Desperate for a male child - S01 E30

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Good day ma’am we are here to adopt a baby girl

Ma’am: Welcome to my orphange home by the way, but why did you want to adopt a girl If I must ask

Victoria: Ma’am I really need a girls to take in as a daughter, I want girl I need a girl ma

Ma’am: Do you want a girl at 1month to 1 year Or above ?

Victoria: Ma as I was coming in I saw a Very Beautiful girl that was runnimg towards That end, I felt something immediately I saw her, ma Please If you will not be offended I will like to adopt her ma

Ma’am: Smiles, that is Quincy she is 5years old, she is Very smart and intelligent, decent in all things but I am not ready to Let her go, I don’t Know her parent either she came miraculously to me, so am not ready to Let her go

Victoria: Oooh ma Please I really need that girl, why don’t you call her attention, she looks so familiar to me

Ma’am: okay I will call for her presence, Quincy, Quincy come here right now

Quincy: mummy here am I

Ma’am: Look up to These couples They want to abort you and have you as Their daughter

Quincy: I felt something Immediately I saw them especially the woman she looks farmiliar but I don’t Know where I knew her From

Mummy If They should take me as Their daughter am I going to leave this house to Their house?

Ma’am: Yes you will no longer be here anymore you will live with them forever

Victoria: No mummy I don’t want to go with them is you I want to Stay with and not with them, I was trying to leave Their presence but I couldn’t I would have love for them to adopt me but I don’t want to leave my mummy either

Andrew: okay Quincy We promise to bring you back to your house every weekend to see your people, Please Let us me your new mummy and daddy

Quincy: Uncle Please don’t be offended I won’t like to go with you people

Victoria: Ma We will leave for Today and come back tomorrow so We can get the adption done, plesse help us to her

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