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Entering Buddha Cavern

“My greetings to the Great Emperor.” Huang Xiaolong followed suit, stepping up politely in salute.

The person with his back to them turned around, a smooth, beardless, fair face with ordinary features, yet from the first look it was hard to forget. This was Shi Fantian.

Shi Fantian was born with an ordinary face, but he exuded a hard to forget momentum, greatly different from Emperor Duanren’s sharp atmosphere.

When Shi Fantian’s eyes met Huang Xiaolong, he smiled kindly, “Old Law said your talent and ability are much higher than Fan Chen’s. At first, I didn’t believe it, but now I do. The Blessed Buddha Altar was left behind by my master, being chosen by the Blessed Buddha Altar, you can be considered my Junior Brother. I have nothing good to gift to you for our first meeting, so I will give you a heaven grade spirit stone in place of a gift.”

A mesmerizing transparent rock appeared in Shi Fantian’s palm, just about as big as his palm, yet it glistened brilliantly, and Huang Xiaolong noticed the spiritual energy in the surrounding actually gathered towards the stone. Inside the stone was contained a faintly discernable energy that made even Huang Xiaolong’s heart palpitate.

“Great Emperor, this…!” Huang Xiaolong looked at the spirit stone in Shi Fantian’s hand and hesitated.

A heaven grade spirit stone was too valuable.

Shi Fantian waved his hand at Huang Xiaolong; “Just call me Senior Brother.”

Senior Brother? Huang Xiaolong was stumped. He had thought this Emperor Shi Fantian was just speaking polite words when he said being chosen by the Blessed Buddha Altar was akin to his Junior Brother… so, this Shi Fantian was saying it for real?!

“Senior Brother.” Huang Xiaolong was silent for a while before relenting. Since Shi Fantian himself said so, he wouldn’t stand on ceremony or act with hypocrisy. He must admit, having such a Senior Brother made it more convenient for him in the Blessed Buddha Empire in the future.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong agree to call him Senior Brother, Shi Fantian looked appreciatively at him, “According to the rules, you can make one request. As long as it is within my capabilities, I will fulfill your request.”

Huang Xiaolong pondered slightly, answering: “I want to enter the Buddha Cavern.”

Shi Fantian was stunned this time, “You want to enter the Buddha Cavern?”

Ma Bo, who retreated to the side earlier after greeting Shi Fantian, was greatly shocked to hear Huang Xiaolong’s unexpected request.

“I can’t?” Noticing Shi Fantian’s expression, Huang Xiaolong’s heart dropped to his stomach. If he can’t then it would be troublesome for him.

Shi Fantian chuckled seeing Huang Xiaolong getting all anxious, “It’s not that you can’t, didn’t I just say, as long as it is something that I can do, I’ll fulfill your request. But, is your wish really just to enter the Buddha Cavern? You only have one chance, you might regret it later if you missed it. Like Junior Brother Fan Chen, who requested a high-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique from me.”

“High-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique!” Huang Xiaolong nearly bit his tongue in shock.

This Shi Fantian actually possessed a high-grade Heaven rank cultivation technique!

Each high-grade heaven rank cultivation technique was extremely valuable, something that was even scarcer than Saint realm warrior existences. Seemingly, Shi Fantian was implying that he really gave Fan Chen such a valuable cultivation technique?!

Watching Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts shifting evidently on his face, Shi Fantian laughed, “Right, Junior Brother Fan Chen’s talent is indeed very high, still, it is because he cultivated the high-grade heaven rank Sleeping Buddha Eternal law that I gave him that he was able to break through the Saint realm so quickly.”

“Sleeping Buddha Eternal Law.” A curious light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

In fact, he heard Zhao Shu mention this Sleeping Buddha Eternal Law in the past. Undoubtedly a high-grade heaven rank cultivation technique, it was just that he did not expect this cultivation technique to originate from Shi Fantian’s hands.

“How about it? Have you thought it over carefully?” Shi Fantian added, “Several Junior Brothers before Fan Chen had similar requests; it was either a high-grade heaven rank cultivation technique or battle skill, for there is only one chance.”

“I still want to enter the Buddha Cavern.” Huang Xiaolong said solemnly.

Tempting as a high-grade heaven rank cultivation technique or battle skill may be, it paled drastically in comparison to even one tenth of the allure of the Godly Mt. Xumi Heavenly Treasure, and Godly Mt. Xumi was Huang Xiaolong’s most important goal in coming here.

Nevertheless, Huang Xiaolong was astounded by Shi Fantian’s offer. Does that mean he has quite a collection of heaven rank high-grade cultivation techniques and battle skills?!

Hearing Huang Xiaolong insisting on entering the Buddha Cavern, it was unexpected for Shi Fantian. It crossed his mind that Huang Xiaolong requesting to enter Buddha Cavern was just a passing whim, after his gentle reminder, Huang Xiaolong would definitely choose a high-grade heaven rank cultivation technique or battle skill. He did not expect that Huang Xiaolong would still request to enter the Buddha Cavern.

Even Ma Bo was confused and puzzled listening to Huang Xiaolong’s request.

“Fine, since it’s your decision, I won’t say much.” A moment later, Shi Fantian explained, “This is a Blessed Buddha Token, holding this token you can enter the Buddha Cavern.”

As Shi Fantian said that, a token appeared, nestling in his palm. On both sides of the token was a carving of a Buddha, glowing in a brilliant golden halo.

Huang Xiaolong approached closer to the Blessed Buddha Token. It came as a surprise to him that Shi Fantian would give him a Blessed Buddha Token so easily just because he wanted to enter the Buddha Cavern. The Blessed Buddha Empire’s Token was not something just anyone could have.

Receiving the token, Huang Xiaolong thanked sincerely, “Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Shi Fantian waved his hand nonchalantly, “Just a simple Blessed Buddha Token, no need to be so courteous, moreover, the token in your hand cannot compare to Fan Chen’s Sleeping Buddha Eternal Law.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned.

A short while later, Archduke Ma Bo led Huang Xiaolong out from the Blessed Buddha Temple.

Shi Fantian stared in the direction Huang Xiaolong left, muttering to himself, “It seems he’s Huang Xiaolong. No wonder, no wonder!” Earlier, when Huang Xiaolong released the mighty dragon momentum upon entering the hall, Shi Fantian had already guessed Huang Xiaolong’s identity.

Ever since Duanren Empire’s Imperial City Battle, where Huang Xiaolong exposed his superb talent twin dragon martial spirits, the black and blue dragons, many experts of different empires in Snow Wind Continent had started paying attention to him.

People possessing a Primordial Divine Dragon martial spirit were numbered in Snow Wind Continent, other than Huang Xiaolong there was only one more person and Shi Fantian had met that person before.

While Ma Bo led Huang Xiaolong out from the Blessed Buddha Temple, he gave Huang Xiaolong an Archduke token. Ma Bo, as the Blessed Buddha Empire’s Archduke, held an esteemed high status, merely below Emperor Shi Fantian and the several venerated eight monks, including Old Law. Ma Bo’s Archduke token, Huang Xiaolong also did not decline.

Ma Bo’s Archduke token would come in handy in the future in Blessed Buddha Empire, the Blessed Buddha Token was too eye-catching after all, it would be inconvenient for some matters.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong was willing to receive his Archduke token, Ma Bo’s old face bloomed into a happy smile, telling Huang Xiaolong that if he met with any issues that he couldn’t handle, he could come to the Archduke Residence to look for him.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a word of thanks. Ma Bo left after that.

Watching Ma Bo’s leaving figure, Huang Xiaolong kept the Archduke token. This token was a gesture of goodwill, or more precisely, a gesture of flattery.

With Ma Bo out of sight, Huang Xiaolong headed straight towards the Buddha Cavern and arrived at the entrance without needing much time.

However, when he wanted to enter the Buddha Cavern, a powerful momentum surged out from within, blocking Huang Xiaolong at the entrance. In the next instant, a silhouette appeared.

Knowing this person was a Buddha Cavern guardian, Huang Xiaolong showed his Blessed Buddha Token before the other side even opened their mouth to speak.

Looking at the Blessed Buddha Token in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, the silhouette was dazed for a moment before nodding at Huang Xiaolong and disappearing from the spot in a flicker.

Secretly breathing in relief, Huang Xiaolong stepped forward, entering the Buddha Cavern. This time, there was no longer any resistance blocking his path.

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