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The banquet had begun.

Within the enormous palace hall, several nobles were making their way towards the tables.. while others stood around conversing amongst themselves.

There were many young noble ladies and gentlemen that came out for tonight’s occasion.

Once the prince’s and the princesses made their way in, the murmuring within the hall grew louder.

“Oh my heavens!!! .. how can 1st prince Malfoy look so d--n handsome?.. I would give anything just to be his bride.”

“Me too!!!… His cold and aloof appearance, makes him look like a God amongst men.

Just looking at him can get me pregnant.”

“Your talking about pregnancy? I’m already about to give birth to our son just by looking at him.”

“What are you talking about!!!.. it’s clearly 4th prince Ryan that is the most handsome amongst them.

Just look at those red plump lips, and those cute eyes.. Ahhh!!… what I would give, just to feel them.

I’ve made up my mind.. I want to marry prince Ryan!!”

“Although the 4th prince is handsome, one cannot help but keep their eyes glued at 2nd prince Benedict.

His gentle smile and cool manner of speech, just makes me think about proposing to him all on my own.

I even heard that he might be chosen as crown prince for today’s banquet.”

As the young daughters of the nobles discussed about the prince’s, the son’s also discussed about the princesses.

From their fresh smooth skin, to their lips and even their cheek bones… these young men had their fill at the princesses, as they looked at them from afar.

As everyone discussed, a few guards stepped out of a large golden door that was placed close to the stage.

Rather than calling that section a stage, it was more like a raised floor section of the room.

There were 3 wide stair steps, that led to the golden colored stage.

On the stage, there were different thrones and seats.. as well as several gold tables around the seats.

The guards that had just come out, stationed themselves around the stage.. followed by the royal announcer.

“All rise in the presence of his Majesty King Maclaine!!!”

Maclaine, his mother, his wives, concubines, and 2 more guards, all marched into the room in an orderly fashion, and climbed onto the stage.

The prince’s and the princesses who were already seated on the stage, instantly stood up, alongside everyone in the room.. as they waited for the king and his entourage to take their seats.

Maclaine raised his left hand, and everyone sat back down.

“Today is a merry day.

The crown prince shall be chosen for the people, so I invite you all to eat and drink your fill to your heart’s content.

Let the celebrations begin!!” Maclaine said.

As the banquet continued, several performances took place at the center of the room.

Musicians sang, dancers danced, and some people came out to read poetry to the masses.

As for the royal family members, how could they not be tense?

A lot of time had passed since the banquet had begun, and king Maclaine had made no signs on announcing his successor yet.

Instead… he had been smiling, laughing, eating and drinking wine as if the matter didn’t concern him at all.

Honestly speaking, they all thought that they would die from anxiety if Maclaine kept this up.

Ivy, the other wives and concubines, had thoroughly lost their appetites… all except one person.

Looking at her husband’s nonchalant attitude, Ivy felt like strangling him to death.

Why couldn’t he just spit it out? What was he waiting for?

The nobles.. especially the ministers, were in a state of turmoil as well.

“Do you think that we have made the right choice by siding with the 2nd prince?

What if it’s the 1st prince that gets chosen today?”

“D--n!!!… why do I feel like I’m out of luck for siding with the 5th prince?”

“I’ve already requested for my daughter to be the first wife of the 4th prince… is it too late to take back my request from his majesty?”

“Why doesn’t his majesty make his announcement yet?.. My old heart can’t wait any longer!!”

Suddenly, a guard came up to Maclaine and whispered into his ears.

Maclaine smiled and raised his left hand again.

Everyone instantly quieted down and looked nervously towards Maclaine.

The only thing they wanted to know right now, was if they had made the right choice?

The hall was so quiet that if a pin dropped, everyone would be able to hear it.

“Over my years as king, Yodan has experienced growth and peace within the Pyno Continent.

I wish nothing more than to pass my people and this empire, to someone whom I have absolute confidence in their skills and abilities.”

As Maclaine spoke, everyone could hear footsteps coming towards the hall but they dismissed it, since they thought that it was someone of no importance.

“To make this short…. I have gathered you all here today, to join me in celebrating the new crown prince of Yodan.

The 3rd Prince, Sirius Maclaine.”

Instantly, those footsteps stopped.

“Am I late father?” Sirius asked with a smile.

“You had to rush all the way from your territory, so how can you be considered to have come late?” Maclaine said with a warm smile on his face.

“Thank you for your benevolence father. ” Sirius said while bowing.

“As I was saying, this is your new crown prince Sirius Maclaine!!”

Everyone was shocked silly.


Wasn’t this the prince that was said to be the weakest amongst his brothers?

Didn’t they say that he was cowardly, weak and always had average performances when being taught by the royal tutors?

Just what what was his majesty thinking?

Sirius smiled as he looked at everyone’s surprised faces.

Truth be told, Sirius actually excelled in every aspect of leadership and war.

The reason why he had average scores, was because he did it intentionally.

For him to do his things in secret, he needed to keep a low profile at all times.

Over the years, Sirius had been helping his father to deal with politics, trade and other leadership aspects on the low.

A lot of changes in Yodan, were actually made possible because of him… But the people had no idea, as they thought that their king was the one who had come up with those ideas and solutions.

Only his father and mother, knew of his actual intellect and abilities.

His mother Emma, had been grilling him since childhood.

He had always known that he would be king, so this announcement didn’t come as a shock to him.

After all, he had worked extremely hard for the position as well.

At the age of 7, his mother had paid Private tutors who disguised themselves as guards, servants and maids, to train him diligently.

He had never had a moment’s rest and had always been working towards the goal of being king.

No one..not even his brothers, had put in a lot of energy as he did, towards this fight for the throne.

So if they had any complaints, they could just shut up and kill themselves.

Of course, his father had no idea of his abilities.

That was until 4 years ago, when he came to his father’s study and suggested a way that they could deal with some problems that Yodan was facing.

From then on… he and his father grew close, and the rest was history.

As King Maclaine explained all of Sirius’ skills and achievements over the years, the people were left stunned once again.

So it was because of him that they had finally establish a trade agreement with the empire Deiferus?

For more than 200 years now Yodan and Deiferus had been on each other’s throats over some old beef that had nothing to do with the people now.

But either way, no side wanted to back down first. Hence trade or products from Deiferus, were never allowed in Yodan.

But 3 years ago, all that changed.. and now, Deiferus and Yodan were on friendly terms.

So it was because of Sirius?

Ivy, Sedora and the other wives all glared at Emma with hatred.

What a good Emma!!!…. Your son is truly great!!!

Emma looked at them and smiled back gracefully, as if saying: thank you for your compliments.

The other wives were furious.

To think that they had been fighting amongst themselves, while their real enemy was just watching them like buffoons.

Sedora gripped the arms of her seat, as she thought of the love making scene with Maclaine.

All that for nothing?

Ivy wanted to scream with rage at the thought of all the money she had spent to deal with Sedora, and all the other wives who wanted to seduce Maclaine for the position of crown prince.

Malfoy, Benedict, and the other prince’s, were having a hard time too.

So this bastard was just pretending all along?

As they heard of his numerous feats from their father’s mouth, their rage intensified.

“In conclusion, Sirius Maclaine will be crowned King in 8 months time.”

As soon as the prince’s and the other wives heard this, they all had the same thought.

‘Within these 8 months, Sirius had to die’.

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