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LAN Feiyang is a few years older than Chi Yang. He usually feels the same pain when he is his own sister. Therefore, Chi Yang has less scruples in front of her. He will call her if he wants to.

I don't know what LAN Feiyang at the other end of the phone said. Chi Yangyang nodded with a smile. "OK, you should prepare first. We can arrive in half an hour or so."

When he saw that Chi Yangyang had made a silly phone call, Hang Jin reached out his hand and poked at her waist, drawing her attention to himself. "I never thought that my little idiot was a little greedy cat."

"Don't forget that Feiyang is good at cooking dishes you like. I'm calling mainly for you." Chiyangyang looked back at him and fastened his seat belt. "I'm going to leave. Fasten your seat belt."

Hang Jin obeyed and fastened his seat belt. Then he said, "I'd like to thank you for thinking of me."

"No thanks!" Chiyang Yang started the car, but he still told me, "I'll make it clear to you first. No matter how they let you drink tonight, you are not allowed to touch the wine."

Hang Jin, I know the forensics of Chi da

"Don't be so reluctant. I'm thinking about your injury."

Hang Jin: "then I would like to thank Chi Da for his concern."

"I don't care about you. Because you have been injured, I have had several days of public injury leave for nothing. I don't need to go to work these days, and I don't know how the team is going? I don't know if there's any progress in the case of mutilation? " Thinking of the case, Chi thought that his just relaxed head was big again. "You need to get better soon, so I can go to work at ease."

Hearing that, Hang Jin frowned displeasantly. "Little idiot, don't you want to stay with me?"

Chi Yangyang whispered, "two people stay together every day, big eyes, small eyes, you won't be bored?"


He won't be bored with her all his life.

But Hang Jin said, "I've been with you for a long time, and I'm afraid my brain will be hard to use. So I'd like my injury to get better soon. Don't let you sway in front of me."

Chi Yangyang didn't talk to him anymore. He drove his car carefully.


It's about half an hour's drive in rush hour and traffic jams. Today they arrive in an hour.

When Chi and Hang Jin arrived, Xie Yuanbo and Zhu Zhanzhan had already arrived for a while. Because ye Zhiyang was busy, they were in charge of waiting for hang and chi at the door.

Just as Chi Yangyang slowed down and was about to find a place to park, Zhu Kaifa and Xie Yuanbo ran over. "Yangyang, how can the fourth brother let you drive today?"

Hang Jin was so lazy to untie his seat belt and sit up. "Usually I used to be a driver for her. What happened when I asked her to be a driver for me? Do you two have a problem? "

"Fourth brother, we just didn't see you, so we asked more." Xie Yuanbo and Zhu Tuozhan had a strong desire for survival. When they were asked by Hang Jin, they almost said the same thing, and they answered exactly the same thing.

Chi Yangyang stops his car and gets off the bus before he has the chance to say hello to Zhu Xie and Zhu Xie, "brother Chuang Tzu, brother Yuanbo, it's so nice to see you."

Zhu Kaizhan said, "Yang Yang, you're a little fake. We live not far from you. I really want to see us. As long as you make a phone call, we will catch up with you at the first time, but you only have four brothers in your heart. "

"He is the only one in his heart." Chiyangyang glanced at Hang Jin. The man was looking at her with dissatisfaction, as if he was dissatisfied with her saying more than two words to Zhu Tuozhan. She glared at him, "don't be silly to stand, go to sit first."

Hang and Jin Li ignored her, took his long legs and strode to the inside.

Ye Zhiyang has reserved a private room for several of them to use. Several of them are familiar with each other. Just after they are seated, ye Zhiyang and LAN Feiyang come. LAN Feifei said, "the wine and tea are ready, and we are waiting for several drivers to come."

Chi Yangyang came forward and gave LAN Feiyang a big hug. "Feiyang sister, I haven't seen you for a long time. How can I think of you like that?"

Several other men shouted at one side, "Yang Yang, it's not fair. Why can Fei Yang get your hug, but we can't?"

LAN Feiyang rubs the head of the pool's central bank and says with a smile, "even if the central bank dares to hold you, do you dare to hold her?"

As soon as LAN Feiyang said something, everyone looked at Hang Jin. He was seated. His face didn't look good. He didn't know who was angry with him.

Chi Yang Yang turned a white eye at him. "Look at his big face. People who don't know think I've done something to him."

Ye Zhiyang hurriedly round the stage: "everyone, please don't stand and take a seat. Today, I have prepared a hundred year old Maotai that I have been reluctant to drink. If you don't get drunk tonight, you won't go back."

Zhu Kaifa and Xie Yuanbo shout happily, "Lao ye, you are willing to give our brother some drinks for such a good collection. It's your boy's righteousness. Then we wish you and Feiyang a happy marriage in advance today, and give birth to a baby early. "

Ye Zhiyang said happily, "thank you

Although the two of them had already lived together and had a family together, they didn't have a wedding ceremony. They always felt that there was something missing. The wedding period was getting closer and closer, and ye Zhiyang was happy. The whole person radiated happiness.

"After drinking your wedding wine, let's wait for fourth brother and Yangyang to drink it." Zhu Kaizhan said this to Hang Jin. After saying this, he also showed a picture of the fourth brother. You see how sensible I am. You praise my expression quickly. Who knows that Hang Jin gave him a cold look.

Did he say anything wrong again?

Fourth brother is not always thinking of marrying Yang Yang into his family?

"You can rest assured that we will invite you to our wedding ceremony," said Chi

Zhu Tuozhan "..."

Is there anything wrong tonight?

Before, it wasn't Yang Yang who always refused to mention the marriage with his fourth brother. How did they completely change their positions tonight?

"Then we'll wait for you after our wedding wine." After that, LAN Feiyang pulled the central part of lachi, "central, come out with me. I have two words for you."

"Brother Zhan, eat first, but don't let brother Jin drink." After that, Chi Yang followed LAN Feiyang out of the room. "Feiyang sister, what do you want to say to me?"

LAN Feiyang looked at Chi Yang for a long time and said, "Yang Yang, how are you doing? What's the situation between you and the fourth brother?"

It's reasonable to say that Hang Jin should be very happy to mention their marriage. But it's worse to watch Hang Jin's expression just now than to swallow a fly alive. It's not right.

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