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Grandpa, I haven't spoken with you yet. Why are you driving me away? " Chi wants to stay with the old man more, but the old man doesn't want to delay their young people's time. "I also asked my sick friends to talk about our affairs. It's inconvenient for you to stay here."


Grandpa Chi waved impatiently: "let's go. Don't bother me here. Hang family boy, take your little four eyes away and do what you should do. "

The old man's attitude is firm. It's no way for chi yang to die here, so he has to leave first with Hang Jin.

Out of the hospital, Chi Yangyang was still silent, and Hang Jin put his hand on her shoulder: "little four eyes, the old man left time for us to fall in love, don't you understand?"

"How can I not understand." It's because he knows that, so Chi Yang is upset.

Grandpa is ill and hospitalized, but still thinks about her everywhere. She takes a little time to accompany him. He is afraid of delaying her affairs. Grandpa certainly doesn't know. The happiest time of her day is to accompany him and talk to him.

Perhaps many young people will find the old man at home wordy and annoying, but because Chi has experienced many events that many people have not experienced, she knows more about the importance of family affection.

If her parents didn't have an accident, she probably wouldn't know it so early. This is what people often say that they can't cherish until they lose.

"Since you understand why the old man drove us away, listen to him to do what we should do." Hang Jin hugged Chiyang in his arms, "so don't be unhappy any more."

"I asked the doctor today. The doctor said Grandpa's health is not very optimistic, but grandpa asked the doctor not to tell me." Think of this matter, Chi Yang Yang heart is more uncomfortable.

Grandpa needs more attention, but he looks after her everywhere.

Hang Jin understood Chi's worries, but he didn't know how to persuade her. He just slightly increased the strength of holding her, trying to pass some of his strength to her.

Tinkling bell

Hang Jin's pocket suddenly remembered the ring tone of his mobile phone, which broke the heavy atmosphere at this time.

Hang Jin took out his mobile phone and said, "I've been injured for such a long time. That old man from old Han is only calling now. I'm only surprised when I answer his phone."

Therefore, Hang Jin refused to accept.

Chi Yang Yang shook his head and said, "he is your superior leader. Are you not afraid of him wearing shoes for you when you treat him like this?"

Hang Jin: "he can wear it for me. Who are we afraid of?"

"Hang Jin, you said that if you didn't rely on the two big backers behind you, you would be kicked out of the game in three days if you went out to mix with the society like this."

Hang Jin said, "who let me have such two big backers?"

People, sometimes they have to believe in life. Hang Jin was born in a powerful family, so he developed a personality with eyes above the top, but he is capable, so he is even more arrogant.

Chiyangyang: "..."

What else can she say?

Jingling bell

Hang Jin Gang put his mobile phone in his pocket, and the phone rang again. This time, he didn't even bother to look at his mobile phone again, and directly dragged Chi Yang into the car: "let's go home."

Chi Yangyang: "you really don't answer the phone?"

Hang Jin: "I'm angry with him. Why should I answer his phone?"

Chi Yangyang really did not dare to compliment this master's temper. He shook his head and started the car.

It wasn't a long time to get home from the hospital. During this time, old Han didn't call again. When he got home, Hang Jin received a message. He read it and didn't tell Chi Yang.

"Hang Jin, you sit on the sofa and I'll change your dressing." The first time he entered the house, Chi Yangyang thought of changing the medicine for Hang Jin. Hang Jin sat on the sofa and took off his pants.

Mingming only needs to lift up the trouser legs, but this man just doesn't want to be shameful. He just wants to take off his trouser legs. Seeing that, Chi Yang's face is red and his ears are red, he mutters, "hooligan!"

Hang Jin didn't feel that he was playing a hooligan at all, but he stretched his legs: "my long legs are not visible to anyone who wants to see them. It's your blessing to see them."

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, can we have some faces?"

Hang Jin: don't you think my long legs are very nice

Big long leg Pool Yang Yang is not in the mood to appreciate it, because she saw that the wound on Hang Jin's leg was not healed, and her heart gave a fierce slap: "Hang Jin, don't you know you have a leg injury?"

"I know," said Hang Jin

Looking at his attitude, Chi Yangyang would like to kick his feet: "I know there are injuries and run around."

But her hands did not stop. She quickly changed the medicine for Hangjin.

Hang Jin said with a smile, "you little B á ich can do things easily."

"Otherwise?" If you don't have lisso waiting for his wound to become inflamed?

"Well, how lovely!" Hang Jin pinched her face, put on her clothes and trousers several times, and said, "just now old Han sent me a message to go to the Bureau. I'll go now."

"Instead of answering his phone, you read the message he sent you." Chi Yangyang looked at Hang Jin anxiously, "but your injury is not good. What are you doing in the bureau? Work with injuries? "

"Based on my understanding of old Han, he should find me something important, otherwise he would not send me such a message after I refused to answer his phone twice." Hang Jin's arrogance is arrogance, but he never delays his work, because he knows what can be neglected and what must be actively handled.

"Is work more important than health?" Chiyangyang didn't let him go to work, but now he is a wounded man. "If you don't have a good body, what do you take to work?"

Hang Jin asked, "if Zhao Ziqian calls you now and asks you to go to the Bureau, will you go?"

"I I'm different. I'm not hurt. " "I'll go to the bureau with you," said Chi, as he packed the tea table

Hang Jin: "what are you doing, little B á ICH?"

"You can't drive now. Can I be your driver?"

Hang Jin wanted to say no, but she gave him more time to be a driver. Why not? He nodded: "let our chi doctor be a driver for me, it's really wrong for you."

He was too lazy to talk to him. He turned inside and changed his clothes. When he came out again, Hang Jin stared at her for two more eyes. Then he reached out and buttoned the top button on the collar of her shirt: "you can't wear it at home, but don't wear it so exposed when you go out."


I'm afraid that Mr. hang didn't misunderstand the word "exposure".

Her shirt and trousers are so wrapped that her head is exposed. He can also use the word "exposed". People who don't know think he is conservative. 5

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