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Jiangbei Public Security Bureau is not far from the place where Hang Jin and Chiyang live. It's about ten minutes' drive. There are not many cars on the streets in the afternoon. They arrive at their destination within 20 minutes.

Chi Yangyang parked his car and said, "old Han is your immediate superior. When you see someone, you should be polite. Don't take people for granted."

Hang Jin Bai glanced at her: "when is it your turn to teach this young master how to behave?"

Chi Yangyang said helplessly: "Uncle hang, I'll tell you seriously. Don't listen to me. The most important thing for leaders is face. You must give face to them when it's time to do so. "

Hang Jin put his hand on her shoulder and said, "you, take care of your own affairs. I know how to deal with my affairs. Don't worry about it."

Chi Yangyang: "do you think I'm willing to worry about you?"

"If you don't want to worry, don't worry. Don't make yourself a bad old woman early, and let my young master see it badly." Hang Jin pinched her nose. "Now you go to the tea room and wait for me. I'll do the work."

Chi Yangyang grabbed him: "listen to what I said."

"Xiaojia, give this pool doctor a good treat." Hang Jin grabs a staff member and hands him over, "Chi forensic doesn't like tea. Give her a cup of hot milk."

These small details of life, Chi Yangyang never told Hang Jin, but Hang Jin are very clear, let Chi Yangyang in his heart a little touched.

She also wanted to tell him to be polite to the leader, but he took it back to his mouth. He had a way of dealing with people. If he really wanted to hear her change, he would not be called Hang Jin.

"Then I'll wait for you," she said

"That's good." Hang Jin nodded and turned to the office of the Korean Bureau.

"Old Han, what are you looking for?" Without the Secretary's notice or knocking on the door, Hang Jin directly pushed open the door of the Korean Bureau office. When the door opened, he saw that there was another person in the office besides the Korean Bureau, Zhao Ziqian, whom he had met several times.

Hang Jin didn't expect Zhao Ziqian to be here, which was quite unexpected. However, he didn't save face for the South Korean Bureau. He sat down on the sofa and raised his legs: "old Han, you don't know if you call me to have anything to do with this leader Zhao."

"Hang Jin, you've got this leg hurt. You should pay attention to it. If you turn your legs up, they may tear the wound." The Korean bureau did not answer Hang Jin's questions, but showed its concern for him.

Hang Jin didn't give Han Ju any face: "do you know I was hurt?"

"Yes, it's my fault. I didn't care about you at the first time. I apologize to you here. The head office has gone."

Hang Jin: "tell me, what can I do for you?"

Han Ju sat down on the sofa on the other side of the coffee table and motioned to Zhao Ziqian to sit down. He just opened his mouth and said, "OK, you can do it directly, and I will tell you directly."

South Korean Bureau cleared throat: "recently, there have been consecutive homicides in Cangshan District, especially the headless female corpse case and the mutilated corpse case of the previous few days, which caused the panic of the city name. The headless female corpse case has been solved, but at present, Cangshan criminal investigation branch has not found any useful clues. Zhao's side is also very worried that not solving the case for a long time will affect the reputation of our whole Jiangbei public security system. "

In front of the two "great gods", Zhao Ziqian has no share of speaking, but he nodded repeatedly to show that he was listening well.

Hang Jin didn't answer, and Han said, "Zhao team has been staying up late to work overtime recently. They are not able to bear it. They plan to apply for more competent people to take over the work of the case of dismemberment."

"Old Han, you are his boss. I have nothing to do with him. You don't need to ask me to report on this kind of work arrangement." Hang Jin knew the intention of the South Korean Bureau, but he had to pretend to be confused.

Han said with a smile, "yes, we don't need to report our work arrangement to you, but the incident is related to you, so we must call you to ask your opinion."

Hang Jin: what does it have to do with me

"After Zhao Ziqian put forward this application, I thought of you first," Han said. After all, you mentioned to me before that you want to go to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment. More importantly, you are the second in our whole system. No one dares to be the first. "

"Old Han, who do you think Hang Jin is? Let me find out if there is a difficult case, and let me get back when the case is solved? Am I the dog you call and wave? " As soon as he saw Zhao Ziqian at the door, Hang Jin vaguely guessed what the old man had come to him for this time. Now the facts prove that his guess is not false.

"Little brother, it's hard to hear you talking like that." Hang Jin was careless in his speech, and the South Korean Bureau was embarrassed. However, he knew that Hang Jin had such an attitude towards anyone, including his father, so he had nothing to worry about.

"What do you want me to say? Smile and you promise? " Even if Hang Jin wants to go to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, he has to put the spectrum that should be put in order to facilitate his work in the future.

"In fact, I have other candidates, but you are the first one to be considered, because you have criminal investigation experience, and you have been investigating the case of Chi family and his wife. If you take over the team leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, it will be more convenient to check the case of Chi family and his wife. " Old Han also knows where Hang Jin's death spot is. Just tell him about the pool family and make sure he agrees.

Referring to the case of the Chi family and his wife, Hang Jin immediately put down his legs and sat upright on the sofa. He changed his face: "old Han, don't put me on here."

Before, he was not allowed to investigate the case of the Chi family and his wife any more. His surname was Han, and his family's old man was not allowed. He had to secretly investigate all the time.

This surname Han actually initiated this case today. Did they find out something new?

The South Korean Bureau knew that it aroused Hang Jin's interest, so the follow-up work would be easier. He looked to Zhao Ziqian and said, "Ziqian, let's discuss your questions and doubts."

Zhao Ziqian wanted to speak for a long time, but due to one of his immediate superiors and one of the bastards, the second Shizu, who he absolutely couldn't stir up, he kept silent.

At this time, he was named, which could not conceal his excitement. He cleared his throat and went straight to the key point: "Han Bureau, hangshao, headless female corpse case, Linyang Park murder case, corpse case, bar murder case, these cases seem to have no connection, and besides the three cases of corpse case have been solved, but based on my years of experience as a criminal police officer, I always think these cases have been solved There's a connection between them, but I haven't found any evidence yet

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