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A Contest of Space

Transference Eyes

The two eyes embedded in the sky both stared at the same silver bracelet. The terrifying pressure they exuded caused all the nearby experts to back up.

“So, this golden eye didn’t belong to the Spacetime Sacred Land?” Quasi-God Heaven Swallower said in surprise. He was under the impression that this golden eye belonged to someone from the Spacetime Sacred Land. It was only now that this golden eye began to compete with Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s dark silver eye that he realized he was mistaken.

The other experts fighting for treasure thought the same as Quasi-God Heaven Swallower.

“Since this golden eye doesn’t belong to a genius of the Spacetime Sacred Land, then whose is it? Just who would dare to compete for treasure against Quasi-God Kong Yuan of the Spacetime Sacred Land?” a genius Quasi-God asked with shock on his face.

“Who is it? Who dares to oppose Quasi-God Kong Yuan of the Spacetime Sacred Land!?” a True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land growled. However, he actually didn’t care all that much. Quasi-God Kong Yuan was the strongest Quasi-God of the Spacetime Sacred Land, with the strength of a Rank Four True God. This golden eye was simply suicidal to be challenging him.


The silver eye suddenly opened a spatial path, which exerted a powerful attractive force on the silver bracelet.


The golden eye created a vortex that unleashed a ripple of Eye Intent upon the silver bracelet.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The silver eye responded by releasing spatial shadows that filled the sky.


As these spatial shadows swept over the ripple of Eye Intent, the Space Intent that formed the vortex was thrown into disorder. All the other experts fighting for treasure in the surroundings were similarly affected by the dark silver eye, becoming incapable of using Space Intent.

“Haha, Quasi-God Kong Yuan has a very strong Eye of Spacetime bloodline. You’ll just disgrace yourself by fighting him!” A group that previously fought with the golden eye over treasure began to jeer at and ridicule it.

“Hmph, Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s Space Intent has reached Level Four. This golden eye is out of its mind if it thinks it can steal treasure from right under the Eye of Void!” a True God from the Spacetime Sacred Land jeered.

Two hundred thousand li underground, Zhao Feng gave an awkward smile. Zhao Feng didn’t really want to fight with Quasi-God Kong Yuan, but he also wanted to experience the powers of the Eye of Spacetime. Thus, he made the Eye of Heaven appear to fight with Kong Yuan for treasure.

“Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s Space Intent has reached an absurd level. My Void Snatching is no use against him!” Zhao Feng murmured in understanding.

“I’ll play around with him a little longer though!” Zhao Feng suddenly gave a wicked smile.

Since everyone still had no idea of who was fighting Quasi-God Kong Yuan, he might as well keep playing with this Eye of Void.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the air, the spatial crack in the middle of the silver eye strengthened its attractive force, pulling on the silver bracelet.

Suddenly, the golden eye began to crackle with purple lightning as a dreadful Eye Intent began to gather around it.


A gold-and-purple lightning-fire, imbued with the power of Destructive Tribulation Lightning, exploded against the silver eye.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The silver eye trembled, flickering between illusion and reality, and the spatial path in its center was forced shut.

“What a powerful eye-bloodline technique!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan focused his eyes.

The Eye of Void was a Space Intent he had derived from the Eye of Spacetime. It was imbued with his Intent, meaning that soul attacks were effective against it.

“This person’s eyes aren’t skilled at Space Intent, but they are skilled at soul attacks!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan muttered to himself.

In contrast to Zhao Feng, Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s Eye of Spacetime was good at Space Intent but poor at soul attacks.

Buzz! Bzzz!

In the sky, the dark silver eye suddenly solidified. It was clear that Quasi-God Kong Yuan was now serious, all his attention on this battle.

Bzzz! Swoosh!

Space Intent flowed through the silver eye, forming into a sharp spatial edge that sliced at the golden eye.

“Quasi-God Kong Yuan has begun his counterattack. Those spatial edges can easily kill a Rank Three True God!” a True God expert said in alarm.


The spatial edges swept right through the golden eye.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The only effect it had on the golden eye was to make it slightly tremble.

“It didn’t have much effect on that golden eye at all!” a Quasi-God cried out in alarm.

“The golden eye and the silver eye are constructed differently. The golden eye is primarily made up of soul power, so physical attacks can’t damage it very much!” a Rank Four True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land immediately observed. And in his view, the golden eye was more in harmony with the world.

“Space Intent type attacks only affect the soul a little, so they can only inflict partial harm to me!” Zhao Feng’s expression was unchanged. His soul’s defenses were extremely strong, so this minor damage barely registered.

Upon seeing that his attacks did little damage to the golden eye, Quasi-God Kong Yuan began to circulate his Space Intent once more.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The silver eye caused space around it to vibrate and tremble. A ghostly image seemed to layer itself over the air, causing space in the area to become extremely unstable.

“This move should work!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan muttered to himself.

The golden eye was embedded in space, so he would use Space Intent to make all space in the area extremely unstable. This way, the golden eye wouldn’t be able to maintain its position.

“Heh, then I won’t be polite either!” Zhao Feng naturally knew what Quasi-God Kong Yuan was up to.

However, Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven was in extreme harmony with the Ancient Dream Realm. This was Zhao Feng’s world, and even if Quasi-God Kong Yuan destabilized the surrounding space, Zhao Feng’s Eye of Heaven would still be able to stand firm. At most, its power would decrease a little.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!”

The golden Eye of Heaven began to crackle with Destructive arcs of white-and-gold lightning.


A ball of purple lightning-fire burst out of the golden eye.

Crackle! Hisss!

In a flash, the dark silver eye was assailed by Tribulation Lightning. The Destructive power of the Tribulation Lightning passed through the Eye of Void to strike directly at Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s soul.

“Ugh!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan groaned, the thunderous attacks against his soul causing his eyes to half-close in pain.

At the same time, the silver eye in the sky disappeared.

“It was actually useless!?” Quasi-God Kong Yuan was flabbergasted. His widespread destabilization of space apparently did nothing to the golden eye. After that, the soul attack from his opponent was truly terrifying.


The power of wind and lightning raged around the golden eye, as if proclaiming its victory.


A ripple of Eye Intent sucked in the silver bracelet.

“What? Quasi-God Kong Yuan lost?” The people of the Spacetime Sacred Land were dumbfounded.

In the clash between two Eyes of Space Transference, Quasi-God Kong Yuan unexpectedly lost.

How could that be? Was the user of the golden eye even stronger than Kong Yuan? They believed that this match was certain victory for Kong Yuan, so none of them had interfered, but the result completely overturned their understanding of the world.

“Interesting!” Quasi-God Si Kong stared at the Eye of Heaven and gave a profound smile. It was able to win against an inheritor of one of the Eight Great God Eyes, but it was apparently not one of the Eight Great God Eyes!

“Just who is behind this golden eye?” Quasi-God Heaven Swallower’s eyes exuded a chilling light, but he noticed nothing as he surveyed his surroundings.

Although a contest between two eyes could not be used as a representative of one’s full strength, for the opponent to defeat Quasi-God Kong Yuan in eye-bloodline techniques was simply unbelievable!

“As expected of the Ninth God Eye!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon naturally noticed this contest between the two eyes, but it hadn’t expected for Zhao Feng to win this bout.

“Victory!” Zhao Feng gave a satisfied smile.

Although Zhao Feng had won, this did not mean that he was a match for Quasi-God Kong Yuan.

After all, in the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng’s Eye of Space Transference could use eye-bloodline techniques at their maximum level of power, but the Eye of Spacetime did not have the same special authority. In addition, the Eye of Spacetime’s usefulness was more evident on the battlefield; its expertise was in controlling and using the power of space, not eye-bloodline techniques.

Zhao Feng began to refine the Interspatial Dimension, with the rest of his mind focused on observing the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group and using the Eye of Heaven to steal more treasures.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group had the Rank Four True God Little Ling in its ranks, so as long as they didn’t encounter some overly powerful group, they would essentially be safe. Zhao Feng’s use of the Eye of Heaven would also indirectly assist the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group.

After this clash of Space Transference Eyes, there was no second clash. After all, the most important issue of the day was taking the treasures, not fighting to the death over a momentary flash of anger.

However, as the golden eye moved, everyone became even more curious – just who was its master?

“Steal the treasures of the Golden Jade Race!” Zhao Feng’s voice rang out in the souls of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group.

“Understood!” A sinister smile appeared on the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s face.

The only Rank Five True God of the Golden Jade Race, Tianhua, was fighting with the Red Flame Qilin. The strongest members left in the Golden Jade Race group were only Rank Three True Gods.

At this moment, the Golden Jade Race was fighting with two other groups over a picture scroll. The picture scroll would occasionally unleash a few vistas that would cause people to sink into an illusory world.

“I got it!”

In the end, all three parties were heavily injured, and the Golden Jade Race emerged with the picture scroll in hand. The two other groups joined together in pursuit.


After getting the picture scroll, the Golden Jade Race decided to beat a temporary retreat. They would refine the picture scroll first and then reenter the struggle.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group blocked their path.

“Where are you going!?” the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon angrily roared, the pressure of its terrifying bloodline causing all the Golden Jade Race members to tremble.

“It’s you!”

The people from the Golden Jade Race naturally recognized the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group.

With the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon blocking the Golden Jade Race group, the other two factions quickly caught up.


The three sides immediately attacked the Golden Jade Race group.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group naturally did not use its full strength, and it even “inadvertently” attacked the two other groups. In the end, the Golden Jade Race suffered severe casualties, the other two groups fared little better, and the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon’s group smoothly obtained the picture scroll.

“Damn!” Quasi-God Di Lin was furious. If he had known that this would happen, he would have never offended Zhao Feng.


Suddenly, the transparent palace over everyone’s heads began to shake and quiver.


Within the palace, four treasures shining with resplendent light and bursting with intelligence were flying heedlessly around, smashing into walls. One of these treasures was the Spacetime Robe.

Everyone understood that these four treasures were the most precious ones in the palace. An extremely small number of people recognized one or two of these treasures, but they would never admit to that.

Each of them had already chosen one of these treasures as their ultimate goal.

Boom! Creeeak!

The cracks on the palace increased, and it seemed on the verge of shattering apart!

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