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Bang -

the gunshot rang out, and Hang Jin's right leg was injured again. Blood flowed down his wound and soaked his black pants.

Two legs were injured, but no one fell down. Hang Jin stood on his back and said, "give her back to me!"

"It's a tough one." Sha Ming can't help but look at Hang Jin more. Generally speaking, he is not good at criticizing people who are so cruel to himself. If Hang Jin is not here today, he will not have a good life in the future.

The nineteen elder sister didn't say that she wanted Hang Jin's life, but he couldn't leave Hang Jin. He had to cut off the mess quickly.

He added, "now put your gun away."

Hang Jin raised his hand and lost his gun.

After confirming that Hang Jin had no threat, Sha Ming beckoned, "you guys, go to serve the captain hang well."

Several people in the workshop were ordered to go to Hang Jin immediately, but the third one didn't move.

Shaming called out: "third, you go too."

The third is reluctant to go.

In their eyes, Hang Jin is the biggest threat. Everyone's attention is on Hang Jin's body. They are careful about him, for fear that he will play something else.

However, no one expected that when several of them were far away from Chi Yang, leaving only Sha Ming with the same person, Chi Yang, who was in a coma, suddenly got up from the ground.

She quickly grabs the gun in the same hand of Sha Ming, clasps his neck in one hand, and holds the muzzle of the gun against his head in the other: "don't move, anyone else, I'll let him die with me."

No one thought that a comatose girl would suddenly wake up and change the situation.

All the people around turned their guns at the center of the pool. The center of the pool was leaning against the wall with its back, and its head was hidden behind Sha Mingtong. At the same time, they did not forget to protect themselves while controlling Sha Ming, which made other people dare not shoot easily.

Sha Ming and this gun are real bullets, and the insurance is also opened. As long as this girl pulls the gun valve, his life is gone.

And he obviously felt that Chi Yang was a little flustered, in case she was excited Sha Ming is afraid of death: "no shooting!"

"Let them lose their guns." This is a soft and weak girl who seems to be able to blow down in a gust of wind. At this moment, there is a lot of ruthlessness in her bones, which really calms down Sha Mingtong.

He said, "little girl, don't get excited. I'll let them drop their guns."

Chi Yangyang, like Sha Ming, stabbed her with the muzzle of his gun: "don't want to die quickly!"

"All the guns are thrown away, and no one is allowed to move without my order," said Sha

Of course, Hang Jin's reaction was more rapid. When Chi Yang controlled Sha Mingtong, he took out a gun from his body again. The speed was so fast that we didn't see clearly how he pulled out the gun. He had fired five shots in a row. One bullet hit one person, and the wound was at the key position of their right leg knee, causing several people to fall to the ground in pain.

"Hang Jin, come here first!" Chi Yangyang looked at Hang Jin and saw that the blood in his legs was still flowing, and he couldn't tell his pain. But now it's not the time for her to be a mother-in-law. She swallowed her worry about him and said in a calm, business like tone: "leave that old man behind, I have something to ask him." 14

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