Zhao Feng’s progress.

Zhao Feng’s eye might have been able to use spatial abilities, but he himself had not comprehended Space Intent. But just now, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon clearly sensed that Zhao Feng’s palm was imbued with Space Intent – Level One Space Intent!

The first round was primarily testing everyone’s ability to comprehend Spacetime Intent, and in the short span of one day, Zhao Feng had reached Level One Space Intent. Such major progress was proof that he had sufficient comprehensive strength, so it was an easy task for him to shatter the spatial bubble.

“That boy succeeded?”

Zhao Feng’s success immediately drew the attention of the others. Other than the people of the Spacetime Sacred Land, Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon were the only ones who had succeeded in shattering their spatial bubbles.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon gave off an unfathomable feeling that indicated that it was some old monster who had lived for many years, but this Zhao Feng was clearly just a young Quasi-God.

“Damn! These two fellows are too fast!” Little Ling grumbled. Even though she was a Rank Four True God, she was far too inexperienced in Spacetime Intent.

The people of the Spacetime Sacred Land still present glanced at the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and Zhao Feng before continuing to comprehend their respective combat skills. In their eyes, the Spacetime Robe was foreordained to belong to the Spacetime Sacred Land.


Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon passed through their silver doors.

Behind the door was a vast starry sky, and underneath their feet was a square stone slab measuring tens of thousands of li on each side. The surface of the slab was covered in countless wondrous pictures and inscriptions.

At this moment, four people from the Spacetime Sacred Land were seated cross-legged on the enormous stone slab.

As the four glanced at the two newcomers, surprise appeared in their eyes. It was clear that they all believed that the people following them would be people from the Spacetime Sacred Land or experts of extremely high cultivation. Instead, it was a Rank Two True God and a Quasi-God. Moreover, they had no impression of these two.

“What an amazing place!” Zhao Feng could feel that the Spacetime Intent was so distinct that it could almost be touched as it flowed through this place.

“Master, this place could be described as a cultivation holy land for Spacetime Intent. While cultivating Spacetime Intent, half the normal effort will result in double the normal gains!” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon immediately sent a message to Zhao Feng.

Space Intent was a must-cultivate Intent, while Time Intent was one of the ultimate Intents and incomparably powerful. However, both of these Intents were extremely difficult to cultivate. Thus, one could easily imagine how precious this sort of dimension was.

“So, this was the boon the elder spoke of. People who get here first will have more time to cultivate here!” Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. It appeared that shattering his spatial bubble as quickly as possible was worth it.

Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon found a place and seated themselves.

But before the pair could settle down and start comprehending the Spacetime Intent of this place, they heard a sharp voice.

“Since these two will be our enemies, we should just deal with them now!” a Quasi-God of the Spacetime Sacred Land proposed, a malicious smile on his face.

“You believe that those two will be able to threaten us?” Quasi-God Kong Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and coldly said.

Zhao Feng’s and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s expressions sank. The other four were completely disregarding their existences as they discussed whether to deal with them or not. Quasi-God Kong Yuan was even more conceited, apparently believing that the Spacetime Robe was fated to end up in his hands.

“There’s no rush. You’ll have a chance in the future!” an elderly voice suddenly rang out from all sides.

They were all familiar with this voice. It was that of the elder who wore the Spacetime Robe.

“Every ten days spent here is only one day on the outside. Cherish it!” The voice rang out once more.

“If that’s the case, then I can cultivate here for at least twenty days.” Zhao Feng’s mind was given a jolt, and he immediately settled into a cultivating posture.

This place was a holy land for cultivating Spacetime Intent, and time was slowed here. He had to make good use of this period. In addition, the Spacetime Robe was clearly testing their ability to comprehend Spacetime Intent in the first round, so the next round might also be related to Spacetime Intent.

Thus, Zhao Feng had to raise his understanding of Spacetime Intent as much as possible to increase his chances of getting the Spacetime Robe.


After entering meditation, Zhao Feng activated the God’s Spiritual Eye. At this moment, Zhao Feng’s thinking speed, reaction time, and comprehension ability all received a major boost.

After some time, Zhao Feng sensed that he had firmed up his foundation of Level One Space Intent and was even beginning to grasp a little of Time Intent.

“If I can put it together with the Heaven Engulfing Palm, I might comprehend even faster!” With a thought, Zhao Feng entered the God Eye Dimension.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The scene in the God Eye Dimension instantly changed to that of an old man practicing the Heaven Engulfing Palm.

Now that Zhao Feng’s Spacetime Intent had advanced, he could perceive even more from this scene. Zhao Feng observed the scene for a time before going back to comprehend Spacetime Intent. By switching back and forth, he greatly increased his efficiency.

Gradually, more and more people began to appear in this dimension. The moment they arrived, they sat down and began to comprehend Spacetime Intent. Even if they failed to get the Spacetime Robe in the end, just being able to comprehend Spacetime Intent in this place was a great fortune. In this tranquil dimension, Spacetime Intent flowed like water through the surroundings.

Suddenly, a resounding voice snapped everyone out of meditation.

“The time has come. It seems that all of you are quite exceptional. Of forty-two people, thirty-six have reached this place!” The elder wearing the Spacetime Robe appeared in the void, smiling as he surveyed the crowd.

“I was about to reach Level Two Space Intent and Level One Time Intent!” Zhao Feng sighed. It was a great pity that he could not continue cultivating in such an ideal cultivation ground.

“Senior, if so few people were eliminated in the first round, how many more rounds of trials will there be?” a Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land asked.

“The second round begins now! The thirty-six of you will fight on this stone slab. Anyone who leaves the bounds of the stone slab will be disqualified. In the end, only ten people can remain!” the elder loudly proclaimed.

“The second trial is actually a battle!”

“Only ten people can remain!”

The thirty-six people stood on the slab, their eyes turning gloomy. Only six people had been eliminated in the first round, but the second round was looking to eliminate more than twenty.

“In addition, in this dimension, Spacetime Intent combat techniques will receive an increase in power!” the elder added with a smirk.

“What? There was a rule like that?”

All of them were dumbstruck by this news.

The people of the Spacetime Sacred Land were ecstatic. As members of the Spacetime Sacred Land, they were all skilled in Space Intent.

Zhao Feng immediately began to communicate with Little Ling.

“Everyone, of the thirty-six people here, the Spacetime Sacred Land alone has eleven!” Little Ling glared at Zhao Feng before sending a message to the rest of the people on the stone slab.

Spacetime techniques were more powerful here, and the Spacetime Sacred Land had eleven people here! Little Ling’s meaning was obvious; if the people not part of the Spacetime Sacred Land did not unite, they would all be eliminated.

Experts gradually began to gather around Little Ling.

A few experts who did not receive Little Ling’s message saw what was going on and naturally understood.

“Mm?” A Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land began to frown.

Although the experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land had a major advantage, if the other twenty-five people joined together, their defeat would be assured.

“Hmph, there should be people from the Yangling Zone here, right!?” the elderly True God bellowed.

Quite a few people suddenly had very stiff expressions. Only three zones managed to get into the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension, and the god of the Yangling Zone was the Spacetime Sacred Land.

A few experts of the Yangling Zone managed to get to this spacetime dimension. They did not dare oppose the Spacetime Sacred Land!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four figures immediately flew to the side of the Spacetime Sacred Land.

The Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land gave a slight nod upon seeing this.

The people of the Yangling Zone did not dare to offend the Spacetime Sacred Land. The other two zones were rather far from the Yangling Zone, and the Spacetime Sacred Land had no control over them.

The Spacetime Sacred Land’s side was still outnumbered, but all the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land could use space-type combat skills, so they were actually the more powerful fighting force.

“It is a great honor to fight for the Spacetime Sacred Land!” the Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land bellowed as he led his group of fifteen charging toward the opposing side.

“Go!” On Zhao Feng’s side, twenty-one people charged into battle.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

Thirty-six people clashed, terrifying Intent energy filling the dimension.

Although Zhao Feng’s side had more people, they were being suppressed by the spacetime combat skills of the enemy.

“Heaven Engulfing Palm!” Zhao Feng used the only spacetime technique he knew.


An illusory palm of flame rumbled toward the enemy.

Although this was a spacetime skill, other Intents could be fused into it to increase its power.

Everyone present had managed to comprehend their respective techniques in less than three days, but Zhao Feng also managed to cast the image from the spatial bubble into his mind so that he could cultivate this palm technique while also comprehending Spacetime Intent.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could proficiently use the Heaven Engulfing Palm with greater strength than before.

“Break!” A Rank Three True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land shattered Zhao Feng’s palm energy.

“Again!” Zhao Feng continued to use the Heaven Engulfing Palm. Now that he was putting into practice all that he had learned, he began to understand even more.


A palm of golden flame pushed toward the foe.

“A trifling trick!” The Rank Three True God scornfully laughed. As a Rank Three True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land, he had little regard for Zhao Feng’s Heaven Engulfing Palm, even if it might be a little strong.

But he had no idea that this technique was something Zhao Feng had only learned a few days ago.

Boom! Bang!

At some point, Zhao Feng’s enormous golden palm of flame managed to vanish into the void even faster to appear before the Rank Three True God.

“Level Two Space Intent? He was suppressing his Intent just now?” The Rank Three True God was dumbfounded.

“Level Two Space Intent!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon nearby felt its face freeze in shock.

It had to be known that, even though the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had spent a very long time cultivating in this dimension, it was still a very far distance from Level Three Space Intent. On the other hand, Zhao Feng, who was just a beginner, had managed to reach Level Two Space Intent in a little over twenty days. What sort of monster was this!?

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