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Spacetime Combat Skills

“Where is this?”

“What happened?

Zhao Feng could hear many alarmed and questioning voices.

Zhao Feng scanned the area. This was a void dimension in which forty-two bubbles floated, each one holding a single person. A silver door gleamed in front of each of them.


Some of the people tried to blast through the bubbles, but they soon realized that even their strongest attacks failed to shake the bubbles.

“The power of space!” a Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land murmured as he touched the bubble.

This was a miniature dimension of an extremely high level. None of the people present were capable of destroying it.


At this moment, a half-transparent, long-haired elder appeared over everyone. He wore none other than the Spacetime Robe.

“Senior, who are you? Why are we trapped here?”

The moment the elder appeared, everyone began to question him.

“Didn’t all of you want the Spacetime Robe? It was your own choice to enter!” A profound smile appeared on the old man’s kindly face.

“The Spacetime Robe?”

Quite a few people were still confused by this name, but others instantly recalled the secret of the Spacetime Robe, their faces contorting in shock.


The elder stretched out a hand, scattering silver radiance onto the spatial bubbles.

“Eh? Words and pictures suddenly appeared on the bubble!” a person cried out in alarm.

The rest soon realized that their own bubbles were being covered in countless words and a simple picture.

“This is… a combat skill!” Shock appeared in Zhao Feng’s eyes. As he swept his eyes around, he realized that, while he could see the combat skill on his own spatial bubble, he couldn’t see the combat skills on the other bubbles.

“I will give you three days. Comprehend the technique on your dimension and use it to break the spatial bubble imprisoning you. If you can’t break the spatial bubble after three days, you will be disqualified!” The elder in the void surveyed the crowd with an expectant gaze.

“This is a test?”

Many of the group instantly understood the elder’s intentions. The Spacetime Robe was probably choosing a suitable master.

“In addition, those who break the spatial bubble first will receive quite a few boons….” the elder added with a smile.

“A boon!”

Excited, the experts immediately began to comprehend the combat skill before them, each hoping to be the first to break their bubble.

“Comparing comprehension strength is fine too.” Zhao Feng’s lips curled into a smile. He didn’t know just how good at comprehension these geniuses of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods were, but Zhao Feng didn’t think he would be very far behind.

Swish! Swish!

Zhao Feng activated the God’s Spiritual Eye to skim over the combat skill on his spatial bubble.

“Spacetime Combat Skill: Heaven Engulfing Palm, middle-tier divine skill!” Zhao Feng’s expression froze.

He had not expected for this combat skill to be of the spacetime type. Space Intent was already very difficult to comprehend; adding the even-higher-level Time Intent made the task far too difficult. Moreover, the technique was a middle-tier divine skill that needed to be comprehended in only three days.

“Little Black, what sort of combat skill are you looking at?” Zhao Feng asked, realizing something.

“A spacetime-type technique,” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon straightforwardly replied.

“As expected!” Zhao Feng sighed in wonder.

Everyone was probably faced with a spacetime combat skill. This appeared to be fair, but the people of the Spacetime Sacred Land had an inherent advantage, particularly those possessing the Eye of Spacetime.

But what Zhao Feng did not know was that the majority of those with the Eye of Spacetime could only use Space Intent. Even they found it difficult to control Time Intent.

“Forget it. Let me first comprehend this!” Zhao Feng had already been dragged into this dimension, removing any chance he had of getting any other treasure.

Buzz! Bzzz!

By activating the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng instantly boosted his thinking speed and comprehension ability.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye itself possessed spatial abilities. Zhao Feng quickly began to understand the Heaven Engulfing Palm from a spatial aspect.

This was a set of simple palm techniques, but it seemed to contain extremely profound concepts. By using it together with Space Intent and Time Intent, one could exhibit a positively dreadful power. Complete comprehension would make the technique comparable to an ordinary high-tier divine technique.

“This picture…!” Zhao Feng moved his gaze to the picture next to the words.

When Zhao Feng’s eyes focused on it, what was a simple picture suddenly began to transform. On the vast world in the picture was a white-haired old man. This old man was performing the Heaven Engulfing Palm.


As that slow-moving palm pushed forward, it was suddenly suffused with a worldly pressure that ignored space and caused time to slow. It seemed like all things in the world were suppressed under this palm.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness was immersed in the picture and felt like he was right there as the old man performed this palm technique.

“How amazing!” Zhao Feng exclaimed.

In observing, Zhao Feng was not only deepening his understanding of the Heaven Engulfing Palm, but also of Space Intent as well. Zhao Feng was even beginning to vaguely grasp the existence of Time Intent.

“I wonder if looking at this picture using God’s Spiritual Eye will change anything?” A pensive look appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

In comprehending spacetime combat skills, those skilled in Space Intent, like the members of the Spacetime Sacred Land, had the advantage. For this reason, Zhao Feng had to cherish every second and use every method available to him to comprehend the Heaven Engulfing Palm and break this spatial bubble.

“Focus!” Zhao Feng used the ability of the God’s Spiritual Eye to gaze at the simple picture.


Zhao Feng’s mind sank into the picture.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fierce gales blew across the vast world, and the elderly man stood straight and tall like an ancient tree that had weathered the trials of time.


Suddenly, the old man used the Heaven Engulfing Palm.

At this moment, Zhao Feng seemed to become the old man’s opponent, and he could keenly sense the Spacetime Intent in the old man’s palm. As the palm pushed toward him, Zhao Feng felt like the entire world was transforming into a palm. He had nowhere to run, and it felt like he was being suffocated.


The palm passed through Zhao Feng’s body.

“The effect is even better in the God Eye Dimension!” Zhao Feng was elated. Like this, Zhao Feng would be much more efficient at comprehending this technique than his competitors.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng seemed to be practicing the palm technique right next to the elder.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

At this moment, a few people were already attempting to break their spatial bubbles. After all, the elder said that the one who broke their spatial bubble first would receive a boon.

“So tough!” an expert of the Spacetime Sacred Land murmured in shock. He had only comprehended a little of this technique before trying his hand at breaking his bubble, but the spatial bubble only quivered a little. However, if he used any other attack, the spatial bubble seemed even more invincible.

“So difficult!” a Quasi-God sighed, his heart sinking. A spacetime technique, and one at the middle-tier divine level; this was simply far too profound, and he had no idea where to even start.

In another bubble, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon had a smile on its face.

“If I can get my hands on the Spacetime Robe, I might be able to discuss conditions with Master!”

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was proficient in a wide range of techniques, and its former cultivation level was extremely high. Its ability to use Space Intent had also recovered to Level Two. The spacetime skill in front of it was profound, but it could definitely comprehend the skill faster than the others.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

In the dimension, people were constantly attacking the spatial bubbles, but they all met with failure.

On the second day, the Spacetime Sacred Land’s Quasi-God Kong Yuan and a Rank Four True God succeeded in breaking their spatial bubbles.

“You may go through the door now!” the elder in the void said with a smile.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two people’s bodies went straight through the enormous silver gate and vanished.

“What sort of boon lies behind that door?”

Many people hungered to know, but they could not break through their bubbles.

“Senior, this is a little unfair. Those two just now already had a very deep understanding of Space Intent, and they even have the Eye of Spacetime!” a youth immediately said.

“The toughness of the spatial bubble is based on the imprisoned person’s cultivation level and level of Spacetime Intent, so each of you faces the same level of difficulty. The Eye of Spacetime is inherited from one’s bloodline, so it’s a kind of natural endowment!” the elder in the void indifferently said. He was clearly displeased by this youth’s criticisms.

Zhao Feng remained immersed in the God Eye Dimension.

Zhao Feng first copied the elder’s every move in using the Heaven Engulfing Palm. It didn’t take long before he grasped its form. Afterward, Zhao Feng stood across from the old man, becoming his opponent in palm techniques.

Although the difference in power was as vast as the gap between the heavens and earth, Zhao Feng rapidly began to comprehend the technique. Unwittingly, Zhao Feng managed to even reach Level One in Space Intent.


Zhao Feng’s mind returned to his body. Although he still wanted to keep learning the Heaven Engulfing Palm, he first had to destroy the spatial bubble and see what was behind the enormous silver door. Perhaps even more opportunities awaited him there.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

At this moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon used an extremely sublime claw technique that shattered the spatial bubble.

“Who’s that? He managed to break the bubble!”

Several people gasped in surprise. Four people had succeeded before him, but all of them were members of the Spacetime Sacred Land. At this moment, this black-scaled man was the only person not belonging to the Spacetime Sacred Land to break open the spatial bubble.

“Eh? Master is also about to try!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was preparing to go through the silver door when it suddenly paused. It had relied on its great knowledge and experience to quickly grasp the spacetime combat skill. It did not believe that Zhao Feng was comparable to itself in those aspects, so it was confident that Zhao Feng would fail.


Zhao Feng took in a deep breath, his eyes focusing as an invisible aura began to spread around him.


Zhao Feng moved both his arms, and wondrous spatial ripples formed between his palms. As his palms pushed forward, a seemingly slow and enormous palm melted into the void. In the next moment, the palm image exploded against the spatial bubble.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The spatial bubble fiercely trembled, but it did not shatter.

“Space Intent Level One!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was stunned. It had been at Zhao Feng’s side this entire time, so it understood that, even though Zhao Feng could use spatial abilities through his eye-bloodline, he had still not reached Level One Space Intent.

“That person seems to have grasped the essence of his spacetime technique!” A Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land looked at Zhao Feng and nodded in approval.

Other than the people of the Spacetime Sacred Land, everyone here was essentially interacting with a spacetime combat skill for the first time. The Space Intent in Zhao Feng’s palm just now wasn’t strong, but he had grasped the essence of the move.


After sending out one palm, Zhao Feng sent a second, a third… seven palms in total crashed onto the bubble.


The trembling of the spatial bubble intensified.


The spatial bubble abruptly shattered.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s mouth twitched. Zhao Feng actually succeeded in shattering the spatial bubble! It had lived countless years, and its original cultivation level was extremely lofty and profound, but it only broke its spatial bubble a few moments earlier than Zhao Feng!

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