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Season finale

Felix, Benson and the marshal were involved in a bloody battle but the marshal was unscathed.

Benson, why didn’t you tell the marshal was your father, Felix asked after they forced out a breather.

Because you never asked.

My bad.

Benson this is your last chance, the marshal voiced echoed in the room.

Benson replied by detonating the bomb that will cause the chain reaction, so bombs after bombs keep exploding with the sound loud enough to be heard by the border states.

Building after building in and out of cantonment collapsed including the building Felix, Benson and marshal were.

Felix and Benson manage to jump out of the building In time but a part of the building collapsed on Benson leg.

Hmm, Benson grunted trying to suppress the pain.

Benson are you alright, Felix life the rubble off from Benson leg.

I’m fine, Benson gritted his teeth in pain.

Is he dead, Benson asked.

No, men, this is not enough to kill him

Some part of the building started moving and was pushed forward by the marshal whose uniform was now tattered.

You basta*d, I am gonna kill you, marshal was now enraged.

Felix listen up, there is only one way to kill him, do you see that transformer and felix quickly got the gist.

Marshal was running towards felix and benson leaving deep boot prints on the mud,

Benson and Felix separated and the marshal chose to go after Benson.

Before the marshal could get hold of Benson, Benson brilliantly got out of the way and pushed him into the gutter now completely covered by yellow fasting water.

Felix now, Benson said getting on top of a high surface that wasn’t wet.

The marshal which lower body was completely covered by water could only look on as a transformer fell on him.


Is it safe to get down now, Felix said after standing on the surface for 2hours.

Benson! Felix shouted seeing his pale face.

Hey buddy, Benson replied.

Benson laughed, it is playing out just how I imagined, Benson smiled.

What are you talking about, quick let go out of here, Felix said trying to take Benson.

And get electrocuted, Benson said.

This is it for me, Benson continued talking.

Stop spouting nonsense, you just got bleeding, broken leg, which I can fix, felix removed his shirt, ripped and wanted to mend Benson leg.

Felix, stop Benson removed his clothe and showed felix his back.

Felix could see about two to five of Benson ribs because it was visible.


When the building collapsed,

Felix knew Benson time was running out and tried hard to fight his tears, then the rain cease to fall.

Benson don’t give up, we can still make it, Felix said trying desperately to look for away but the transformer was emitting current, any wrong step, they will be electrocuted to death.

Felix, you are my best bud, do you recall when we first met and you were scared of a puppy, Benson laughed.

We had lot of memories, you are the kind of friend anyone would wish for

Felix was tearing up.

I hope someday you will be free from all negative feeling, I wish I could be your best man when you get married to purity, Benson breathed his last with a smile plastered on his face.

Benson!!!, felix held on to him crying.

Normalcy returned to Nigeria again due to help from other countries and felix was charged to court and jailed for several murders and released after a couple of years due to the newly elected president.

Felix and purity got married after his release and they had a baby boy.

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