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The man in black shirt stood up two steps and said, "third, we all know that you are loyal to sister XIII and follow her orders. You should also understand that we also work for sister XIII. We are on a boat. If you have something to say, please don't make it

like enemies. Remember that we are dealing with Hang Jin. "

"You also know that the person we are dealing with is Hang Jin." A cold voice sounded at the door, while a tall man had appeared at the door.

His appearance made the scene suddenly depressed. Several big men in the factory immediately lowered their heads. No one dared to say more. Only the old man's expression remained unchanged.

He is still standing in the same place, standing at the side of the pool center as a guardian.

Just now, the man was the one who showed up in front of sister 13 and took Hang Jin away. His name was Sha Mingtong. Hang Jin was brought by him to these people and handed over to them.

Who would have thought that these buckets not only didn't look at people, but also let Hang Jin seize an important member of them. It's very hot on everyone, and Sha Mingtong is no exception.

He looked at everyone in the room once, and said angrily, "I can't see you. You still have the face to complain here. You wait and see how sister XIX cleans you up. "

There was no one on the scene who dared to answer, even the yellow T-shirt man who had just been arrogant could only hang his head and dare not fart. "Third, you take this girl to the next room and watch her. She's the most important chip in our hands. Let me see. " After shaming told him to finish, he looked at the man in black shirt. "Hang Jin should be back soon. You should be ready. Let him run again this time, and you will explain to sister 19. "

The third one didn't answer, but he still obeyed. He picked up the center of the pool like a bag of goods and took it to the broken house next door.

A few other people were busy preparing. In a short time, the sound of the car engine sounded again outside the factory building.

Hang Jin's voice with a big speaker sounded outside: "listen to the people inside. Now send my people out to me, or I will make you eat too much!"

It's not hard to hear that Hang Jin is angry. His voice can be heard in the factory building.

Before Sha Ming and his buttocks had a hot seat, the people they were going to invite came to the door: "hum, people are in our hands, and they can be arrogant. I don't know if Hang Jin has a bag in his head, or if he's really brave enough to be afraid of anything. "

The man in the black shirt came up and said, "brother Sha, if he is arrogant again, we will let him carry the body back."

Sha Ming looked coldly at the man in the black shirt with the same eyes: "you're responsible for your 19 sister's forehead?"

"Brother Sha, I'm curious why this girl can't move." Hang Jin can move. Why can't such a little girl around Hang Jin move? It's not only the yellow body but also the black shirt man who wants to know.

"You curious? You don't know how to die. " Sha Ming said with a low voice, suddenly raised his voice and shouted, "bring that girl out to me."

Hearing the order, the third man carried out the central pool like a bag of goods.

Sha Ming said, "take her to the door and let the boy named hang have a look. I can see what else he can do."

The third said, "sister 19 told me that no matter what happened, she could not let this girl get a little hurt."

"I let you hurt her?" said Sha Ming in a cold voice

The third one didn't say a word and nobody moved.

Sha Ming said, "if you don't take people out, Hang Jin will not see them. He will not believe us. What can we do for him?"

The third one still didn't speak. He was as motionless as a stone statue.

Sha Mingtong really can't take this stone: "I promise you, whoever dares to hurt this girl's grass-roots hair, I will play with his life."

Hearing this, the third party was ordered to carry Chi Yang out.

As soon as the factory door was opened, the third man saw Hang Jin sitting on the roof about 50 meters in front of him, holding a big horn in his hand. He was so arrogant that he couldn't beat him.

Seeing them appear, Hang Jin jumped out of the car like a monkey, and rushed forward without being killed: "put people down for me. Do you want her brain to bleed and die like this?"

"Captain hang, if you go a step further, I will send this little girl to see her parents." Sha Ming walked to the third party's side. He didn't know when he had another pistol in his hand. The muzzle of the pistol was aimed at the head of Chi Yang Yang, who was hanging on the third party's body.

"Look out for your gun!" said the third

Sha Ming wants to curse. Damn it, how could he stay and meet such a pig teammate?

Fortunately, Hang Jin is still a long way from them, or it will be over today.

But Hang Jin's arrogance is still very arrogant: "if you have the ability, you can shoot her head with one shot, or you will let me go."

Damn it, dare to catch his little idiot and threaten him. These bastards will wait for him and wait for him to save his little four eyes. He doesn't scratch their skin. His name is hang. "It's time to speak so arrogantly. Hang, you really think I dare not shoot. " Looking at the arrogant appearance of the son of a bitch of Hang Jin, people who don't know think that he has a handle on hang. This situation is really embarrassing.

"Then give me a shot!" Hang Jin's eyes were sharp and his mouth was hard, but he knew how nervous he was. When he was caught, he didn't worry about it at all. She was thick skinned. She would be fine in two or three days.

But his family's little four eyes is different from this little idiot. The red mark on his skin must be pinched for two days before it can be removed.

That fool is also timid. It doesn't hurt her or frighten her.

Hang Jin is a very good talker. Ordinary people are really not his opponents. Sha Ming and he know that this kind of quarrel is not good for tonight's action.

"This girl has no grudge or hatred with us. If you do things according to our requirements, we will certainly not hurt her," said Sha

"The man you want is in the car!" Hang Jin stared at Chi Yang, which was hanging upside down on his shoulder. He was so angry that his teeth were gnawing.

He was afraid of falling in the palm of his hand. He was so bullied by these bastards.

"Young master hang, please bring us people." Sha Ming knew that Hang Jin had many ideas, and he dared not take them lightly.

Otherwise, it may fall into the pit dug by Hang Jin in the next second.

"Brother Jin..." The soft and weak voice of Chi Yangyang suddenly reached Hang Jin's ear, which made his nerves tense for a few times, "little four eyes, I'm here!"

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