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Sha Mingtong doesn't want to be like Hang Jin's wish, but the third one is an uncontrolled chess piece. He only obeys the orders of the 19th sister, who tells him not to hurt Chi Yang. The normal person hangs upside down on his shoulder. After a long time of brain congestion, he has to suffer some injuries.

Therefore, he planned to put down Chiyang, but as soon as he had a move, Sha Mingtong stopped him and said, "third, did I let you let people go?"

Old Sanli didn't pay any attention to him. He put Chiyang to the ground.

Sha Ming was so angry that he stared and blew his beard, gesturing to Hu á ngs è T-shirt man to get Chiyang up. However, the old man stepped back to block Chiyang. Who dared to move her ahead of me.

Hang Jin's side hasn't been settled yet. We can't fight against each other now. This is a dead brained thing. No one is satisfied except the flower of sister 19.

Sha Mingtong has no choice but to look at Hu á ngs è and ask him to withdraw. Hu á ngs è is dissatisfied with the third party, but he dare not disagree with Sha Mingtong. If he doesn't want to, he will withdraw.

Sha Mingtong looked at the injured Hangjin again: "Captain hang, we have laid down your liver care as you asked. Now please go back to the car and take our people out to us."

Sha Ming and this man are also an old fox. Even though Hang Jin has been hurt, he still can't believe Hang Jin easily. He is careful to do things in case of any accident.

Hang Jin takes his eyes back to Chi Yang's body, drags his injured leg, and slowly returns to the car step by step.

He opened the door and pulled out a man who was tied up and gagged by him. He lifted the man with both hands and threw him forward: "the man you want."

"Hair..." Seeing his own people, Sha Ming was so excited that he took a step forward, opened his mouth to say something, but swallowed back what he wanted to say.

He glanced at Hu á ngs è T-shirt man, who immediately brought back the man who had left Hang Jin on the ground.

"I did everything you asked me to do." After he came back, Hang Jin's eyes were always on Chi Yang, and he never left for more than half a second. He knew that these people would not let Chi Yang go because he hurt himself, but his obedience was a good way to delay time.

Not long after his escape, he didn't even have time to arrange his next move. He had to turn around and come back after receiving the news that Chi had been captured by them.

has contacted Wang Wang and others in the telephone, and he has simply told the next move. He only hoped that awesome action could be done.

Now, Chiyang is in the hands of the enemy. She can't act rashly. As long as she can ensure the safety of Chiyang, he is willing to do anything.

"You just said that our 19 elder sister is also in your car. What about her?" Asked Sha Ming in a strange way.

"I said that your nineteen sister was in my car, too?" Han Jin replied coldly that he was still powerful, not like being controlled by others.

Hang Jin didn't say it clearly, but everyone knew what he said. Sha Ming was angry with him. He went to the middle of the pool and kicked him.

If one foot is not enough, he is ready to take another. The third man immediately guards Chi Yang: "don't blame me for being rude to you if you move her again!"

Hang Jin's eyes were red with rage: "Sha Mingtong!"

"Hang Jin, you just shot your left leg. Now you shoot your right leg again. I promise I won't touch her hair again." Sha Mingtong just said casually. He didn't think Hang Jin could really shoot a second shot. He tried to kick Chi Yang, but Hang Jin shot him before he did.

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