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seeing that Hang Jin also raised his glass, Chi Yang frowned, poured him a glass of juice, handed it to him with one hand, and grabbed his glass with the other:" do you forget that you can't drink? Give me the glass, and have some juice. "

"Yang Yang, the fourth elder brother is the best one for us. He is so called" never drunk ". In such a busy occasion today, you can't make him drink. How can he succeed?" Zhu Zhanzhan didn't know that Hang Jin was injured. Of course, he didn't agree that Hang Jin didn't drink.

Similarly, ye Zhiyang and Xie Yuanbo are not clear about the situation, so they make a fuss with Zhu Tuo: "Yang Yang, you don't let fourth brother drink, we have to think more about it."

"My brothers, Hang Jin can't drink today. Don't persuade him to drink. I'm sorry! " Hang Jin once quietly dodged to snatch the wine cup. Chi Yang didn't see anything. He reached out to snatch the wine cup again.

What's the matter? It seems that Hang Jin is holding the wine glass gently. Chi Yang holds it and can't rob him, but he hears him say: "what's the relationship between you and me? Why do you mind if I drink or juice? "

Hang Jin's words made everyone in the audience tremble fiercely. Everyone's smiles hung on their faces. They looked at Chi Yang and Hang Jin without knowing why.

What happened to them?

But the culprit, Chi Yangyang, did not find Hang Jin's abnormality, and insisted on taking the wine glass from his hand: "Hang Jin, before you came here, you promised me not to drink tonight. You can't talk without saying anything. Come on, put the glass down and have some juice. "

"Take your hands off me!" Hang Jin's voice was a little cold, and Chi Yang, who was dull and cold, also felt the subtle atmosphere. But because he was hurt, she was patient enough to persuade him, "can't drink, can't drink."

Hang Jin: "I want to drink, you can't care."

This words, listen to the pool central heart hair block.

What does he want to drink? She can't care?

Did he think she wanted to take care of him?

She would not have stopped him if he had not been drunk.

Chi Yangyang took a few breaths of cool air and tried to suppress the fire in his heart. However, when he saw that he was dragging like 125, he couldn't help: "Hang Jin, what's your madness?"

Hang Jin sneered and said, "yes, I like to go crazy. Is it related to you?"

"Yes, it has nothing to do with me..." Chi was so angry that he wanted to get rid of his relationship, but he was still worried about him in his heart. "Hang Jin, don't forget that the column of your marriage certificate spouse is my name. Do you think your business has anything to do with me?"


The question mark face of the other four.

Are they married?

Did the two of them register for marriage?

When is this and why don't they know?

Although they didn't know when Hang Jin and Chi Yangyang would get the marriage license, they were clear about how much Hang Jin wanted to marry Chi Yangyang back home, so none of the four were surprised.

"Ah Who knows if you don't say I don't say? " As he said, Hang Jin was going to raise his glass to drink, and Chi Yang was furious. "Don't you know you have a leg injury? Isn't it fatal to drink at this time? "

"Fourth brother injured? What's the matter? " The focus of other people's attention immediately shifted from gossip news to Hang Jin's body, and together they put down the wine glass and came over, "fourth brother, you must not drink if you are injured."

Hang Jin: don't listen to her nonsense. Let's drink

Others: "fourth brother, you see what the central government is in a hurry. Stop making trouble."

"Noisy? You said I was making trouble? " Hang Jin shakes his hands on a glass of wine. It's clear that he hasn't touched a drop of wine, but he hopes he's drunk. "I really want to make trouble out of nothing."

After that, Hang Jin raised his glass and drank all the spirits.

Four others: "four brothers!"

Chi Yangyang watched Hang Jin drink a glass of liquor. His heart ached and he was angry: "Hang Jin, I can't live with you this day. Let's divorce now."

"Divorce?" Once again, he heard the word "divorce" from Chi Yangyang's mouth. Hang Jin felt only that his heart was very painful and painful, which made him almost suffocate. He didn't even have the pain when he shot himself. "OK."

Others: "fourth brother, Yang Yang, don't be impulsive."

Hang Jin got up and said, "let's go, divorce."

But after saying this, especially when seeing the deep and unpredictable eyes of Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang regretted it, but she could not directly say what I just said. After thinking about it, she found a very good excuse: "now the Civil Affairs Bureau is closed, and they can only go through the divorce formalities tomorrow if they are in a hurry."

"Chiyangyang, you may forget who I am, Hang Jin." "As long as I want to do something, I can't do it," said Hang Jin, with a cold smile and an almost proud tone

Indeed, as soon as Hang Jin calls, someone will help him to go through the divorce formalities.

But he didn't really want to divorce him.

When she didn't know how to step down, LAN Feiyang saw through her mind and stood up again to speak for her: "fourth brother, Yang Yang was also angry for a while, don't take it seriously. This marriage is not a joke, how to say to leave. "

"Angry words? One is angry talk, and two or three times may also be angry talk... " Hang Jin is still sneering, but her expression is a little distressing. "You ask that stupid woman, how many times does she say divorce?"

LAN Feiyang then spoke for Chi Yangyang: "no matter how many times she said it before, as long as she doesn't say it bad anymore.". Fourth brother, Yang Yang must know that he said something wrong. If you don't believe me, ask her. "

LAN Feiyang blinks at Chi Yangyang and signals him to say a soft word to Hang Jin. We all know Hang Jin's temper. As long as we follow him, everything is easy to say.

He also knew that he was wrong: "I am wrong."

Hang Jin: "what's wrong with you?"

Chi Yangyang: "you say where I am wrong is where I am wrong."

Hang Jin: "..."

The woman did not realize the mistake, could not forgive, could not forgive: "go, now divorce."

She apologized, and Hang Jin was going to divorce him. Chi's temper came with him: "well, go, who is afraid that you won't make it."

So, Chi Yang steps, first step to the outside of the room, blue Feiyang wants to stop her, but can't stop her.

Hang Jin also went out with him. No one else dared to stop him.

"It's all my fault, I've done it to thank you," Zhu said

LAN Feiyang said, "it's all my fault. Ming knows that Yang Yang didn't open his mind, but he pulls her to ask the East and the west, and accidentally lets the fourth brother hear him. If they get divorced, I'm a sinner. "

Ye Zhiyang said, "what's wrong with you is not wrong with you. I bet they can't get married without it. " 14

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