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Eye of Void

“Rank Seven Ancient God!”

The experts fighting beneath the palace for treasure were left dumbfounded by this news. Although Ancient Gods were still within the nine ranks of True Gods, the fact that the distinction of “Ancient God” existed showed that there was a vast gap between those above and below the boundary of Ancient God.

Among the major factions, Ancient Gods were supreme experts far beyond their reach. At this moment, the Red Flame Qilin leading the ancient races in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension was an Ancient God, and one from the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

The red and ruthless eyes of the Qilin swept over the experts. All who felt its gaze felt their body tremble, their blood freezing in their veins.


An Intent seized the Spatial Lock Mirror and tossed it to the black Qilin next to the red Qilin.

“This treasure isn’t bad!” The black Qilin took the Spatial Lock Mirror with a smile on its face.

The people of the Blood Flame Qilin Race could have different hues of blood running through their veins, and their bodies would burn with different colors of flame. This Black Flame Qilin clearly possessed a higher-level bloodline. However, the Black Flame Qilin was smaller and only had the cultivation of a Rank Four True God.

“Young Master, refine it!” the Red Flame Qilin said.

The ten major factions that had been fighting over the Spatial Lock Mirror became extremely gloomy. Their struggle had been vicious and they put their lives on the line, but in the end, this Red Flame Qilin snatched the Spatial Lock Mirror away.

Moreover, once the Black Flame Qilin refined the Spatial Lock Mirror, they would be placed in an even more passive position.

“Everyone, if we let that ancient beast refine the Spatial Lock Mirror, we’ll be in great danger!” A Rank Five True God of the Spacetime Sacred Land sent a message to all the experts present.

“Right! Although they might have an Ancient God, it’s only one!” a Rank Five True God from the Tianyun Sacred Land replied.

“All Rank Five True Gods present, we have to work together to deal with this Ancient God expert. Otherwise, we won’t be able to get anything!” A Rank Five True God of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land sent a message to all the experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

In the current situation, all of the factions needed to work together.

However, the power of an Ancient God had made a very deep impression. The Rank Five True Gods of four-and-a-half-star and peak four-star powers were much weaker than the Rank Five True Gods of five-star powers and Sacred Lands. Moreover, they cared more about their own lives and profit and were unwilling to clash with an Ancient God.

“In truth, if everyone is not willing, we three Sacred Lands have ways of safely withdrawing!” Quasi-God Si Kong of the Tianyun Sacred Land suddenly sent this message.

These words astonished all the other factions.

It was true. The God Realm Sacred Lands had incredibly deep reserves. Even if they were facing an Ancient God expert, they could still escape if needed. In that case, it would be the weaker factions that would suffer disaster.

Gradually, the experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods reached a consensus. All the Rank Five True Gods decided to join together to fight against the Ancient God and the ancient beasts with Rank Five True God levels of strength. The struggle for treasure would be handed to the younger generation and the weaker True Gods.

Of course, the Rank Five True Gods had definitely negotiated with the other True Gods within their respective factions so that they would receive a part of the spoils. After all, the Rank Five True Gods were taking a great risk in fighting the Ancient God so that the others could go after the treasure, so they naturally needed suitable compensation. Their reward could only be obtained from the Quasi-Gods and True Gods of their respective factions.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

All ten factions, excluding their Rank Five True Gods, retreated. The rest of the Rank Five True Gods flew out from the rear.

“Kill!” The Red Flame Qilin seemed to know what they were thinking and immediately attacked.

Even if it was an Ancient God, it was not invincible. Moreover, the Rank Five True Gods that had shown up here were all on the stronger side, particularly those from the resource-rich Sacred Lands.

Several Rank Five True Gods from the ancient races came up to assist the Red Flame Qilin. The remaining ancient beasts joined with the Black Flame Qilin and went to the palace to fight for treasure.


All the Rank Five True Gods of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods went into battle.

Boom! Bang! Thump!

The battle between the Ancient God and the Rank Five True Gods caused the entire world to pale. The Quasi-Gods and True Gods who were not participating in this battle could still sense the terrifying ripples of Intent, despite the distance.

“Good, we’ve already gotten three treasures!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon grinned. One was in its Origin Dimension while the other two were in the little thieving cat’s stomach.

The appearance of the Black Flame Qilin was actually a boon to Zhao Feng’s group because their group didn’t have any Rank Five True Gods in the first place.

“I never thought that things would turn out this way!” Little Ling was greatly moved by these events.

Now that the Rank Five True Gods were no longer participating in the struggle for treasure, Zhao Feng’s faction no longer seemed as weak. Before, they could only stir up trouble, but now, they could fight directly with other groups for treasure. Of course, there was still a large gap in strength between them and certain powerful groups.

“Scram! I – Quasi-God Heaven Swallower – have taken a liking to this object!” A tall and imposing man loudly called out as he charged at some silver fruit.

Boom! Bang!

Every slap of his palms created black vortices that devoured the Intent of all nearby attacks.

“Out of the way!”

The experts of the Heaven Devouring Sacred Land followed Quasi-God Heaven Swallower.

“Mine!” Quasi-God Heaven Swallower smoothly got his hands on the silver fruit.

“What do you think about giving that treasure to this one?” Quasi-God Si Kong’s tone was much gentler.


As Quasi-God Si Kong descended, all the surrounding experts instantly came under the effect of a strange Intent energy. Their attacks suddenly became extremely slow.

“This is Speed Intent!” a Rank Four True God yelped in surprise.

Speed Intent could slow down or accelerate one’s attacks, allowing them to be unleashed at the ideal moment. In addition, if Speed Intent was cultivated to a certain level, it could even alter the speed of the opponent’s attacks.

The Tianyun Sacred Land was unique among the God Realm Sacred Lands of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods; it did not consider bloodline when taking disciples, only emphasizing powerful talent. Moreover, the Tianyun Sacred Land possessed a broad and deep range of techniques that extended into every possible avenue. For this reason, the Tianyun Sacred Land had geniuses of every kind, each of them with their own supreme and unique skills.

“Haha, you people aren’t very strong at all!” The Black Flame Qilin charged in with a horde of ancient beasts.


The Black Flame Qilin activated its bloodline, and its strength soared. Its entire body seethed with black flames that endlessly burned away anything they touched.

Quite a few Rank Two True Gods were touched by the flames of the Black Flame Qilin and ended up being completely engulfed in those nigh-inextinguishable flames.

“Aaaaaah!” An ordinary Quasi-God even had his soul burned to cinders by these flames.

“This fellow’s flames are suffused with Destruction Intent!” The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon measured up the Black Flame Qilin.

The black flames of this Qilin were extremely similar to its dragon breath of Origin Destruction. Of course, if their cultivations were equal, the flames of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon would be stronger.


Another set of treasures fell from the palace, and all of these treasures had intelligence. The moment they dropped down, they scattered in different directions.


Suddenly, an enormous dark silver eye that appeared to be embedded in the fabric of space began to rapidly move.


The dark silver eye moved next to a writing brush and suddenly opened up into a spatial crack that sucked in the brush.

Buzz! Bzzz!

This writing brush was also a spatial treasure, so it did everything it could to fight back.


Several experts of the Spacetime Sacred Land arrived and began to exert their own spatial powers.


Pushed by the spatial energy, the writing brush was finally sucked into the spatial crack.


The enormous silver eye immediately vanished.

“As expected of Quasi-God Kong Yuan, using such a method to seize treasure!” Quasi-God Si Kong said in praise.

“Hmph, lurking in the shadows, a turtle hiding in its shell!” Quasi-God Heaven Swallower said with disdain.

He originally planned to have a bout with Quasi-God Kong Yuan, but the current situation was far too chaotic. Moreover, even if he knew that Quasi-God Kong Yuan was using the Eye of Void, he was incapable of finding Kong Yuan’s hiding place.

The Eye of Void was the Space Intent that Quasi-God Kong Yuan had derived from the Eye of Spacetime. It could transfer through space, making it impossible to find out where Quasi-God Kong Yuan was hiding.

At this moment, in a place extremely far from the transparent palace, a figure was hiding in a place that no one could see.

“What a powerful offensive spatial divine weapon!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan was carefully inspecting the writing brush in his hand. Even though he had his own offensive divine weapon, the Space Intent it contained was weaker than this writing brush.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Quasi-God Kong Yuan sent a strand of Divine Power and Soul Power into the writing brush and slowly began to refine it, but he kept the majority of his mind on observing the skies.

“The Spacetime Robe! I wonder if I will be able to obtain you!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s gaze fell upon that silver robe in the transparent palace.

Only an extremely small number of experts of the Sacred Land knew the secret of the Spacetime Robe. The majority of the people present had yet to recognize it for what it was. Quasi-God Kong Yuan, as one of the supreme geniuses of the Spacetime Sacred Land, knew a few of this robe’s secrets.

“If I can get the Spacetime Robe, the path to becoming an Ancient God will be much simpler, and my chances of becoming a God Lord will also increase!”

Quasi-God Kong Yuan felt an enormous desire for the Spacetime Robe. However, the Spacetime Robe was still floating around randomly in the transparent palace, and Kong Yuan did not dare to get too close to the palace. Thus, he could only wait until the Spacetime Robe came out on its own.

“Eh? That golden eye…!” At this moment, Quasi-God Kong Yuan noticed that an enormous golden eye had appeared in the sky.

This golden Eye of Heaven was even larger than his Eye of Void, and it was even more focused, even more in union with the heavens and earth, and simply overflowing with power.

“A golden eye… the Eye of Destruction? But how could the Eye of Destruction use Space Intent?” Quasi-God Kong Yuan became pensive.

Even Quasi-God Kong Yuan, who had always been proud of his Eye of Spacetime, felt a little fear when he saw this golden eye.

“It seems that there’s another outstanding genius hiding around here. It might be someone from the Tianyun Sacred Land!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan muttered to himself.

The Tianyun Sacred Land had every kind of talent. Even though it had been established relatively late, it could not be underestimated. It might even surpass a majority of the God Realm Sacred Lands given enough time.

“It’s that golden eye again!”

“Damn it! Is he a member of the Spacetime Sacred Land or not!?”

By now, the golden eye had appeared quite a few times. Moreover, the golden eye’s skills were extremely powerful. Physical attacks had no effect on it. Only the soul attacks of Rank Four True Gods could disturb it.

“Eh? This treasure seems to be an Interspatial Dimension!” Quasi-God Kong Yuan’s eyes locked onto a silver bracelet.

None of the treasures here could be taken into Interspatial Dimensions, and there was no time to refine them. However, if one were to get their hands on a divine weapon with an Interspatial Dimension, then as long as one refined it, one could put all the other treasure into it.

Buzz! Bzzz!

An enormous dark silver eye appeared over the Interspatial Dimension.

“Quasi-God Kong Yuan is moving again!” An expert who had just been preparing to try for the silver bracelet sighed in despair.

Suddenly, on the other end of the silver bracelet, a massive golden eye slowly appeared.

The appearance of these two eyes made it seem like the heavens themselves had opened their eyes. Two different but equally terrifying forces exploded onto the scene, forcing all the experts back. They did not dare to fight against the heavens!

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