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Hang Jin closed his mouth, watched Chi Yang's action and gave him an s anesthetic, and then heard her voice soft and soft: "anesthesia y will work in a while, you can bear it again, and it will be ok if the bullet is taken out."

She looks very aggrieved, as if he bullied her

It's a rare look. Hang Jin suddenly lowers his head and kisses her forehead: "it's better for you to kiss me. It's better for you to kiss me than anesthesia y."

Chi Yangyang gave him a look: "Hang Jin, what are you thinking at this time? You think I'm a fairy. You won't hurt if you blow your breath. "

Hang Jin's endless TT lips: "little four eyes, have you ever seen domestic zero paint?"

"What?" he said Hang Jin kneaded her face and said, "it's a movie of Stephen Chow. It's called home-made zero lacquer. Inside, the hero is shot. NV takes the bullet for him. He doesn't use anesthesia y, another anesthesia method. I'll give you three chances to guess what anesthesia is. If you can guess, I'll do whatever you want me to do in the future. " "Movie is art. Art often exaggerates. Don't use the bridge in movie to live." Listen to Hang Jin's voice, Chi Yangyang knows that it must not be a serious way. She is too lazy to spend time to guess. She holds Hang Jin's

shoulder and says, "don't move. You lie down for me."

"If you kiss me, I'll lie down. If you don't let me move, I'll never move." Hang Jin pointed to his lips and saw the white eyes thrown by Chi Yang. He pointed to his face again. "If you don't kiss, you can kiss your face." "Hang Jin, can you be normal?" Chi Yangyang was so angry that he took up the needle and stabbed Hang Jin until he cried for pain, but she just thought about it. She couldn't even stab him. "Do you think you can't walk with your legs in the future?"

But Hang Jin still looks indifferent: "I said seriously, you kiss me for a while and it won't hurt." S3();

chi Yangyang yelled angrily: "Hang Jin!" "What's fierce? I'm a wounded person, you can't be gentle with me? " As soon as Chi Yangyang roared, Hang Jin was honest. He was lying on a single bed that could hold only one person. He whispered, "little four eyes, can you have a long brain in the future?"

Chi Yangyang: "how can I offend you?"

Hang Jin said: "I'm injured in these things, don't take them out and shout. Just now, Xiao Wang's group of cooks are all there. I always scold them on weekdays. If you let them know that I can't stand this kind of injury, how can I discipline them later? "

"You just have to face and suffer." It turns out that he didn't say a word in front of outsiders and hurt in front of her like a child. That's why, this man, all twenty-j-old people, this x-child is still like a child.

When can he grow up But Hang Jin suddenly held Chi's face. "Is it still painful?"

"I don't hurt." Chi Yang Yang shakes his head. Compared with Hang Jin, this little injury is nothing. She really doesn't feel pain. She is distressed. She loves Hang Jin's injury.

"I'm sorry!" He added.

"G said sorry!" In the memory of chiyangyang, it is the first time for Hangjin to say three words "I'm sorry" to her.

Although she sometimes really dislikes the fearless x son of Hang Jin that day, she may have been bullied by him for a long time. She has been used to his arrogance and bullying. He suddenly changes x son, which makes her very uncomfortable.

Hang Jin raised her hand and rubbed it on her face: "because I've made you suffer, because I didn't protect you, because I hurt you Four eyes, I'm sorry! I will never let this happen again. "

"I'm fine." Chiyang Yang Chou returned in a strange way. She was most afraid of the sudden change in Hang Jin's feelings. She didn't know how to answer his words.

"How could it be OK." Hang Jin grabs her hand again and gently touches her head. "Little four eyes, do you know that I would rather get another j-gun myself than see you hurt?" "Hang Jin, are you stupid? The most they can do to me is kick j-foot. I'll bear it. But they let you shoot yourself. If the bullet deviates a little, your legs will be broken. How can you do it later How can I stay by my side, walk with me through mountains and rivers, and see the world?

Behind the words, pool central all spit to the mouth or did not say.

"I'm not sure I'll shoot at random? Do you think I am you? " In an instant, Hang Jin regained his domineering and arrogant demeanor. He let Chi know whether this man was so arrogant or not.

In this way, at least let Chi Yangyang be at ease a lot: "I'm going to take the bullet, and if you hurt, shout it out." "Little four eyes, it's not that I doubt your skill, but that you are sure you can help me get the bullet." When he was about to start, Hang Jin began to dislike him. Where could he see the just tenderness and affection in his eyes? He just had an illusion that he had taken


"I'm a forensic," she said "You know you're a forensic, too." Hangjin nuzui said, "although you take the scalpel every day, you are dissecting the corpse. I am a living man lying on the bed and let you do it. You are sure you will not treat me as an autopsy.

autopsy." S3 ();

"if you want to say another word, I will dissect you." Chi Yang was gnashing his teeth with anger.

"Well, I won't say it. You can do it. Let me do it. You have said so much. And Hang Jin hasn't planned to stop." but I want to ask what's different from your usual autopsy t? "

Chi Yangyang: "very different."

Hang Jin: what's the difference

Chi Yangyang: "because corpse t can't say so much nonsense about you."

Hang Jin: "what is my nonsense?"

Do you have a useful word

Hang Jin: "as an injured person, my life is in your hands. Can't I worry about it?"

I was afraid that just after the two character voice fell, I heard the crisp sound of heavy objects hitting the iron plate.

It was that Chi Yang had helped him to take out the bullet and put it on the plate.

Hang Jin smiled: "it seems that our pool forensics really have two real efforts." Chiyangyang still didn't pay attention to him. She neatly sterilized his wound with y bandage. After a series of actions, she looked up at him.

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