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Treasures Appear in Unison

Deep underground, Zhao Feng finished refining the silver bracelet he had stolen from Quasi-God Kong Yuan. After putting on the silver bracelet, Zhao Feng placed all the other treasure he had taken into it.


Zhao Feng emerged from the earth.

The constant use of the Eye of Heaven placed a heavy burden on Zhao Feng. If he used up all his soul and eye-bloodline energy, he wouldn’t be able to use the God’s Spiritual Eye anymore.


Zhao Feng unfurled a pair of golden wings and flew over to the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group.

“Conserve your strength. Prepare to fight for the treasure!” Zhao Feng’s voice rang out in their minds.

All of them nodded. They originally believed that getting their hands on one or two treasures would be decent, with none of them even thinking about pursuing the most valuable treasures of the transparent palace. However, the arrival of the Red Flame Qilin was restraining all the Rank Five True Gods, leveling the playing field for Zhao Feng’s small team and allowing them to reap a richer harvest. They now also had the opportunity to participate in the struggle for the even more important treasures.

Right now, everyone could tell that the transparent palace overhead could fall apart at any time. When that time came, all the treasures would fall out.

Zhao Feng’s team mixed into the crowd, occasionally fighting with weaker groups for treasure. None of them used their full strength, and they would rest to recover the energy they did use.

In these battles, Zhao Feng did not use his eye. He could rely purely on the Sacred Lightning Body and Lightning-Fire Obliteration to crush an average Rank Two True God.

“Big Bro, I saw Zhao Feng!” Hu Cheng suddenly saw the nearby Zhao Feng and turned toward his big brother in shock.

The Blue Scaled Race didn’t originally have any plans to fight for the treasure here, but before the opening of the transparent palace, Hu Cheng’s group ran into another group from their race. A Rank Four True God was in this group, so the Blue Scaled Race decided to come and test their luck. Their team had more than most, and with the Rank Five True Gods drawn away, they managed to obtain quite a few divine weapons and treasures.

“Quasi-God Lan Ye, Zhao Feng is over there!” The Hu brothers immediately turned to Quasi-God Lan Ye.

The Hu brothers had no status in their team, so they could only rely on Quasi-God Lan Ye. Lan Ye previously made a bet of three moves with Zhao Feng, and he had suffered a miserable defeat. As a result, Quasi-God Lan Ye wanted to kill Zhao Feng even more than the Hu brothers.

“Haha, it really is that brat!” Quasi-God Lan Ye gave a savage smile, oozing with killing intent. He began to communicate with the experts of his group.

Of the Quasi-God experts in the team, no one except Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi dared to defy Quasi-God Lan Ye. Besides that, a large portion of the True God experts also stood on Quasi-God Lan Ye’s side. In the end, the team from the Blue Scaled Race decided to attack Zhao Feng’s group.

“You two…! Living off one party while helping the other!” a Rank Three True God cursed. He was naturally referring to Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi.

“Kill them all!” the Rank Four True God of the Blue Scaled Race said, his eyes like two blocks of ice.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sixteen experts of the Blue Scaled Race took off with furious momentum toward Zhao Feng’s team.

“The Blue Scaled Race! Run!” Zhao Feng had already noticed their strange movements.

The Blue Scaled Race had too many people, and there was even a Rank Four True God. Zhao Feng naturally did not wish to have a direct confrontation with them.

Swoosh swoosh!

Zhao Feng’s group quickly began to flee. Little Ling, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, and Zhao Feng were the fastest, followed by the blue-clothed elder and Zhao Wan, and finally Zhao Wang at the very end. Of course, Zhao Wang was still rather fast; he was just much slower compared to the rest of the group.

Swish! Swish!

“Where are you running!?”

The Blue Scaled Race’s Rank Four True God and a small number of experts broke away from the rest of the pack, slowly catching up to Zhao Feng. Meanwhile, the majority of the group was left far behind.

As Wei Ke and Ma Lingshi were two of the weaker members of the group and they hadn’t wanted to chase after Zhao Feng in the first place, they stopped midway.

“Zhao Feng, obediently accept your death, and I can let the rest of the people in your group go!” Quasi-God Lan Ye gave a sinister smile.

The other experts of the Blue Scaled Race nodded their heads. Quasi-God Lan Ye’s plan was truly superb. When facing death, even people with the best relationships might contemplate betrayal.

But to their surprise, every member of Zhao Feng’s group acted like they didn’t hear these words, their speed not slowing in the slightest.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In this pursuit, the fastest six members of the Blue Scaled Race reached Zhao Feng’s team first.

“Die!” The Rank Four True God immediately attacked Zhao Wang, who was at the very back of the group.


An enormous blue sword swept forward, its edge rippling with astonishing waves. From a distance, this slash seemed like a tsunami that would envelop and devour all.


Little Ling suddenly turned around and attacked.


Blue and purple flames filled the sky, condensing into an enormous net of flames.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

Fire and water clashed, and the attack of the Rank Four True God was neutralized.

“Milady is as beautiful as a flower and also rather strong. Why not work with the Blue Scaled Race?” The lecherous eyes of a Rank Three True God from the Blue Scaled Race hovered over Little Ling’s charming figure.

But then, all six members of the Blue Scaled Race, including the Rank Four True God, were taken aback in shock; all of Zhao Feng’s team suddenly turned around and began to attack them.

“Little Ling, Zhao Wang, the two of you deal with the Rank Four True God. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon and I will quickly kill off one Rank Three True God. The rest of you, hold back the rest of the Blue Scaled Race!” Zhao Feng issued his orders the moment they began to move.

With only six members of the Blue Scaled Race currently present, Zhao Feng’s side had a chance at victory. Through this battle, they could even completely turn the tides on the Blue Scaled Race.

Swoosh swoosh!

Zhao Feng swiftly joined the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon in converging on a Rank Three True God.

Cling clang!

A black metal sword appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand – the transformed Ancient God Seal.

“Die!” Zhao Feng used the Lightning-Fire Obliteration to create a destructive golden energy slash.

“Destruction Dragon Blast!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon circulated its Origin Destruction Energy and used its most powerful move.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

The thunderous strikes from this pair left the Rank Three True God with no time to react.

“Kill!” The powerful bodies of Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon put aside everything else to attack.

“Flame Slicer!” Little Ling waved her hands, sending countless threads of fire flying toward the Rank Four True God.

“A trifling trick!” The Blue Scaled Race Rank Four True God waved his sword, unleashing slash after slash of enormous blue waves.


Zhao Wang attacked the Rank Four True God from the side.

“A mere Quasi-God! You’re seeking death!” The Rank Four True God snorted in derision. Just one weak Quasi-God wouldn’t even be able to harm a hair on his body.


Suddenly, a pitch-black staff appeared in Zhao Wang’s hand, and the surrounding sky immediately went dark.

“This is Death Energy!” The Rank Four True God’s body froze as he sensed a mortal threat from that wicked aura.

“Black Hole of Death!” Zhao Wang gripped the Staff of Death Curse as he activated the Eye of Death.


The Staff of Death Curse and the Eye of Death resonated with each other, unleashing a black mist bursting with wicked energy and Intent.


Caught off guard, the Rank Four True God was engulfed by the black mist.


The black mist immediately transformed into a black hole that began to suck away at the Rank Four True God’s soul and vitality.


The Rank Four True God of the Blue Scaled Race had to burn up his Divine Power, exploding with astonishing Intent energy so that he could retreat.


One of the Rank Four True God’s arms was completely devoured by the black hole, severely damaging both his body and soul. In addition, he could also sense that the power of an intangible curse now haunted his body.

“Just what kind of power is this?” The Rank Four True God paled as he stared in fear at Zhao Wang.

However, Zhao Wang had already put away the Staff of Death Curse. After all, this was a divine weapon of a similar quality as the supreme treasures in the transparent palace. It could not be carelessly exposed to outsiders.


Elsewhere, Zhao Feng and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon finished off the Rank Three True God.

Only two seconds had passed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, the rest of the Blue Scaled Race’s experts finally arrived.

“How could this be?” Hu Cheng was stunned.

When they arrived, they saw that their Rank Four True God had lost an arm and one of their Rank Three True Gods had been killed. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng’s group had reassembled, their expressions composed as they faced the Blue Scaled Race. None of them were running, and none of them seemed panicked.

“Let’s go!” After a few moments of stalemate, the Rank Four True God suddenly shouted this order through clenched teeth.

His injuries were not something as simple as a lost arm. Both his soul and vitality were being corroded by Death Intent. In addition, the power of a curse was also troubling him. His body was currently in an extremely poor state. If he did not immediately begin treatment, his injuries would worsen.

Moreover, he was still somewhat afraid of the divine weapon Zhao Wang had used. In addition, the treasures of the transparent palace might appear at any moment. He needed to recover his strength as quickly as possible so that he could still participate in the upcoming battle.

“We’re not killing them?” Quasi-God Lan Ye was stunned beyond belief. The Rank Four God of the Blue Scaled Race was actually shrinking back. Just what happened a moment ago?


The Rank Four True God angrily snorted, and the energy of the world instantly pressed down on Quasi-God Lan Ye.

Thump thump!

Quasi-God Lan Ye was forced back two steps, and then he lowered his head and fell silent.


At this very moment, the transparent palace in the sky exploded.


A fierce spatial storm swept through the area, causing the world to twist and contort.

At this moment, all the experts fighting for treasure were struck dumb. Even the Red Flame Qilin and the Rank Five True Gods battling in the distance paused for a moment.


Several silver balls of light leaped out from the spatial storm. The fact that these treasures had emerged unscathed from the destructive spatial storm was proof of their quality.

Four of them stood out among the rest, exuding astonishing ripples of power.

“Treasure… real treasure has appeared!”

The small groups down below immediately became excited.

“The Spacetime Robe!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan locked his eyes onto one of the dazzling objects, the dark silver robe.

“The Heaven Yuan Stone Disc!” Quasi-God Si Kong of the Tianyun Sacred Land also had his eyes on a treasure. This was an ancient gray stone disk, its surface covered with profound and abstruse inscriptions.

“Not good, the treasures have already appeared!” The Rank Four True God of the Blue Scaled Race grew even more infuriated. For the sake of Quasi-God Lan Ye’s private grudge, he had been heavily injured and probably lost any chance of getting those treasures.

“Master, which one should we try for?” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon immediately asked, its heart thumping. The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon only knew that there were four of these treasures more precious than the rest, but he didn’t recognize a single one of them!

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